SIC Code
3999 - All Other Misc. Manufacturing

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Standard Industrial Classification Code 3999 - All Other Misc. Manufacturing

SIC Code 3999 - All Other Misc. Manufacturing

Are you searching for the SIC Code 3999 - All Other Misc. Manufacturing?

Get information about this Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Code and its related General Liability, National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) and Standard Industrial Classification (NAICS) codes.

The SIC Code 3999 - All Other Misc. Manufacturing. Learn more about the SIC 3999 in the Manufacturing sector and its related General Liability, NCCI, and NAICS codes.

What Is The Description Of The SIC Code 3999?

The description for the SIC Code 3999 - All Other Misc. Manufacturing in the Manufacturing sector is:

Establishments Primarily Engaged In Manufacturing Miscellaneous Fabricated Products, Including Beauty Shop and Barber Shop Equipment; Hair Work; Tobacco Pipes and Cigarette Holders; Coin - Operated Amusement Machines; Matches; Candles; Lamp Shades; Feathers; Artificial Trees and Flowers Made From All Materials, Except Glass; Dressed and Dyed Furs; Umbrellas, Parasols, and Canes; and Other Articles, Not Elsewhere Classified.
  • advertising Curtains
  • amusement Machines. Coin - Operated: Except Coin - Operated
  • artificial and Preserved Flowers, Foliage, Fruits, and Vines: Except
  • artificial Flower Arrangements
  • atomizers, Other Than Medical
  • badges For Policemen and Firemen - Metal
  • barber Shop Equipment
  • barbers' Clippers, Hand and Electric
  • beach Umbrellas
  • beaded Novelties
  • beads, Unassembled
  • beauty Shop Equipment
  • beekeeping Supplies, Except Wood
  • bone Novelties
  • book Matches
  • boutiquing: For The Trade (decorating Gift Items)
  • bric - A - Brac
  • bristles, Dressing Of
  • burnt Wood Articles
  • buttons: Red Cross, Union, and Identification
  • calendars, Framed
  • candles
  • canes and Cane Trimmings, Except Precious Metal
  • chairs, Hydraulic: Barber and Beauty Shop
  • christmas Tree Ornaments, Except Electrical and Glass
  • christmas Trees, Artificial
  • cigar and Cigarette Holders
  • cigarette Filters, Not Made In Chemical Plants
  • cigarette Lighter Flints
  • cleaners, Pipe and Cigarette Holder
  • combs, Except Hard Rubber
  • curlers, Hair: Designed For Beauty Parlors
  • curls, Artificial (hair)
  • decalcomania Work, Except On China or Glass: For The Trade
  • desk Pads, Except Paper
  • doll Wigs
  • down (feathers)
  • dressing Of Furs: Bleaching, Blending, Currying, Scraping, and Tanning
  • driers, Hair: Designed For Beauty Parlors
  • dusters, Feather
  • embroidery Kits
  • feathers: Curling, Dyeing, and Renovating For The Trade
  • figures, Wax: Mannikins
  • fingerprint Equipment, Except Cameras and Optical Equipment
  • fire Extinguishers, Portable
  • flocking Metal Products For The Trade
  • fly Swatters
  • forms: Display, Dress, and Show Except Shoe Display Forms
  • frames and Handles, Handbag and Luggage: Except Precious Metal
  • fruits, Artificial, Except Glass
  • fur Stripping
  • furniture, Beauty Shop and Barber Shop
  • furs, Dressed: Bleached, Curried, Scraped, Tanned, and Dyed
  • games, Coin - Operated: Pinball and Other
  • globes, Geographical
  • gold Stamping For The Trade, Except Books
  • glass
  • grenades, Hand (fire Extinguishers)
  • grinding Purchased Nut Shells
  • hair Clippers For Human Use, Hand and Electric
  • hair Goods: Braids, Nets, Switches, Toupees, and Wigs
  • hair, Dressing Of, For The Trade
  • hairpin Mountings
  • hat Blocks and Display Forms
  • honeycomb Foundations (beekeepers' Supplies)
  • hosiery Kits, Sewing and Mending
  • identification Plates
  • identification Tags, Except Paper
  • lamp Shade Frames
  • lamp Shades: Except Metal and Glass
  • lighters, Cigar and Cigarette: Except Precious Metal and Electric
  • mannikins and Display Forms
  • marionettes (puppets)
  • massage Machines, Electric: Designed For Beauty and Barber Shops
  • matches and Match Books
  • military Insignia, Except Textile
  • models, Except Toy and Hobby
  • mosaics: Ivory, Shell, Horn, and Bone
  • mountings, Comb and Hairpin: Except Precious Metal
  • music Boxes
  • musical Chests
  • novelties: Bone, Beaded, and Shell
  • pads, Permanent Waving
  • painting Instrument Dials, For The Trade
  • parasols and Frames: Handles, Parts, and Trimmings - Except Precious
  • pelts: Scraping, Currying, Tanning, Bleaching, and Dyeing
  • permanent Wave Equipment and Machines
  • picture Plaques, Laminated
  • pipes, Pipe Stems, and Bib: Tobacco - Except Hard Rubber
  • plaques, Picture: Laminated
  • plumes, Feather
  • preparation Of Slides and Exhibits, For Classroom Use
  • printing Eyeglass Frames For The Trade
  • puppets
  • scenery For Theaters, Opera Houses Halls, and Schools
  • sewing Kits, Novelty: Other Than Sewing Cases and Cabinets
  • shades, Lamp and Candle: Except Glass and Metal
  • shell Novelties
  • shoe Patterns
  • slot Machines
  • smokers, Bee (beekeepers' Supplies)
  • soap Dispensers
  • sponges, Bleaching and Dyeing Of
  • stage Hardware and Equipment, Except Lighting Equipment
  • stereographs, Photographic
  • sterilizers, Beauty and Barber Shop
  • straw Goods
  • stringing Beads For The Trade
  • tape Measures
  • tear Gas Devices and Equipment
  • tinsel
  • transformations, Hair
  • treating Clock and Watch Dials With Luminous Material
  • trees, Christmas, Artificial
  • trimmings, Feather
  • umbrellas and Parts, Except Precious Metal
  • umbrellas: Beach, Garden, and Wagon
  • veils Made Of Hair
  • vibrators, Electric: Designed For Beauty and Barber Shops
  • walnut Shell Flour
  • wigs, Including Doll Wigs, Toupees, or Wiglets, Except Custom Made
  • wind Chimes
  • wool Pulling
  • wreaths, Artificial

What Are The Related California Workers Compensation Code(s) for SIC Code 3999?

The related CA Workers Comp Class Code(s) for SIC Code 3999 is:

4557 - Ink, Mucilage or Polish Manufacturing
3574 - Machine Manufacturing
3400 - Metal Goods Manufacturing
2586 - Dry Cleaning or Dyeing
3180 - Fixtures or Lamp Manufacturing. or Assembly
4279 - Paper Goods Manufacturing
3152 - Nail, Tack or Rivet Manufacturing
2842 - Wood Products Manufacturing
4496 - Plastics - Fabricated Products Manufacturing. - No Molding
4494 - Plastics - Blow Molded Products Manufacturing
2501 - Clothing Manufacturing

What Are The Related Michigan Workers Compensation Code(s) for SIC Code 3999?

The related MI Workers Comp Class Code(s) for SIC Code 3999 is:

4557 - Buffing and Polishing Compounds Manufacturing; Ink Manufacturing;wax or Wax Products Manufacturing; Candle Manufacturing
3574 - Adding, Computing, Recording, Office Machine or Computer Manufacturing
3315 - Brass or Copper Goods Manufacturing
2501 - Canvas Goods Manufacturing Lightweight
3179 - Circuit Board Manufacture
4279 - Abbrasive Disc Manufacture
3257 - Automobile Cushion Spring Manufacture
2790 - Artifical Limb Manufacture - Plastic, Wood, Metal, Etc
4452 - Plastics - Fabricated Products
4484 - Bedliners - Manufacturing In Shop
2841 - Cloths Pin Manufacture

What Are The Related New Jersey Workers Compensation Code(s) for SIC Code 3999?

The related NJ Workers Comp Class Code(s) for SIC Code 3999 is:

4710 - Candle Manufacturing Npd
3574 - Computer, Recording or Office Machine Manufacturing NOC
3315 - Brass or Copper Goods Manufacturing
2600 - Fur Processing - Preparing Skins
3192 - Lamp Manufacturing or Assembly - Electric - Floor or Table
4279 - Paper Goods Manufacturing NOC
3270 - Eyelet Manufacturing
2841 - Woodenware Manufacturing NOC
4452 - Plastics Manufacturing: Fabricated Products NOC
4484 - Plastics Manufacturing: Molded Products NOC
2560 - Umbrella Manufacturing
2534 - Feather or Flower Manufacturing - Artificial

What Are The Related New York Workers Compensation Code(s) for SIC Code 3999?

The related NY Workers Comp Class Code(s) for SIC Code 3999 is:

4710 - Candle Manufacturing
3574 - Office Computing or Recording Machine Manufacturing. NOC
3315 - Brass or Copper Goods Manufacturing
2600 - Fur Manufacturing. - Preparing Skins
3191 - Electric Lighting Fixture, Lantern or Lamp Manufacturing. - All Other Operations
4279 - Paper Goods Manufacturing. NOC
3270 - Fastener Manufacturing. - Metal
2790 - Pattern Making NOC
4452 - Plastics Manufacturing. - Fabricated Products NOC
4475 - Plastics Manufacturing. - Molded Products NOC
2501 - Clothing Manufacturing
2534 - Feather or Flower Manufacturing. - Artificial
2841 - Woodenware Manufacturing. NOC

What Are The Related Pennsylvania Workers Compensation Code(s) for SIC Code 3999?

The related PA Workers Comp Class Code(s) for SIC Code 3999 is:

0571 - Soap Manufacturing
0483 - Office Machine Manufacturing
0454 - Sheet Metal Products Fabrication
0201 - Tanning
0445 - Hardware Manufacturing., NOC
0257 - Box Manufacturing. - Paper
0459 - Eyelet, Manufacturing
0306 - Wood Turned Products Manufacturing
0222 - Plastics Manufacturing., NOC
0163 - Textile Products Manufacturing., NOC

SIC Code 3999 - The Bottom Line

The Standard Industrial Classification SIC Code for All Other Misc. Manufacturing in the Manufacturing is 3999.

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