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Affiliate Business Insurance Program Information

Affiliate Business Insurance Program

Affiliate Business Insurance Program. General Liability Insure is on a mission to make sure small businesses have the most affordable and "best fit" insurance possible, focusing on matching small business owners with the best commercial insurance policies and brokers in the United States.

If your website or organization attracts small business traffic or know where to get it, you might be sitting on a gold mine! Check out the details of our business insurance affiliate program below.

We have partnered with to set up a simple affiliate program that could provide your website with an ongoing and significant revenue stream.

Join our business insurance affiliate program and earn $10 for each lead you generate on a 30 second form. It's fast and easy to apply, become a General Liability Insure commercial insurance affiliate partner today.

Below are some answers to commonly asked affiliate commercial insurance questions:

Why Join The General Liability Insurance Affiliate Business Insurance Program?

Join The Affiliate Business Insurance Program
  • Each time one of your users signs up, you'll see another $10. No payment caps.
  • Our online quote form is quick (30 seconds) and easy for your referred visitors to complete.
  • It's super easy to register as an affiliate - just download our banners, add them to your site and start earning!
  • We have an affiliate manager to answer any questions you may have.
  • On referred traffic to our site, we have high conversion rates for quotes.
  • We offer special incentives for top performers.

Who Makes a Good Commercial Insurance Affiliate?

  • The General Liability Insurance Affiliate Business Insurance Program is a great fit for money bloggers and anyone creating business, insurance or financial content online.
  • It is also a good fit for associations or organizations whose members need to buy business insurance for their operations.

How Do I Get Started With The Affiliate Business Insurance Program?

  1. Sign up for a free account with and automatically apply to our program. Click here to sign up.
  2. We'll review your application and notify you ASAP that you are approved and good to go.
  3. When accepted, you can download banners and text links and add them to your site.
  4. Your website visitors click on the banners on your site and you earn a $10 fee for a 30 second lead form filled out - very simple!

What Other Insurance Affiliate Programs Are Available?

Following are some of the other insurance affiliate programs available online:

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  • Allstate National Affiliate Program
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  • eHealth Insurance Affiliate Program
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  • Embrace Pet Insurance Affiliate Program
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  • Gabi Personal Insurance Affiliate Program
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  • Hiscox Small Business Insurance Affiliate Program
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  • netQuote Insurance Affiliate Program
  • petfirst Insurance Affiliate Program
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  • RoamRight Insurance Affiliate Program
  • SmartFinancial Insurance Affiliate Program
  • USAA Insurance Affiliate Program

Affiliate Business Insurance Program - The Bottom Line

Join our affiliate business insurance program today so you can turn your traffic into money - day in, day out. With our program you can:

  • Get elite level commissions: highest rate per qualified lead or call in the industry
  • Enjoy flexibility: dedicated phone numbers, a strict no-scrub policy and no volume caps imposed.
  • Get access to high converting promos and exclusive landing pages to explode your earnings.
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