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Commercial Insurance Prospecting Letters Information

Commercial Insurance Prospecting Letters

Commercial Insurance Prospecting Letters. If you need commercial insurance prospecting letters to get more business clients, here you can find many free business insurance letters you that you can use as templates.

Most business insurance agents don't want to invest the time in writing effective sales letters, or know what to say. That is why we offer a free library of commercial insurance prospecting letters for insurance agents and brokers use.

Many agents just copy them word for word, while others alter them to fit their specific commercial insurance prospecting needs.

However you decide to use these business insurance prospecting letters, we hope they help your agency's lead generation and sales process!

Get free commercial insurance prospecting letters that you can use as templates for your business insurance prospecting, lead generation and sales.

Below is the free library of commercial insurance prospecting letters:

Accounts Receivable - commercial insurance prospecting letter

Dear ____________________:

If your billing records were lost, stolen or destroyed, you should be able to depend upon your customers or clients to voluntarily pay you what they owe. However, that expectation may be both unrealistic and impractical. Often customers need billing statements to remind them of their obligation to pay for goods or services.

Because of this billing reality, we want to discuss Accounts Receivable insurance. This form of protection is important to businesses like yours whose sales volume is growing and whose sales include expanding use of credit arrangements.

Please consider how much you stand to lose if your accounts receivable records no longer existed. With the insurance we recommend, you would receive payment for all amounts due from your customers that you cannot collect because of the loss or destruction of your records.

This important coverage will also pay for the added collection expenses that result from a loss, interest charges on any loan to offset impaired collections, and other expenses related to replacing your accounts receivable records.

The ability to offer credit arrangements is critically important to your business and so is the related flow of income from your customers. Please call us to answer any questions that you might have concerning Accounts Receivable insurance.

Yours sincerely,

Apartment Building Owner Package Policy - commercial insurance prospecting letter

Dear ____________________:

A package policy that handles many of the hazards facing owners or operators of residential-apartment buildings is available. I wanted to make you aware of the advantages of having an Apartment Building Owner Package Policy.

Such a package is convenient, offering a single policy with a variety of valuable basic and optional coverages. Building and business personal property may be protected from a host of sources of accidental loss (with exceptions specifically listed in the policy).

If you prefer, you may choose to be covered on a named peril basis, where the policy lists the causes of loss (such as fire, wind, etc.). An apartment building owner may suffer a huge loss of income awaiting a building's repair or replacement. Therefore, insurance for loss of rental income should be included in any package you consider.

Further, you have the option of covering buildings and personal property according to their replacement cost rather than their present appraised value.

A wide range of liability insurance protection is available and it is geared to the special needs of the apartment owner or operator. It may be written to protect you against allegations of "personal injury" due to wrongful eviction and invasion of privacy.

The package also responds to general losses, such as lawsuits from persons who are injured while visiting your property.

Consider the simplicity of dealing only with our office on insurance matters, including claims handling! You could also enjoy operating under a package policy tailored to your needs.

In my opinion, this represents the ultimate in insurance protection for you. I would like to answer your questions about this coverage opportunity and will phone soon for an appointment.

Yours sincerely,

Business Income Insurance - commercial insurance prospecting letter

Dear _____________________:

Could your business overcome the problems created by a serious loss? Having property insurance may tempt you to answer "yes," but there are other aspects that need consideration. Businesses like yours may face critical hurdles to continuing operations after a disaster. Property losses often trigger substantial or even insurmountable financial difficulties. Businesses that do manage to re-open can still struggle so we suggest that you consider buying business income insurance.

Business income insurance protects against indirect losses that firms suffer during shutdowns that follow a serious fire, windstorm or other calamity. Remember that, while a business is trying to make repairs, rebuild or find a temporary location, its income stops.

Under the business income policy, you may insure the entire amount of your business income loss and continue to pay employees while normal business operations are suspended. Options are available to cover only your lost earnings without consideration for payroll or other continuing expenses.

The need to protect your earnings is as important as insuring your equipment and stock. Please take an opportunity to examine the excellent forms of business income insurance that are available through our office.

We can customize business income protection for your particular needs, including protecting the rental value of your property.

I will call you soon for an appointment. If you will answer a few questions for me, I can quickly suggest the amount and form of insurance you should carry and quote the premium for you.

We appreciate your business and the opportunity to give you professional insurance service.

Yours sincerely,

CGL Extended Reporting Period - commercial insurance prospecting letter

Dear ___________________:

We would like to take a moment to give you some information about an important option available on your Commercial General Liability (CGL) Policy. Your CGL Policy has a Basic Extended Reporting Period of five years which begins when your current CGL policy term expires.

This extension allows you to report claims that arise out of occurrences or offenses that are reported to us up to 60 days following the end of the policy period.

The first Named Insured also has the option to purchase a Supplemental Extended Reporting Period. It has to be requested in writing after the end of the policy period. The Supplemental Extended Reporting Period begins after the expiration of the Basic Extended Reporting Period.

If you purchase the Supplemental Extended Reporting Period you are also purchasing Supplemental Aggregate Limits, equal to the aggregate limits shown in the Declarations of the policy being terminated.

This new aggregate limit applies to claims that are first received and reported during the Supplemental Extended Reporting Period.

Please understand that Extended Reporting Periods do not lengthen the policy period or change the scope of coverage provided. They apply only to claims for bodily injury property damage or personal and advertising injury that occurred before the end of the policy period (but after the Retroactive Date, if any, shown in the Declarations).

Extended reporting periods can be complicated, so if you have further questions about this policy feature, please contact us for more in-depth information.

Yours sincerely,

Note: This letter or a letter with similar language is recommended for use with any CGL or other commercial form on a claims-made basis that is cancelled, non-renewed, replaced with an "occurrence" coverage form or when the retroactive date is advanced.

Commercial Package Policy - commercial insurance prospecting letter

Dear _____________________:

The Commercial Package Policy (CPP) may be used to create a wide range of property and casualty coverages that are tailored to a(n) ______________ (insert business type) operation. It is a product that recognizes and responds to the various, major risks faced by businesses like yours.

The CPP approach is to package two or more different types of insurance on a single policy for a given business.

Available types include commercial property (applies to buildings and/or business personal property), inland marine, crime, equipment breakdown, farm, general liability, liquor liability, owners and contractors protective liability, pollution liability, and products/completed operations liability.

An additional benefit of the CPP is that commercial auto insurance may also be added to the package.

Many of your coverage needs (except Workers Compensation) can be combined into one policy. A CPP offers many valuable insurance options along with package (premium) discounts.

Therefore, a CPP not only represents an opportunity to customize protection for your operation, it also provides a chance to save on the cost of that protection. Further, a CPP's language and its format make it easier to locate and to understand important coverage information.

I would welcome an opportunity to review your business exposures with you and to answer questions that you might have about the Commercial Package Policy.

Yours sincerely,

Commercial Umbrella Policy - commercial insurance prospecting letter

Dear __________________________:

Your business may face a financial nightmare if a judgment levied against you runs into hundreds of thousands of dollars. Many such awards arise from lawsuits over defective merchandise and products.

We are concerned about your company's welfare and we suggest that you consider purchasing an umbrella liability policy for your company. This form of protection provides up to several million dollars of additional insurance.

An umbrella policy is a major supplement to the primary coverage provided by your general liability, automobile liability and employer's liability policies. In some instances, you also receive the benefit of broader coverage that may handle possible lawsuits that your regular liability policies do not cover.

An umbrella removes a great deal of uncertainty concerning your company's vulnerability to costly judgments or legal expenses. The higher limits of coverage which the umbrella policy places "on top of" your general liability, automobile liability and employers liability policies also provide welcome peace of mind.

Please give Umbrella coverage some consideration and I will call you soon to answer any questions you may have.

Yours sincerely,

Federal Records - commercial insurance prospecting letter

Dear ____________________:

We would like to take a moment to share some guidelines that will assist you in complying with the Federal Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA). You must keep a file copy of the Workers Compensation Injury Report Form.

This is the form that you prepare following on-the-job injuries and occupational illnesses. We want you to be aware that your file copy eliminates the need to record duplicate information on a federal form that otherwise must be prepared as an OSHA requirement.

The United States Department of Labor does not require you to complete the Supplementary Record of Occupational Injuries and Illnesses, OSHA Form 301, if the "employer's first report of injury" is available on file.

Your attention is also called to the bulletin titled "Safety and Health Protection on the Job." Each year this document must be posted on company bulletin boards in order to keep all employees informed.

This is an "immediate action" OSHA requirement. Such postings are checked by federal or state inspectors who, at any time, may appear on your business premises to audit compliance with the law.

As your insurance counselors, we are more than happy to assist you in meeting the requirements of the Federal Occupational Safety and Health Act. Please contact us if you have further questions.

Yours sincerely,

Note: 1 - Suggested for mailing to insureds with 11 or more employees for whom Workers Compensation insurance is written and to other selected business firms. 2 - Only for use in those states without a state-approved OSHA plan. Such states are exempt from federal requirements because they have developed their own method of complying with the federal mandates.

Flood Insurance - commercial insurance prospecting letter

Dear ____________________:

[Option 1] Your property may qualify for coverage against flood damage under the U.S. Government's National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) that we are authorized to offer.

[Option 2] Your property may qualify for coverage against flood damage under the U.S. Government's National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) that we are authorized to offer as well as coverage provided by some of our insurance company partners which you may also wish to explore.

This area's eligibility for flood insurance should caution anyone from thinking that "it can't happen here." Recent experiences throughout the country show that catastrophic flooding can occur in the most unlikely places.

Flooding is a widespread danger that is not limited just to locations that are close to large bodies of water. Without this coverage, you would have to handle serious damage or destruction to your business on your own.

How many business owners could handle a potentially substantial loss as an out-of-pocket expense?

NFIP [optional and our private market] policies cover flood damage to property that results from a variety of situations. Flood loss caused by heavy rains, melting of snow in mountainous or hilly sections, rising rivers, and by hurricanes is covered.

The government program's policy insures against damage from flood-formed mudslides. Protection is also available for property damage that occurs after water activity has caused land located alongside a body of water to collapse.

We are making a special effort to acquaint you with this problem and the protection that is available. Please contact us to answer your questions and, hopefully, to arrange for flood insurance.

Yours sincerely,

Note:This letter may be addressed to personal or commercial insurance buyers and may be used if your office arranges coverage through the "Write-Your-Own" facilities provided by an insurance company. IMPORTANT: PLEASE be aware of the ongoing changes regarding the availability of this program as the national government has been assessing whether it will be continued. Further, take advantage of mentioning any flood market connections that you may have with insurers offering private flood coverage.

Loss Run Request Letter - commercial insurance prospecting letter

Attention ____________________:

We need to be provided with a current loss history for the following:

(Enter every applicable policy or account number)

We request this information for the time periods (enter the applicable years or coverage effective dates) when this coverage was provided by your company:

Please send this information to us at (enter preferred contact info, such as mail, fax, e-mail).


Note: Note: Any request should include detailed contact information for the requester as companies frequently want to clarify or confirm the request.

Non-Owned Auto Liability - commercial insurance prospecting letter

Dear _________________:

We recently reviewed your business operations and would like to recommend an important addition to your insurance program. We think you would benefit from purchasing employers non-ownership automobile liability insurance. The good news is that this valuable protection is available at a reasonable cost.

You may have heard of court cases involving large injury awards granted against owner-operators of automobiles AND the companies for which the driver works. Additionally, other such claims are never publicized because they are settled out of court.

These claims allege that the driver was performing duties for his/her employer when the accident occurred. Claimants that successfully support such allegations stand to collect a much larger settlement or court award.

This is a legal reality that may not be contemplated by your current insurance program.

Undoubtedly, some of your employees occasionally use their cars in their work. Examples include going to the bank, driving to the post office, calling on customers, picking-up supplies and numerous other errands.

While most employees carry their own automobile liability insurance, it often has insufficient limits to fully protect both themselves and your company in event of a serious accident.

You can cover this exposure without having to question your employees about the adequacy of their insurance limits. The solution is to carry employers' non-ownership automobile liability insurance.

It responds to instances where other parties allege that you share responsibility for an accident involving your employees. We can provide coverage with bodily injury liability and property damage liability insurance limits of $____________ for just $_____________ per year.

I believe this to be essential protection for a nominal charge and will call you soon to discuss adding this protection to your business.

Yours sincerely,

In-Home Business - commercial insurance prospecting letter

Dear __________________________:

Pointing out potential sources of loss that our customers may not realize exist is an important part of what we do. One such source is a business that is run from your home, or elsewhere on your premises, such as a converted outbuilding or garage.

If your home or premises also houses a significant business activity, your insurance program needs to be adjusted. A regular homeowners policy offers insufficient protection.

With regard to property and equipment used in your business, any available coverage may only protect a small portion of that property's value. A larger issue is your liability protection. In most instances, your homeowners policy will not provide protection for injury to other persons or damage to property that belongs to others when the loss is related to a business activity.

If business activities are taking place in any of your outbuildings on an unattached garage, there may be no coverage for the building, the property inside that building or liability related to that building.

We represent a variety of insurance companies that can provide additional coverage to handle in-home business exposures. The needed action may be as simple as a low-cost endorsement; or a more comprehensive solution may be necessary.

In any case, if you do run a business from your residence or anywhere on your property, please contact us. We can discuss your situation and make sure that you have the protection you need.

Yours sincerely,

Professional Liability Insurance - commercial insurance prospecting letter

Dear _______________:

Let's face reality. People today are claims conscious, resulting in a significant share of malpractice lawsuits against professionals. We are concerned that your profession is becoming a target for malpractice claims and suits.

The task of solving complex problems for your clients carries a huge risk: allegations of error or omission on your part or that of your associates. Professional liability insurance is a critical method to protect yourself against that unpleasant possibility.

This vital insurance pays damages that might be awarded to a plaintiff alleging professional negligence. This is significant protection since juries have been remarkably generous to aggrieved parties in recent years.

Equally important, we believe, are the defense features of the policy. The insurance company will defend any suit against you alleging covered professional errors or omission even if groundless, false or fraudulent.

The premium for this insurance is, in part, a prepaid legal fee. You would always have the available service of attorneys skilled in these complicated legal matters.

You will want to know, I am sure, the cost of malpractice insurance.

We realize you might already have recognized the need for this coverage as a result of the strong endorsement given it by your profession, but we also must meet our important duty to be sure that this need is brought to your attention.

I will call in a few days to ask you for an appointment.

Yours sincerely,

Note: his letter is suggested for professionals other than those in the health care field.

Replacement Cost Insurance - commercial insurance prospecting letter

Dear __________________________:

Do you know that both your building and your building's furnishings can be covered more effectively? If they are now protected according to their actual cash (depreciated) value, they may need to be insured according to their replacement cost (non-depreciated) value.

We would like to give you more details about this important insuring approach.

Replacement cost protection may be applied to buildings, permanent machinery, fixtures, and improvements and betterments made to a building by its tenant, as well as to equipment related to your buildings' use and maintenance.

It may also apply to furniture, fixtures, machinery and equipment that are classified as personal property (as distinguished from real property) including supplies used in connection with such property. All owned property in any of these classes may be insured for its replacement cost.

Also, as an option, specific items such as designated machinery or equipment can be protected with replacement cost coverage.

This may be an ideal time to consider how to improve the way you protect your business assets. I will phone for an appointment for us to discuss how you can benefit from this plan.

Yours sincerely,

Note: Suggested for use in connection with business accounts having well-maintained property. Mention in conversation that the coverage results in higher amounts of insurance but does not involve higher rates.

Commercial Insurance Prospecting Letters - The Bottom Line

We hope you found our commercial insurance prospecting letters helpful to your business insurance prospecting, lead generation and commercial insurance sale process.

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