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Standard Industrial Classification Codes Lookup By Industry

SIC Code Lookup By Industry

SIC Code Lookup By Industry. The main purpose of creating the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC), according to the U.S. Census Bureau, is to classify businesses "for the purpose of collecting, analyzing and publishing statistical data related to the U.S. business economy."

The NAICS was established in 1997 to replace the no longer sufficient SIC system. But some insurance companies still use SIC codes to identify customers by industry code.

SIC codes classify the economy into 20 sectors, which are separated into 99 3-digit subsectors, which are divided into 311 4-digit industry groups, which are further subdivided into 709 5-digit industries, and finally disaggregated into 1057 6-digit U.S. industries.

The first two digits designate the largest business sector, the third digit designates the subsector, the fourth digit designates the industry group, and the fifth digit designates particular industries. The last digit designates national industries.

If your operations include more than one type of business, you may need more than one SIC Code.

SIC Code lookup by industry. The Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) system was created by the government to categorize businesses by industry and uses four-digit numerical codes to classify them.

Following are some of the answers to commonly asked general liability class code questions:

What Are SIC Codes?

According to WikipediA, "The Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) is a system for classifying industries by a four-digit code. Established in the United States in 1937, it is used by government agencies to classify industry areas."

An SIC code is a four digit numerical code assigned by the U.S. government to businesses in order to identify the primary activity of the business. The first two digits of the code identify the major industry group, the third digit identifies the industry group and the fourth digit identifies the industry.

With the SIC Code lookup by industry, they can target their marketing on businesses that they specialize in, or want to gain as customers.

So using SIC code Information, one can gain a better understanding of their best customers and the industries that might best benefit from their products and services.

How Are SIC Codes Used In Commercial Insurance?

What's the best way to describe your company's business operations? What type of industry are you involved in? What kinds products or services do you sell? These are some of the questions asked by commercial insurance companies when trying to classify your business by Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code.

How insurance companies use SIC codes. Although the NAICS classification system was adopted in 1997, insurers selling commercial insurance use SIC codes in many ways - to analyze and classify the businesses they insure, or choose not insure. Industry codes help insurers with several analytical processes involving marketing, underwriting, exclusions, loss control, forms, pricing and other operations.

Some small business sic code classifications can result in you paying higher premiums for your business insurance. It is important that your business is classified properly.

Where Can I Lookup Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Codes?

SIC Code lookup by industry. You can lookup SIC Codes using the following list. The SIC code pages also show the related related General Liability, NAICS and NCCI and State codes as well as a cross reference.

Following is the SIC Code lookup (looking for General Liability Class Codes, NAICS Codes or NCCI Workers Comp Class Codes?).

The structure of SIC is hierarchical. The first 2 digits used give the the major group. All groups are separated into 12 higher level divisions. The third digit tells you the specific industry group. The fourth digit shows the actual industry sector. Both the code and class description are listed in numerical order:

SIC Code Code Description
0111 Wheat Farming
0112 Rice Farming
0115 Corn Farming
0116 Soybean Farming
0119 Dry Pea and Bean Farming
0131 Cotton Farming
0132 Tobacco Farming
0133 Sugar Beet Farming
0134 Potato Farming
0139 All Other Misc. Crop Farming
0161 Other Vegetable (except Potato) and Melon Farming
0171 Berry (except Strawberry) Farming
0172 Grape Vineyards
0173 Tree Nut Farming
0174 Citrus (except Orange) Groves
0175 Apple Orchards
0179 Fruit and Tree Nut Combination Farming
0181 Nursery and Tree Production
0182 Mushroom Production
0191 All Other Misc. Crop Farming
0211 Cattle Feedlots
0212 Support Activities For Animal Production
0213 Hog and Pig Farming
0214 Goat Farming
0219 Animal Production NOC
0241 Dairy Cattle and Milk Production
0251 Broilers and Other Meat Type Chicken Production
0252 Chicken Egg Production
0253 Turkey Production
0254 Poultry Hatcheries
0259 Other Poultry Production
0271 Fur - Bearing Animal and Rabbit Production
0272 Horses and Other Equine Production
0273 Animal Aquaculture
0279 Apiculture
0291 General Farms, Primarily Livestock and Animal Specialties
0711 Soil Preparation Services
0721 Soil Preparation
0722 Crop Harvesting
0723 Postharvest Crop Activities (except Cotton Ginning)
0724 Cotton Ginning
0741 Veterinary Services
0742 Veterinary Services
0751 Livestock Services, Except Veterinary
0752 Pet Care (except Veterinary) Services
0761 Farm Labor Contractors and Crew Leaders
0762 Farm Management Services
0781 Landscape Architectural Services
0782 Landscaping Services
0783 Landscaping Services
0811 Timber Tract Operations
0831 Forest Nurseries and Gathering Of Forest Products
0851 Support Activities For Forestry
0912 Finfish Fishing
0913 Shellfish Fishing
0919 Other Marine Fishing
0921 Finfish Farming and Fish Hatcheries
0971 Hunting and Trapping
1000 Metal Mining
1011 Iron Ore Mining
1021 Copper Ore and Nickel Ore Mining
1031 Lead Ore and Zinc Ore Mining
1040 Gold and Silver Ores
1041 Gold Ore Mining
1044 Silver Ore Mining
1061 Ferroalloy Ores, Except Vanadium
1081 Dredging: Gold - Endless Bucket or Ladder Type
1090 Miscellaneous Metal Ores
1094 Uranium
1099 All Other Metal Ore Mining
1220 Bituminous Coal and Lignite Mining
1221 Bituminous Coal and Lignite Surface Mining
1222 Bituminous Coal Underground Mining
1231 Anthracite Mining
1241 Support Activities For Coal Mining
1311 Natural Gas Liquid Extraction
1321 Natural Gas Liquid Extraction
1381 Drilling Oil and Gas Wells
1382 Geophysical Surveying and Mapping Services
1389 Support Activities For Oil and Gas Operations
1400 Mining and Quarrying Of Nonmetallic Minerals (no Fuels)
1411 Dimension Stone Mining and Quarrying
1422 Crushed and Broken Limestone Mining and Quarrying
1423 Crushed and Broken Granite Mining and Quarrying
1429 Other Crushed and Broken Stone Mining and Quarrying
1442 Construction Sand and Gravel Mining
1446 Industrial Sand Mining
1455 Kaolin and Ball Clay
1459 Clay and Ceramic and Refractory Minerals Mining
1474 Potash
1475 Phosphate Rock Mining
1479 Chemical and Fertilizer Mineral Mining, Not Elsewhere Classified
1481 Support Activities For Nonmetallic Minerals (except Fuels) Mining
1499 All Other Nonmetallic Mineral Mining
1520 General Bldg Contractors - Residential Bldgs
1521 Residential Remodelers
1522 New Multifamily Housing Construction (except For - Sale Builders)
1531 New Housing For - Sale Builders
1540 General Bldg Contractors - Nonresidential Bldgs
1541 General Contractors - Industrial Buildings and Warehouses
1542 General Contractors - Nonresidential Buildings, Other Than Industrial Buildings and Warehouses
1600 Heavy Construction Other Than Bldg Const - Contractors
1611 Poured Concrete Foundation and Structure Contractors
1622 Highway
1623 Power and Communication Line and Related Structures Construction
1629 Site Preparation Contractors
1700 Construction - Special Trade Contractors
1711 Plumbing
1721 Highway
1731 Electrical Contractors and Other Wiring Installation Contractors
1741 Masonry Contractors
1742 Drywall and Insulation Contractors
1743 Tile and Terrazzo Contractors
1751 Framing Contractors
1752 Flooring Contractors
1761 Siding Contractors
1771 Masonry Contractors
1781 Water and Sewer Line and Related Structures Construction
1791 Structural Steel and Precast Concrete Contractors
1793 Glass and Glazing Contractors
1794 Site Preparation Contractors
1795 Site Preparation Contractors
1796 Other Building Equipment Contractors
1799 Other Building Finishing Contractors
2000 Food and Kindred Products
2011 Animal (except Poultry) Slaughtering
2013 Meat Processed From Carcasses
2015 Poultry Processing
2020 Dairy Products
2021 Creamery Butter Manufacturing
2022 Cheese Manufacturing
2023 Dry
2024 Ice Cream and Frozen Dessert Manufacturing
2026 Fluid Milk Manufacturing
2030 Canned, Frozen & Preservd Fruit, Veg & Food Specialties
2032 All Other Misc. Food Manufacturing
2033 Fruit and Vegetable Canning
2034 Dried and Dehydrated Food Manufacturing
2035 Fruit and Vegetable Canning
2037 Frozen Fruit
2038 Frozen Specialty Food Manufacturing
2040 Grain Mill Products
2041 Flour Milling
2043 Breakfast Cereal Manufacturing
2044 Rice Milling
2045 Dry Pasta
2046 Wet Corn Milling
2047 Dog and Cat Food Manufacturing
2048 Other Animal Food Manufacturing
2050 Bakery Products
2051 Commercial Bakeries
2052 Cookie and Cracker Manufacturing
2053 Frozen Bakery Products, Except Bread
2060 Sugar and Confectionery Products
2061 Cane Sugar Manufacturing
2062 Cane Sugar Manufacturing
2063 Beet Sugar Manufacturing
2064 Nonchocolate Confectionery Manufacturing
2066 Chocolate and Confectionery Manufacturing. From Cacao Beans
2067 Nonchocolate Confectionery Manufacturing
2068 Roasted Nuts and Peanut Butter Manufacturing
2070 Fats and Oils
2074 Soybean and Other Oilseed Processing
2075 Soybean and Other Oilseed Processing
2076 Soybean and Other Oilseed Processing
2077 Rendering and Meat Byproduct Processing
2079 Fats and Oils Refining and Blending
2080 Beverages
2082 Breweries
2083 Malt Manufacturing
2084 Wineries
2085 Distilleries
2086 Soft Drink Manufacturing
2087 Flavoring Syrup and Concentrate Manufacturing
2090 Miscellaneous Food Preparations and Kindred Products
2091 Seafood Product Preparation and Packaging
2092 Seafood Product Preparation and Packaging
2095 Coffee and Tea Manufacturing
2096 Other Snack Food Manufacturing
2097 Ice Manufacturing
2098 Dry Pasta
2099 All Other Misc. Food Manufacturing
2100 Tobacco Products
2111 Tobacco Manufacturing
2121 Tobacco Manufacturing
2131 Tobacco Manufacturing
2141 Tobacco Manufacturing
2200 Textile Mill Products
2211 Broadwoven Fabric Mills
2221 Broadwoven Fabric Mills
2231 Broadwoven Fabric Mills
2241 Narrow Fabric Mills and Schiffli Machine Embroidery
2250 Knitting Mills
2251 Hosiery and Sock Mills
2252 Hosiery and Sock Mills
2253 Other Apparel Knitting Mills
2254 Other Apparel Knitting Mills
2257 Weft Knit Fabric Mills
2258 Knit Fabric Mills
2259 Other Apparel Knitting Mills
2261 Finishers Of Broadwoven Fabrics Of Cotton
2262 Finishers Of Broadwoven Fabrics Of Manmade Fiber and Silk
2269 Textile and Fabric Finishing Mills
2273 Carpet and Rug Mills
2281 Fiber
2282 Fiber
2284 Fiber
2295 Fabric Coating Mills
2296 Rope
2297 Non - Woven Fabrics
2298 Rope
2299 All Other Misc. Textile Product Mills
2300 Apparel and Other Finishd Prods Of Fabrics and Similar Matl
2311 Men's and Boys' Suits, Coats, and Overcoats
2320 Men's and Boys' Furnishgs, Work Clothg, & Allied Garments
2321 Men's and Boys' Cut and Sew Apparel Manufacturing
2322 Men's and Boys' Underwear and Nightwear
2323 Apparel Accessories and Other Apparel Manufacturing
2325 Men's and Boys' Separate Trousers and Slacks
2326 Men's and Boys' Cut and Sew Apparel Manufacturing
2329 Men's and Boys' Cut and Sew Apparel Manufacturing
2330 Women's, Misses', and Juniors Outerwear
2331 Women's
2335 Women's, Misses', and Juniors' Dresses
2337 Women's, Misses', and Juniors' Suits, Skirts, and Coats
2339 Women's, Misses', and Juniors' Outerwear, Not Elsewhere Classified
2340 Women's, Misses', Children's and Infants' Undergarments
2341 Women's, Misses', Children's, and Infants' Underwear and Nightwear
2342 Brassieres, Girdles, and Allied Garments
2353 Apparel Accessories and Other Apparel Manufacturing
2361 Girls', Children's, and Infants' Dresses, Blouses, and Shirts
2369 Girls', Children's, and Infants' Outerwear, Not Elsewhere Classified
2371 Other Cut and Sew Apparel Manufacturing
2381 Apparel Accessories and Other Apparel Manufacturing
2384 Robes and Dressing Gowns
2385 Waterproof Outerwear
2386 Leather and Sheep - Lined Clothing
2387 Apparel Belts
2389 Other Cut and Sew Apparel Manufacturing
2390 Miscellaneous Fabricated Textile Products
2391 Curtain and Linen Mills
2392 Curtain and Linen Mills
2393 Textile Bag and Canvas Mills
2394 Textile Bag and Canvas Mills
2395 Pleating, Decorative and Novelty Stitching, and Tucking For The Trade
2396 Apparel Accessories and Other Apparel Manufacturing
2397 Narrow Fabric Mills and Schiffli Machine Embroidery
2399 All Other Misc. Textile Product Mills
2400 Lumber and Wood Products (no Furniture)
2411 Logging
2421 Sawmills
2426 All Other Misc. Wood Product Manufacturing
2429 All Other Misc. Wood Product Manufacturing
2430 Millwood, Veneer, Plywood, & Structural Wood Members
2431 Wood Window and Door Manufacturing
2434 Wood Kitchen Cabinet and Countertop Manufacturing
2435 Hardwood Veneer and Plywood Manufacturing
2436 Softwood Veneer and Plywood Manufacturing
2439 Engineered Wood Member (except Truss) Manufacturing
2441 Wood Container and Pallet Manufacturing
2448 Wood Container and Pallet Manufacturing
2449 Wood Container and Pallet Manufacturing
2451 Manufactured Home (mobile Home) Manufacturing
2452 Prefabricated Wood Building Manufacturing
2491 Wood Preservation
2493 Reconstituted Wood Product Manufacturing
2499 All Other Misc. Wood Product Manufacturing
2510 Household Furniture
2511 Custom Architectural Woodwork and Millwork Manufacturing
2512 Wood Household Furniture, Upholstered
2514 Metal Household Furniture Manufacturing
2515 Mattress Manufacturing
2517 Nonupholstered Wood Household Furniture Manufacturing
2519 Household Furniture (except Wood and Metal) Manufacturing
2520 Office Furniture
2521 Wood Office Furniture Manufacturing
2522 Office Furniture (except Wood) Manufacturing
2531 Office Supplies (except Paper) Manufacturing
2540 Partitions, Shelvg, Lockers, & Office & Store Fixtures
2541 Wood Office and Store Fixtures, Partitions, Shelving, and Lockers
2542 Office and Store Fixtures, Partitions, Shelving, and Lockers, Except Wood
2590 Miscellaneous Furniture and Fixtures
2591 Blind and Shade Manufacturing
2599 Furniture and Fixtures, Not Elsewhere Classified
2600 Papers and Allied Products
2611 Pulp Mills
2621 Paper (except Newsprint) Mills
2631 Paperboard Mills
2650 Paperboard Containers and Boxes
2652 Other Paperboard Container Manufacturing
2653 Corrugated and Solid Fiber Box Manufacturing
2655 Other Paperboard Container Manufacturing
2656 Other Paperboard Container Manufacturing
2657 Folding Paperboard Box Manufacturing
2670 Converted Paper and Paperboard Prods (no Contaners/boxes)
2671 Paper Bag and Coated and Treated Paper Manufacturing
2672 Paper Bag and Coated and Treated Paper Manufacturing
2673 Plastics Bag and Pouch Manufacturing
2674 Paper Bag and Coated and Treated Paper Manufacturing
2675 Paper Bag and Coated and Treated Paper Manufacturing
2676 Sanitary Paper Product Manufacturing
2677 Stationery Product Manufacturing
2678 Stationery Product Manufacturing
2679 All Other Converted Paper Product Manufacturing
2711 Newspaper Publishers
2721 Periodical Publishers
2731 Book Publishers
2732 Books Printing
2741 All Other Publishers
2750 Commercial Printing
2752 Commercial Printing (except Screen and Books)
2754 Commercial Printing (except Screen and Books)
2759 Commercial Printing (except Screen and Books)
2761 Commercial Printing (except Screen and Books)
2771 Greeting Card Publishers
2780 Blankbooks, Looseleaf Binders & Bookbindg & Relatd Work
2782 Books Printing
2789 Support Activities For Printing
2790 Service Industries For The Printing Trade
2791 Support Activities For Printing
2796 Platemaking and Related Services
2800 Chemicals and Allied Products
2810 Industrial Inorganic Chemicals
2812 Other Basic Inorganic Chemical Manufacturing
2813 Industrial Gas Manufacturing
2816 Synthetic Dye and Pigment Manufacturing
2819 Alumina Refining and Primary Aluminum Production
2820 Plastic Material, Synth Resin/rubber, Cellulos (no Glass)
2821 Plastics Material and Resin Manufacturing
2822 Synthetic Rubber Manufacturing
2823 Artificial and Synthetic Fibers and Filaments Manufacturing
2824 Artificial and Synthetic Fibers and Filaments Manufacturing
2833 Medicinal and Botanical Manufacturing
2834 Pharmaceutical Preparation Manufacturing
2835 In - Vitro Diagnostic Substance Manufacturing
2836 Biological Product (except Diagnostic) Manufacturing
2840 Soap, Detergents, Cleang Preparations, Perfumes, Cosmetics
2841 Soap and Other Detergent Manufacturing
2842 Polish and Other Sanitation Good Manufacturing
2843 Surface Active Agent Manufacturing
2844 Toilet Preparation Manufacturing
2851 Paint and Coating Manufacturing
2860 Industrial Organic Chemicals
2861 Cyclic Crude
2865 Cyclic Crude
2869 Ethyl Alcohol Manufacturing
2870 Agricultural Chemicals
2873 Nitrogenous Fertilizer Manufacturing
2874 Phosphatic Fertilizer Manufacturing
2875 Fertilizer (mixing Only) Manufacturing
2879 Pesticide and Other Agricultural Chemical Manufacturing
2890 Miscellaneous Chemical Products
2891 Adhesive Manufacturing
2892 Explosives Manufacturing
2893 Printing Ink Manufacturing
2895 Carbon Black
2899 All Other Misc. Chemical Product and Preparation Manufacturing
2911 Petroleum Refineries
2950 Asphalt Paving and Roofing Materials
2951 Asphalt Paving Mixture and Block Manufacturing
2952 Asphalt Shingle and Coating Materials Manufacturing
2990 Miscellaneous Products Of Petroleum and Coal
2992 Petroleum Lubricating Oil and Grease Manufacturing
2999 All Other Petroleum and Coal Products Manufacturing
3011 Tire Manufacturing. (except Retreading)
3021 Footwear Manufacturing
3050 Gaskets, Packg & Sealg Devices & Rubber & Plastics Hose
3052 Rubber and Plastics Hoses and Belting Manufacturing
3053 Gasket
3060 Fabricated Rubber Products, Nec
3061 Rubber Product Manufacturing. For Mechanical Use
3069 All Other Rubber Product Manufacturing
3080 Miscellaneous Plastics Products
3081 Unlaminated Plastics Film and Sheet (except Packaging) Manufacturing
3082 Unlaminated Plastics Profile Shape Manufacturing
3083 Laminated Plastics Plate
3084 Plastics Pipe and Pipe Fitting Manufacturing
3085 Plastics Bottle Manufacturing
3086 Urethane and Other Foam Product (except Polystyrene) Manufacturing
3087 Custom Compounding Of Purchased Resins
3088 Plastics Plumbing Fixture Manufacturing
3089 All Other Plastics Product Manufacturing
3100 Leather and Leather Products
3111 Leather and Hide Tanning and Finishing
3131 All Other Leather Good and Allied Product Manufacturing
3140 Footwear, (no Rubber)
3142 Footwear Manufacturing
3143 Footwear Manufacturing
3144 Footwear Manufacturing
3149 Footwear Manufacturing
3151 Apparel Accessories and Other Apparel Manufacturing
3161 All Other Leather Good and Allied Product Manufacturing
3171 Women's Handbag and Purse Manufacturing
3172 All Other Leather Good and Allied Product Manufacturing
3199 All Other Leather Good and Allied Product Manufacturing
3211 Flat Glass Manufacturing
3220 Glass and Glassware, Pressed or Blown
3221 Glass Container Manufacturing
3229 Other Pressed and Blown Glass and Glassware Manufacturing
3231 Glass Product Manufacturing. Made Of Purchased Glass
3241 Cement Manufacturing
3250 Structural Clay Products
3251 Clay Building Material and Refractories Manufacturing
3253 Clay Building Material and Refractories Manufacturing
3255 Clay Building Material and Refractories Manufacturing
3259 Clay Building Material and Refractories Manufacturing
3260 Pottery and Related Products
3261 Pottery
3262 Vitreous China Table and Kitchen Articles
3263 Pottery
3264 Pottery
3269 Pottery
3270 Concrete, Gypsum & Plaster Products
3271 Concrete Block and Brick Manufacturing
3272 Concrete Pipe Manufacturing
3273 Ready - Mix Concrete Manufacturing
3274 Lime Manufacturing
3275 Description For 3275: Gypsum Products
3281 Cut Stone and Stone Product Manufacturing
3290 Abrasive, Asbestos & Misc Nonmetallic Mineral Prods
3291 Abrasive Product Manufacturing
3292 All Other Misc. Nonmetallic Mineral Product Manufacturing
3295 Ground or Treated Mineral and Earth Manufacturing
3296 Mineral Wool Manufacturing
3297 Clay Building Material and Refractories Manufacturing
3299 All Other Misc. Nonmetallic Mineral Product Manufacturing
3310 Steel Works, Blast Furnaces & Rolling & Finishing Mills
3312 All Other Petroleum and Coal Products Manufacturing
3313 Secondary Smelting
3315 Other Fabricated Wire Product Manufacturing
3316 Rolled Steel Shape Manufacturing
3317 Iron and Steel Pipe and Tube Manufacturing. From Purchased Steel
3320 Iron and Steel Foundries
3321 Iron Foundries
3322 Iron Foundries
3324 Steel Investment Foundries
3325 Steel Foundries (except Investment)
3330 Primary Smelting and Refining Of Nonferrous Metals
3331 Nonferrous Metal (except Aluminum) Smelting and Refining
3334 Alumina Refining and Primary Aluminum Production
3339 Nonferrous Metal (except Aluminum) Smelting and Refining
3341 Secondary Smelting and Alloying Of Aluminum
3350 Rolling Drawing and Extruding Of Nonferrous Metals
3351 Copper Rolling
3353 Aluminum Sheet
3354 Other Aluminum Rolling
3355 Aluminum Rolling and Drawing, Not Elsewhere Classified
3356 Nonferrous Metal (except Copper and Aluminum) Rolling
3357 Nonferrous Metal (except Copper and Aluminum) Rolling
3360 Nonferrous Foundries (castings)
3363 Aluminum Die - Casting Foundries
3364 Nonferrous Metal Die - Casting Foundries
3365 Aluminum Foundries (except Die - Casting)
3366 Other Nonferrous Metal Foundries (except Die - Casting)
3369 Other Nonferrous Metal Foundries (except Die - Casting)
3390 Miscellaneous Primary Metal Products
3398 Metal Heat Treating
3399 Primary Metal Products, Not Elsewhere Classified
3411 Metal Can Manufacturing
3412 Other Metal Container Manufacturing
3420 Cutlery, Handtools & General Hardware
3421 Metal Kitchen Cookware
3423 Saw Blade and Handtool Manufacturing
3425 Saw Blade and Handtool Manufacturing
3429 Hardware Manufacturing
3430 Hearing Equip, Except Elec & Warm Air; & Plumbing Fixtures
3431 All Other Misc. Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing
3432 Plumbing Fixture Fitting and Trim Manufacturing
3433 Heating Equipment (except Warm Air Furnaces) Manufacturing
3440 Fabricated Structural Metal Products
3441 Fabricated Structural Metal Manufacturing
3442 Metal Window and Door Manufacturing
3443 Plate Work Manufacturing
3444 Sheet Metal Work Manufacturing
3446 Ornamental and Architectural Metal Work Manufacturing
3448 Prefabricated Metal Building and Component Manufacturing
3449 Fabricated Structural Metal Manufacturing
3451 Precision Turned Product Manufacturing
3452 Bolt
3460 Metal Forgings and Stampings
3462 Iron and Steel Forging
3463 Nonferrous Forging
3465 Motor Vehicle Metal Stamping
3466 Metal Crown
3469 Metal Kitchen Cookware
3470 Coating, Engraving & Allied Services
3471 Electroplating
3479 Metal Coating
3480 Ordnance and Accessories, (no Vehicles/guided Missiles)
3482 Small Arms Ammunition Manufacturing
3483 Ammunition (except Small Arms) Manufacturing
3484 Small Arms
3489 Small Arms
3490 Miscellaneous Fabricated Metal Products
3491 Industrial Valve Manufacturing
3492 Fluid Power Valve and Hose Fitting Manufacturing
3493 Spring Manufacturing
3494 Valves and Pipe Fittings, Not Elsewhere Classified
3495 Spring Manufacturing
3496 Miscellaneous Fabricated Wire Products
3497 All Other Misc. Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing
3498 Fabricated Pipe and Pipe Fitting Manufacturing
3499 All Other Misc. Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing
3510 Engines and Turbines
3511 Turbine and Turbine Generator Set Units Manufacturing
3519 Other Engine Equipment Manufacturing
3523 Farm Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing
3524 Lawn and Garden Tractor and Home Lawn and Garden Equipment Manufacturing
3530 Construction, Mining & Materials Handling Machinery & Equip
3531 Construction Machinery Manufacturing
3532 Mining Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing
3533 Oil and Gas Field Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing
3534 Elevator and Moving Stairway Manufacturing
3535 Conveyor and Conveying Equipment Manufacturing
3536 Overhead Traveling Crane
3537 Industrial Truck
3540 Metalworkg Machinery and Equipment
3541 Machine Tool Manufacturing
3542 Machine Tool Manufacturing
3543 All Other Misc. Wood Product Manufacturing
3544 Industrial Mold Manufacturing
3545 Cutting Tool and Machine Tool Accessory Manufacturing
3546 Power - Driven Handtool Manufacturing
3547 Rolling Mill and Other Metalworking Machinery Manufacturing
3548 Electric and Gas Welding and Soldering Equipment
3549 Rolling Mill and Other Metalworking Machinery Manufacturing
3550 Special Industry Machinery (no Metalworking Machinery)
3552 Other Industrial Machinery Manufacturing
3553 Sawmill
3554 Sawmill
3555 Printing Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing
3556 Food Product Machinery Manufacturing
3559 Other Industrial Machinery Manufacturing
3560 General Industrial Machinery and Equipment
3561 Pump and Pumping Equipment Manufacturing
3562 Ball and Roller Bearing Manufacturing
3563 Air and Gas Compressor Manufacturing
3564 Industrial and Commercial Fan and Blower and Air Purification Equipment Manufacturing
3565 Packaging Machinery Manufacturing
3566 Speed Changer
3567 Industrial Process Furnace and Oven Manufacturing
3568 Mechanical Power Transmission Equipment Manufacturing
3569 General Industrial Machinery and Equipment, Nec
3570 Computer and Office Equipment
3571 Electronic Computer Manufacturing
3572 Computer Storage Device Manufacturing
3575 Computer Terminal and Other Computer Peripheral Equipment Manufacturing
3576 Computer Communications Equipment
3577 Computer Peripheral Equipment, Nec
3578 Calculating and Accounting Machines (no Electronic Computers)
3579 Computer and Peripheral Equipment Manufacturing
3580 Refrigeration and Service Industry Machinery
3581 Other Commercial and Service Industry Machinery Manufacturing
3582 Other Commercial and Service Industry Machinery Manufacturing
3585 Air Conditioning and Warm Air Heating Equipment and Commercial and Industrial Refrigeration Equipment Manufacturing
3586 Measuring and Dispensing Pump Manufacturing
3589 Other Commercial and Service Industry Machinery Manufacturing
3590 Misc Industrial and Commercial Machinery and Equipment
3592 Motor Vehicle Gasoline Engine and Engine Parts Manufacturing
3593 Fluid Power Cylinder and Actuator Manufacturing
3594 Fluid Power Pump and Motor Manufacturing
3596 Scale and Balance Manufacturing
3599 Machine Shops
3600 Electronic and Other Electrical Equipment (no Computer Equip)
3612 Power
3613 Switchgear and Switchboard Apparatus Manufacturing
3620 Electrical Industrial Apparatus
3621 Motor and Generator Manufacturing
3624 Carbon and Graphite Product Manufacturing
3625 Relay and Industrial Control Manufacturing
3629 All Other Misc. Electrical Equipment and Component Manufacturing
3630 Household Appliances
3631 Household Cooking Appliance Manufacturing
3632 Household Refrigerator and Home Freezer Manufacturing
3633 Household Laundry Equipment Manufacturing
3634 Small Electrical Appliance Manufacturing
3635 Software and Other Prerecorded Compact Disc
3639 Other Major Household Appliance Manufacturing
3640 Electric Lighting and Wiring Equipment
3641 Electric Lamp Bulb and Part Manufacturing
3643 Current - Carrying Wiring Device Manufacturing
3644 Noncurrent - Carrying Wiring Device Manufacturing
3645 Residential Electric Lighting Fixture Manufacturing
3646 Commercial
3647 Motor Vehicle Electrical and Electronic Equipment Manufacturing
3648 Other Lighting Equipment Manufacturing
3651 Audio and Video Equipment Manufacturing
3652 Integrated Record Production/distribution
3661 Telephone Apparatus Manufacturing
3663 Radio and Television Broadcasting and Wireless Communications Equipment Manufacturing
3669 Other Communications Equipment Manufacturing
3670 Electronic Components and Accessories
3671 Other Electronic Component Manufacturing
3672 Bare Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing
3674 Semiconductor and Related Device Manufacturing
3675 Capacitor
3676 Capacitor
3677 Electronic Coil
3678 Electronic Connector Manufacturing
3679 Other Electronic Component Manufacturing
3690 Miscellaneous Electrical Machinery, Equipment & Supplies
3691 Storage Battery Manufacturing
3692 Primary Battery Manufacturing
3694 Electrical Equipment For Internal Combustion Engines
3695 Blank Magnetic and Optical Recording Media Manufacturing
3699 All Other Misc. Electrical Equipment and Component Manufacturing
3711 Automobile Manufacturing
3713 Truck and Bus Bodies
3714 Other Motor Vehicle Parts Manufacturing
3715 Truck Trailer Manufacturing
3716 Motor Home Manufacturing
3720 Aircraft and Parts
3721 Airplane Manufacturing
3724 Aircraft Engine and Engine Parts Manufacturing
3728 Other Aircraft Parts and Auxiliary Equipment Manufacturing
3730 Ship and Boat Building and Repairing
3731 Ship Building and Repairing
3732 Boat Building
3743 Railroad Rolling Stock Manufacturing
3751 Motorcycle
3760 Guided Missiles and Space Vehicles and Parts
3761 Guided Missile and Space Vehicle Manufacturing
3764 Guided Missile and Space Vehicle Propulsion Unit and Propulsion Unit Parts Manufacturing
3769 Other Guided Missile and Space Vehicle Parts and Auxiliary Equipment Manufacturing
3790 Miscellaneous Transportation Equipment
3792 Travel Trailer and Camper Manufacturing
3795 Military Armored Vehicle
3799 All Other Transportation Equipment Manufacturing
3812 Search
3821 Laboratory Apparatus and Furniture
3822 Automatic Environment Control Manufacturing. For Residential
3823 Instruments and Related Products Manufacturing. For Measuring
3824 Totalizing Fluid Meter and Counting Device Manufacturing
3825 Instrument Manufacturing. For Measuring and Testing Electricity and Electrical Signals
3826 Analytical Laboratory Instrument Manufacturing
3827 Optical Instrument and Lens Manufacturing
3829 Instruments and Related Products Manufacturing. For Measuring
3841 Surgical and Medical Instrument Manufacturing
3842 Surgical Appliance and Supplies Manufacturing
3843 Dental Equipment and Supplies
3844 Irradiation Apparatus Manufacturing
3845 Dental Equipment and Supplies Manufacturing
3851 Ophthalmic Goods Manufacturing
3861 Photographic and Photocopying Equipment Manufacturing
3873 Other Measuring and Controlling Device Manufacturing
3910 Jewelry, Silverware & Plated Ware
3911 Jewelry and Silverware Manufacturing
3914 Jewelry and Silverware Manufacturing
3915 Jewelry and Silverware Manufacturing
3931 Musical Instrument Manufacturing
3942 Doll
3944 Doll
3949 Sporting and Athletic Goods Manufacturing
3950 Pens, Pencils & Other Artists' Materials
3951 Office Supplies (except Paper) Manufacturing
3952 Office Supplies (except Paper) Manufacturing
3953 Office Supplies (except Paper) Manufacturing
3955 Office Supplies (except Paper) Manufacturing
3960 Costume Jewelry and Novelties
3961 Costume Jewelry and Costume Novelties, Except Precious Metal
3965 Fastener
3990 Miscellaneous Manufacturing Industries
3991 Broom
3993 Sign Manufacturing
3995 Burial Casket Manufacturing
3996 All Other Plastics Product Manufacturing
3999 All Other Misc. Manufacturing
4011 Line - Haul Railroads
4013 Short Line Railroads
4100 Local and Suburban Transit and Interurban Hwy Passenger Trans
4111 All Other Transit and Ground Transportation
4119 Limousine Service
4121 Taxi Service
4131 Interurban and Rural Bus Transportation
4141 Local Bus Charter Service
4142 Bus Charter Service, Except Local
4151 School and Employee Bus Transportation
4173 Terminal and Service Facilities For Motor Vehicle Passenger Transportation
4210 Trucking and Courier Services (no Air)
4212 Specialized Freight (except Used Goods) Trucking
4213 Specialized Freight (except Used Goods) Trucking
4214 Local Trucking With Storage
4215 Local Messengers and Local Delivery
4220 Public Warehousing and Storage
4221 Farm Product Warehousing and Storage
4222 Refrigerated Warehousing and Storage
4225 General Warehousing and Storage
4226 Other Warehousing and Storage
4231 Terminal Maintenance Facilities For Motor Freight Transport
4311 United States Postal Service
4400 Water Transportation
4412 Deep Sea Freight Transportation
4424 Deep Sea Domestic Transportation Of Freight
4432 Freight Transportation On The Great Lakes - St. Lawrence Seaway
4449 Inland Water Freight Transportation
4481 Deep Sea Passenger Transportation
4482 Coastal and Great Lakes Passenger Transportation
4489 Inland Water Passenger Transportation
4491 Marine Cargo Handling
4492 Towing and Tugboat Services
4493 Marinas
4499 Other Support Activities For Water Transportation
4512 Scheduled Passenger Air Transportation
4513 Air Courier Services
4522 Scenic and Sightseeing Transportation
4581 Other Support Activities For Air Transportation
4610 Pipe Lines (no Natural Gas)
4612 Pipeline Transportation Of Crude Oil
4613 Pipeline Transportation of Refined Petroleum Products
4619 All Other Pipeline Transportation
4700 Transportation Services
4724 Travel Agencies
4725 Tour Operators
4729 All Other Travel Arrangement and Reservation Services
4731 Freight Transportation Arrangement
4741 Rental Of Railroad Cars
4783 Packing and Crating
4785 Other Support Activities For Water Transportation
4789 Support Activities For Rail Transportation
4812 Wireless Telecommunications Carriers (except Satellite)
4813 Telecommunications Resellers
4822 Wired Telecommunications Carriers
4832 Radio Stations
4833 Television Broadcasting
4841 Cable and Other Subscription Programming
4899 Satellite Telecommunications
4900 Electric, Gas & Sanitary Services
4911 Electric Power Distribution
4922 Pipeline Transportation Of Natural Gas
4923 Natural Gas Transmisison and Distribution
4924 Natural Gas Distribution
4925 Mixed, Manufactured, or Liquefied Petroleum Gas Production And/or
4931 Electric and Other Services Combined
4932 Gas and Other Services Combined
4939 Combination Utilities, Not Elsewhere Classified
4941 Water Supply and Irrigation Systems
4950 Sanitary Services
4952 Sewage Treatment Facilities
4953 Hazardous Waste Treatment and Disposal
4955 Hazardous Waste Management
4959 Exterminating and Pest Control Services
4961 Steam and Air Conditioning Supply
4971 Water Supply and Irrigation Systems
4991 Cogeneration Services and Small Power Producers
5000 Wholesale - Durable Goods
5010 Wholesale - Motor Vehicles & Motor Vehicle Parts & Supplies
5012 Automobile and Other Motor Vehicle Merchant Wholesalers
5013 Motor Vehicle Supplies and New Parts Merchant Wholesalers
5014 Tire and Tube Merchant Wholesalers
5015 Motor Vehicle Parts (used) Merchant Wholesalers
5020 Wholesale - Furniture & Home Furnishings
5021 Furniture Merchant Wholesalers
5023 Home Furnishing Merchant Wholesalers
5030 Wholesale - Lumber & Other Construction Materials
5031 Lumber
5032 Brick
5033 Roofing
5039 Lumber
5040 Wholesale - Professional & Commercial Equipment & Supplies
5043 Photographic Equipment and Supplies Merchant Wholesalers
5044 Office Equipment Merchant Wholesalers
5045 Electronics Stores
5046 Other Commercial Equipment Merchant Wholesalers
5047 Medical
5048 Ophthalmic Goods Merchant Wholesalers
5049 Other Professional Equipment and Supplies Merchant Wholesalers
5050 Wholesale - Metals & Minerals (no Petroleum)
5051 Metal Service Centers and Other Metal Merchant Wholesalers
5052 Coal and Other Mineral and Ore Merchant Wholesalers
5063 Electrical Apparatus and Equipment
5064 Household Appliances
5065 Other Electronic Parts and Equipment Merchant Wholesalers
5070 Wholesale - Hardware & Plumbing & Heating Equipment & Supplies
5072 Hardware Merchant Wholesalers
5074 Other Building Material Dealers
5075 Warm Air Heating and Air - Conditioning Equipment and Supplies Merchant Wholesalers
5078 Refrigeration Equipment and Supplies Merchant Wholesalers
5080 Wholesale - Machinery, Equipment & Supplies
5082 Construction and Mining (except Oil Well) Machinery and Equipment Merchant Wholesalers
5083 Farm and Garden Machinery and Equipment Merchant Wholesalers
5084 Industrial Machinery and Equipment Merchant Wholesalers
5085 Industrial Supplies Merchant Wholesalers
5087 Service Establishment Equipment and Supplies Merchant Wholesalers
5088 Transportation Equipment and Supplies (except Motor Vehicles) Merchant Wholesalers
5090 Wholesale - Misc Durable Goods
5091 Sporting and Recreational Goods and Supplies Merchant Wholesalers
5092 Toy and Hobby Goods and Supplies Merchant Wholesalers
5093 Recyclable Material Merchant Wholesalers
5094 Jewelry
5099 Other Misc. Durable Goods Merchant Wholesalers
5110 Wholesale - Paper & Paper Products
5111 Printing and Writing Paper Merchant Wholesalers
5112 Office Supplies and Stationery Stores
5113 Industrial and Personal Service Paper Merchant Wholesalers
5122 Drugs and Druggists' Sundries Merchant Wholesalers
5130 Wholesale - Apparel, Piece Goods & Notions
5131 Piece Goods
5136 Mens and Boys Clothing and Furnishings Merchant Wholesalers
5137 Womens
5139 Footwear Merchant Wholesalers
5140 Wholesale - Groceries & Related Products
5141 General Line Grocery Merchant Wholesalers
5142 Packaged Frozen Food Merchant Wholesalers
5143 Dairy Product (except Dried or Canned) Merchant Wholesalers
5144 Poultry and Poultry Product Merchant Wholesalers
5145 Confectionery Merchant Wholesalers
5146 Fish and Seafood Merchant Wholesalers
5147 Meat and Meat Product Merchant Wholesalers
5148 Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Merchant Wholesalers
5149 Other Grocery and Related Products Merchant Wholesalers
5150 Wholesale - Farm Product Raw Materials
5153 Grain and Field Bean Merchant Wholesalers
5154 Livestock Merchant Wholesalers
5159 Other Farm Product Raw Material Merchant Wholesalers
5160 Wholesale - Chemicals & Allied Products
5162 Plastics Materials and Basic Forms and Shapes Merchant Wholesalers
5169 Other Chemical and Allied Products Merchant Wholesalers
5171 Fuel Dealers
5172 Petroleum and Petroleum Products Merchant Wholesalers (except Bulk Stations and Terminals)
5180 Wholesale - Beer, Wine & Distilled Alcoholic Beverages
5181 Beer and Ale Merchant Wholesalers
5182 Wine and Distilled Alcoholic Beverage Merchant Wholesalers
5190 Wholesale - Miscellaneous Nondurable Goods
5191 Farm Supplies Merchant Wholesalers
5192 Book
5193 Flower
5194 Tobacco and Tobacco Product Merchant Wholesalers
5198 Paint
5199 Other Misc. Nondurable Goods Merchant Wholesalers
5200 Retail - Building Materials, Hardware, Garden Supply
5211 Other Building Material Dealers
5231 Other Building Material Dealers
5251 Hardware Stores
5261 Farm Supplies Merchant Wholesalers
5271 Manufactured (mobile) Home Dealers
5311 Department Stores (except Discount Department Stores)
5331 All Other General Merchandise Stores
5399 All Other General Merchandise Stores
5400 Retail - Food Stores
5411 Convenience Stores
5412 Retail - Convenience Stores
5421 Fish and Seafood Markets
5431 Fruit and Vegetable Markets
5441 Confectionery and Nut Stores
5451 All Other Specialty Food Stores
5461 Retail Bakeries
5499 All Other Specialty Food Stores
5500 Retail - Auto Dealers & Gasoline Stations
5511 New Car Dealers
5521 Used Car Dealers
5531 Automotive Parts and Accessories Stores
5541 Gasoline Stations With Convenience Stores
5551 Boat Dealers
5561 Recreational Vehicle Dealers
5571 Motorcycle
5599 Motorcycle
5600 Retail - Apparel & Accessory Stores
5611 Mens Clothing Stores
5621 Womens Clothing Stores
5632 Women's Accessory and Specialty Stores
5641 Childrens and Infants Clothing Stores
5651 Family Clothing Stores
5661 Shoe Stores
5699 Other Clothing Stores
5700 Retail - Home Furniture, Furnishings & Equipment Stores
5712 Furniture Stores
5713 Floor Covering Stores
5714 Window Treatment Stores
5719 Miscellaneous Home Furnishings Stores
5722 Household Appliance Stores
5731 Electronics Stores
5734 Electronics Stores
5735 Musical Instrument and Supplies Stores
5736 Musical Instrument and Supplies Stores
5810 Retail - Eating & Drinking Places
5812 Snack and Nonalcoholic Beverage Bars
5813 Drinking Places (alcoholic Beverages)
5900 Retail - Miscellaneous Retail
5912 Pharmacies and Drug Stores
5921 Beer
5932 All Other Nondepository Credit Intermediation
5940 Retail - Miscellaneous Shopping Goods Stores
5941 Sporting Goods Stores
5942 Book Stores
5943 Stationery Stores
5944 Jewelry Stores
5945 Hobby
5946 Electronics Stores
5947 Gift
5948 Luggage and Leather Goods Stores
5949 Sewing
5960 Retail - Nonstore Retailers
5961 Electronic Auctions
5962 Vending Machine Operators
5963 Other Direct Selling Establishments
5983 Fuel Dealers
5984 Fuel Dealers
5989 Fuel Dealers
5990 Retail - Retail Stores, Nec
5992 Florists
5993 Tobacco Stores
5994 News Dealers and Newsstands
5995 Optical Goods Stores
5999 All Other Health and Personal Care Stores
6011 Monetary Authorities - Central Bank
6019 Central Reserve Depository Institutions, Not Elsewhere Classified
6021 National Commercial Banks
6022 Depository Credit Intermediation
6029 Commercial Banking
6035 Savings Institution, Federally Chartered
6036 Savings Institutions, Not Federally Chartered
6061 Credit Unions
6062 Credit Unions, Not Federally Chartered
6081 Branches and Agencies Of Foreign Banks
6082 Foreign Trade and International Banking Institutions
6091 Non - Deposit Trust Facilities,
6099 Other Activities Related To Credit Intermediation
6111 Federal and Federally - Sponsored Credit Agencies
6141 Consumer Lending
6153 Short - Term Business Credit Institutions
6159 Miscellaneous Business Credit Institution
6162 Real Estate Credit
6163 Mortgage and Nonmortgage Loan Brokers
6172 Finance Lessors
6189 Asset - Backed Securities
6199 Finance Services
6200 Security and Commodity Brokers, Dealers, Exchanges & Services
6211 Securities Brokerage
6221 Commodity Contracts Brokerage
6231 Securities and Commodity Exchanges
6282 Investment Advice
6289 Services Allied With The Exchange Of Securities or Commodities, Not Elsewhere Classified
6311 Direct Life Insurance Carriers
6321 Accident and Health Insurance
6324 Hospital and Medical Service Plans
6331 Direct Property and Casualty Insurance Carriers
6351 Surety Insurance
6361 Direct Title Insurance Carriers
6371 Health and Welfare Funds
6399 Insurance Carriers, Nec
6411 Claims Adjusting
6500 Real Estate
6510 Real Estate Operators (no Developers) & Lessors
6512 Lessors Of Nonresidential Buildings (except Miniwarehouses)
6513 Lessors Of Residential Buildings and Dwellings
6514 Lessors Of Residential Buildings and Dwellings
6515 Lessors Of Other Real Estate Property
6517 Lessors Of Railroad Property
6519 Lessors Of Other Real Estate Property
6531 Other Activities Related To Real Estate
6532 Real Estate Dealers (for Their Own Account)
6541 Title Abstract and Settlement Offices
6552 Land Subdivision
6553 Cemeteries and Crematories
6712 Offices Of Bank Holding Cos
6719 Offices Of Other Holding Cos
6722 Open - End Investment Funds
6726 Unit Investment Trusts, Face - Amount Certificate Offices, and Closed - End Management Investment Offices
6732 Grantmaking Foundations
6733 Trusts
6770 Blank Checks
6792 Oil Royalty Traders
6794 Patent Owners and Lessors
6795 Mineral Royalty Traders
6798 Real Estate Investment Trusts
6799 Investors, Nec
7000 Hotels, Rooming Houses, Camps & Other Lodging Places
7011 Casino Hotels
7021 Rooming and Boarding Houses
7032 Recreational and Vacation Camps (except Campgrounds)
7033 Rv (recreational Vehicle) Parks and Campgrounds
7041 Organization Hotels and Lodging Houses, On Membership Basis
7048 Other Spectator Sports
7200 Services - Personal Services
7211 Drycleaning and Laundry Services (except Coin - Operated)
7212 Garment Pressing, and Agents For Laundries and Drycleaners
7213 Linen Supply
7215 Coin - Operated Laundries and Drycleaners
7216 Drycleaning and Laundry Services (except Coin - Operated)
7217 Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Services
7218 Industrial Launderers
7219 Linen Supply
7221 Photography Studios
7231 Cosmetology and Barber Schools
7241 Barber Shops
7251 Footwear and Leather Goods Repair
7261 Cemeteries and Crematories
7291 Tax Preparation Services
7299 Formal Wear and Costume Rental
7310 Services - Advertising
7311 Advertising Agencies
7312 Outdoor Advertising
7313 Media Representatives
7319 Media Buying Agencies
7320 Services - Consumer Credit Reporting, Collection Agencies
7322 Collection Agencies
7323 Credit Bureaus
7330 Services - Mailing, Reproduction, Commercial Art & Photography
7331 Direct Mail Advertising
7334 Other Business Service Centers (including Copy Shops)
7335 Other Nonscheduled Air Transportation
7336 Commercial Art and Graphic Design
7338 Court Reporting and Stenotype Services
7340 Services - To Dwellings & Other Buildings
7342 Exterminating and Pest Control Services
7349 Janitorial Services
7350 Services - Miscellaneous Equipment Rental & Leasing
7352 Home Health Equipment Rental
7353 All Other Specialty Trade Contractors
7359 General Rental Centers
7361 Services - Employment Agencies
7363 Temporary Help Services
7370 Services - Computer Programming, Data Processing, Etc
7371 Custom Computer Programming Services
7372 Software and Other Prerecorded Compact Disc
7373 Computer Systems Design Services
7374 Data Processing
7375 Information Retrieval Services
7376 Computer Facilities Management Services
7377 Services - Computer Rental & Leasing
7378 Computer and Office Machine Repair and Maintenance
7379 Other Computer Related Services
7380 Services - Miscellaneous Business Services
7381 Security Guards and Patrol Services
7382 Security Systems Services (except Locksmiths)
7383 News Syndicates
7384 Photofinishing Laboratories (except One - Hour)
7385 Services - Telephone Interconnect Systems
7389 All Other Misc. Chemical Product and Preparation Manufacturing
7500 Services - Automotive Repair, Services & Parking
7510 Services - Auto Rental & Leasing (no Drivers)
7513 Truck
7514 Passenger Car Rental
7515 Passenger Car Leasing
7519 Truck
7521 Parking Lots and Garages
7532 Automotive Body
7533 Automotive Exhaust System Repair
7534 Tire Retreading
7536 Automotive Glass Replacement Shops
7537 Automotive Transmission Repair
7538 General Automotive Repair
7539 Other Automotive Mechanical and Electrical Repair and Maintenance
7542 Car Washes
7549 Motor Vehicle Towing
7600 Services - Miscellaneous Repair Services
7622 Communication Equipment Repair and Maintenance
7623 Commercial and Industrial Machinery and Equipment (except Automotive and Electronic) Repair and Maintenance
7629 Consumer Electronics Repair and Maintenance
7631 Watch, Clock, and Jewelry Repair
7641 Reupholstery and Furniture Repair
7692 Other Personal and Household Goods Repair and Maintenance
7694 Armature Rewinding Shops
7699 Support Activities For Animal Production
7812 Motion Picture and Video Production
7819 Teleproduction and Other Postproduction Services
7822 Motion Picture and Video Distribution
7829 Motion Picture and Video Distribution
7830 Services - Motion Picture Theaters
7832 Motion Picture Theaters (except Drive - Ins)
7833 Drive - In Motion Picture Theaters
7841 Video Tape and Disc Rental
7900 Services - Amusement & Recreation Services
7911 All Other Amusement and Recreation Industries
7922 Theater Cos. and Dinner Theaters
7929 Bands, Orchestras, Actors, and Other Entertainers and Entertainment Groups
7933 Bowling Centers
7941 Promoters Of Performing Arts
7948 Racetracks
7990 Services - Miscellaneous Amusement & Recreation
7991 Fitness and Recreational Sports Centers
7992 Golf Courses and Country Clubs
7993 Amusement Arcades
7996 Amusement and Theme Parks
7997 All Other Amusement and Recreation Industries
7999 All Other Amusement and Recreation Industries
8000 Services - Health Services
8011 Freestanding Ambulatory Surgical and Emergency Centers
8021 Offices Of Dentists
8031 Offices and Clinics Of Doctors Of Osteopathy
8041 Offices Of Chiropractors
8042 Offices Of Optometrists
8043 Offices Of Podiatrists
8049 Offices Of Mental Health Practitioners (except Physicians)
8050 Services - Nursing & Personal Care Facilities
8051 Nursing Care Facilities (skilled Nursing Facilities)
8052 Nursing Care Facilities (skilled Nursing Facilities)
8059 Continuing Care Retirement Centers
8060 Services - Hospitals
8062 General Medical and Surgical Hospitals
8063 Psychiatric and Substance Abuse Hospitals
8069 Psychiatric and Substance Abuse Hospitals
8071 Diagnostic Imaging Centers
8072 Dental Laboratories
8082 Home Health Care Services
8090 Services - Misc Health & Allied Services, Nec
8092 Kidney Dialysis Centers
8093 Family Planning Centers
8099 All Other Misc. Ambulatory Health Care Services
8111 Offices Of Lawyers
8200 Services - Educational Services
8211 Elementary and Secondary Schools
8221 Colleges
8222 Junior Colleges and Technical Institutes
8231 Libraries and Archives
8243 Computer Training
8244 Business and Secretarial Schools
8249 Flight Training
8299 Professional and Management Development Training
8300 Services - Social Services
8322 Temporary Shelters
8331 Vocational Rehabilitation Services
8351 Child Day Care Services
8361 Other Residential Care Facilities
8399 Environment
8412 Museums
8422 Zoos and Botanical Gardens
8600 Services - Membership Organizations
8611 Business Associations
8621 Professional Organizations
8631 Labor Unions and Similar Labor Organizations
8641 Civic and Social Organizations
8651 Political Organizations
8661 Religious Organizations
8699 Other Similar Organizations (except Business
8700 Services - Engineering, Accounting, Research, Management
8711 Engineering Services
8712 Architectural Services
8713 Surveying and Mapping (except Geophysical) Services
8721 Other Accounting Services
8731 Services - Commercial Physical & Biological Research
8732 Research and Development In Biotechnology
8733 Noncommercial Research Organizations
8734 Testing Laboratories
8741 Other Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction
8742 Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services
8743 Public Relations Agencies
8744 Facilities Support Services
8748 Other Management Consulting Services
8811 Private Households
8880 American Depositary Receipts
8888 Foreign Governments
8900 Services - Services, Nec
8999 Record Production
9111 Executive Offices
9121 Legislative Bodies
9131 Executive and Legislative Offices Combined
9199 Other General Government Support
9211 Courts
9221 Police Protection
9222 Legal Counsel and Prosecution
9223 Correctional Institutions
9224 Fire Protection
9229 Public Order and Safety, Not Elsewhere Classified
9311 Public Finance, Taxation, and Monetary Policy
9411 Administration Of Educational Programs
9431 Administration Of Public Health Programs
9441 Administration Of Social, Human Resource and Income Maintenance Programs
9451 Administration Of Veterans' Affairs, Except Health and Insurance
9511 Administration Of Air and Water Resource and Solid Waste Management Programs
9512 Land, Mineral, Wildlife, and Forest Conservation
9531 Administration Of Housing Programs
9532 Administration Of Urban Planning and Community and Rural Development
9611 Administration Of General Economic Programs
9621 Regulation and Administration Of Transportation Programs
9631 Regulation and Administration Of Communications, Electric, Gas, and Other Utilities
9651 Regulation, Licensing, and Inspection Of Miscellaneous Commercial Sectors
9661 Space Research and Technology
9711 National Security
9721 International Affairs
9995 Non - Operating Establishments
9999 Nonclassifiable Establishments

The Bottom Line On SIC Code Lookup By Industry

Using the SIC lookup you can find the best Standard Industrial Classification code for your business' operations.

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