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Read small business insurance company reviews including ratings, policy types, customer service, and pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions About Small Business Insurance

How much does general liability insurance cost?

In 2019, commercial general liability costs can vary widely based on industry. Businesses in higher risk industries pay more. Premiums are also determined by zip code and often payroll and/or gross sales. You can request a free quote to get an exact premium for your business. Read more...

What types of business insurance do I need?

Almost every business needs general liability and commercial property insurance at the very least. If you have any non-owner employees, you'll most likely need workers compensation insurance too as most state require it. It all depends on the risks your business faces. Read more...

How does general liability insurance work?

Having general liability is the basis of any business insurance program. If you can afford only one commercial insurance policy for your small business - then you should get a commercial general liability policy, because it offers protection against a wide range of common but unexpected risks. Read more...

What is a Certificate of Insurance?

A Certificate of Insurance (COI) is proof of coverage. It verifies that you have insurance coverage for your small business, & contains information on types and limits of coverage, insurance company, policy number, named insured, and the effective date of the policy. Read more...
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Philadelphia Insurance Companies Ratings

Philadelphia Insurance Reviews

Philadelphia Insurance Companies Reviews 2019 (Ratings, Complaints & Coverage). There are some insurance policies that go far beyond the common needs of business coverage. Which insurance firm offers coverage for a film production, mobile home parks, company softball teams, libraries, rehab centers, flea market, zoos, shooting ranges or even a Pilates studio? Well, with Philadelphia Insurance, all these are possible.

If you are a business owner looking to buy liability insurance, read Philadelphia Insurance Companies reviews to learn about Philadelphia's products.

Check out Philadelphia Insurance's reviews, ratings, complaints & coverage for general liability, workers compensation and other small business insurance commercial policies.

About Philadelphia Insurance Companies

Philadelphia Insurance Company grew out of Maguire Insurance Agency. The Agency was formed back in 1962. It started by offering specialized insurance policies to automobile dealers. In 1987, the company began its operations as Philadelphia Insurance Companies. In 1993, they went public. In 2008, the company merged with Tokia Marine Group.

By 2008, the Philadelphia Insurance Companies was providing coverage in over 80 niche business markets. The company had also built a very strong reputation for all its coverages to a wide range of sectors such as fitness clubs and non-profit agencies.

The Philadelphia Insurance Companies reviews on the Internet are above average.

Commercial Insurance Products

Below is a comprehensive description of Philadelphia Insurance's products - and industries covered:

  • Commercial Auto Insurance: A wide range of products are provided here including insurance cover for fuel dealers, garage-keepers, dealerships including rental fleets, motorcycles, restoration companies and antique autos.
  • Non-Profit and Health & Human Services: This includes adult/child day care centers, group homes, community centers, home medical equipment dealer, home health care, homeless or battered shelters, mental health organizations, hospices and youth services. Philadelphia Insurance Companies reviews are good here.
  • Outdoors: This comprises of archery ranges, camps, bed and breakfasts, dude and guest ranches, hunting leases and preserves, guides and outfitters, resorts and lodges, gun clubs, shooting ranges, whitewater rafting and snowmobile tours and many more.
  • Public Services: The public services covered include libraries, hospitals and medical facilities, museums, religious organizations, municipalities, private/academic/vocational schools, pest control services, water and sewer plants, zoos and many more.
  • Entertainment/Recreation: This includes amusement parks, golf and country clubs, special events, paintball operations, bowling centers, and several others.
  • Sports: This includes amateur sports, gymnastics, professional sports, motorsports, special sport/recreation events like marathons. There's also coverage for most training centers including YMCAs/YWCAs and martial arts.
  • Habitation and Construction: This cover comprises of affordable housing, HOAs and PUDs, apartments, low income housing, commercial real estate schedules, builders risk and several others.

Philadelphia Insurance Claims

Philadelphia Insurance Company has a great online claim page, under the "Claim Center" link. The claims can also be started with a call.


Philadelphia Insurance Ratings Online

Following are some ratings found online which appear mixed:

  • - The Better Business Bureau rates them 3.68 out of 5 stars.
  • - rates them 1.5 out of 5 stars.

Also results from National Associations of Insurance Commissioners are reported under the Philadelphia's Indemnity Insurance Company. This is the underwriting subsidiary of Philadelphia Insurance Company. Based on the national median complaints ratio of 1.00, the company received the following set of scores in 2016:

  • Commercial Auto - 0.40 (9 complaints)
  • Commercial Liability - 0.22 (10 complaints)
  • Commercial Property - 0.25 (7 complaints)

Philadelphia Insurance Companies Contact Information

Address: 231 Saint Asaphs Road, Suite 100, Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004


Other companies owned: Maguire Insurance Agency, Inc., Philadelphia Consolidated Holding Corp, Philadelphia Indemnity Insurance Company and Philadelphia Insurance Co.

The Bottom Line On Philadelphia Insurance

If you have any unique risk to cover, Philadelphia might be able to help if you fall into their appetite. Their quotes are competitive and their financial backing is also sound; the company's track records for handling claims are excellent for the specialty industry.

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Philadelphia Insurance Companies Reviews
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