325998 - All Other Miscellaneous Chemical Product and Preparation Manufacturing

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North American Industry Classification System Code 325998 - All Other Miscellaneous Chemical Product and Preparation Manufacturing

NAICS Code 325998 - All Other Miscellaneous Chemical Product and Preparation Manufacturing

Are you searching for the NAICS Code 325998 - All Other Miscellaneous Chemical Product and Preparation Manufacturing?

Get information about this North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Code and its related General Liability, National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) and Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes.

Learn more about the NAICS 325998 in the Manufacturing sector and its related General Liability, NCCI, and SIC codes.

What Is The Description Of The NAICS Code 325998?

The description for the NAICS Code 325998 - All Other Miscellaneous Chemical Product and Preparation Manufacturing is:

This U.S. Industry Comprises Establishments Primarily Engaged In Manufacturing Chemical Products (except Basic Chemicals, Resins, Synthetic Rubber; Cellulosic and Noncellulosic Fiber and Filaments; Pesticides, Fertilizers, and Other Agricultural Chemicals; Pharmaceuticals and Medicines; Paints, Coatings and Adhesives; Soap, Cleaning Compounds, and Toilet Preparations; Printing Inks; Explosives; Custom Compounding Of Purchased Resins; and Photographic Films, Papers, Plates, and Chemicals).

  • Activated carbon or charcoal manufacturing
  • Additive preparations for gasoline (e.g., antiknock preparations, detergents, gum inhibitors) manufacturing
  • Aerosol can filling on a job order or contract basis
  • Aerosol packaging services
  • Anise oil manufacturing
  • Antifreeze preparations manufacturing
  • Antiscaling compounds manufacturing
  • Bay oil manufacturing
  • Brake fluid, synthetic, manufacturing
  • Caps for toy pistols manufacturing
  • Capsules, gelatin, empty, manufacturing
  • Carbon, activated, manufacturing
  • Carburetor cleaners manufacturing
  • Cat litter manufacturing
  • Cedar oil manufacturing
  • Charcoal, activated, manufacturing
  • Citronella oil manufacturing
  • Clove oil manufacturing
  • Concrete additive preparations (e.g., curing, hardening) manufacturing
  • Correction fluids (i.e., typewriter) manufacturing
  • Crankcase additive preparations manufacturing
  • Cutting oils, synthetic, manufacturing
  • Defoamers and antifoaming agents manufacturing
  • Degreasing preparations for machinery parts manufacturing
  • Deicing preparations manufacturing
  • Desalination kits manufacturing
  • Distilled water manufacturing
  • Drawing inks manufacturing
  • Drilling mud compounds, conditioners, and additives (except bentonites) manufacturing
  • Dye preparations, clothing, household-type, manufacturing
  • Embalming fluids manufacturing
  • Engine degreasers manufacturing
  • Engine starting fluids manufacturing
  • Essential oils manufacturing
  • Eucalyptus oil manufacturing
  • Fire extinguisher chemical preparations manufacturing
  • Fire retardant chemical preparations manufacturing
  • Fireworks manufacturing
  • Flares manufacturing
  • Fluxes (e.g., brazing, galvanizing, soldering, welding) manufacturing
  • Foundry core oil, wash, and wax manufacturing
  • Gelatin (except dessert preparations) manufacturing
  • Gelatin capsules, empty, manufacturing
  • Grapefruit oil manufacturing
  • Greases, synthetic lubricating, manufacturing
  • Hydraulic fluids, synthetic, manufacturing
  • Incense manufacturing
  • Indelible inks manufacturing
  • India inks manufacturing
  • Industrial salt manufacturing
  • Inhibitors (e.g., corrosion, oxidation, polymerization) manufacturing
  • Inks, writing, manufacturing
  • Insulating oils manufacturing
  • Lemon oil manufacturing
  • Lighter fluids (e.g., charcoal, cigarette) manufacturing
  • Lime oil manufacturing
  • Lubricating oils and greases, synthetic, manufacturing
  • Matches and match books manufacturing
  • Motor oils, synthetic, manufacturing
  • Napalm manufacturing
  • Oil additive preparations manufacturing
  • Oils (e.g., cutting, lubricating), synthetic, manufacturing
  • Oils, lubricating, synthetic, manufacturing
  • Orange oil manufacturing
  • Orris oil manufacturing
  • Ossein manufacturing
  • Packer's fluids manufacturing
  • Penetrating fluids, synthetic, manufacturing
  • Peppermint oil manufacturing
  • Pyrotechnics (e.g., flares, flashlight bombs, signals) manufacturing
  • Radiator additive preparations manufacturing
  • Recycling services for degreasing solvents (e.g., engine, machinery) manufacturing
  • Retarders (e.g., flameproofing agents, mildewproofing agents) manufacturing
  • Rubber processing preparations (e.g., accelerators, stabilizers) manufacturing
  • Rust preventive preparations manufacturing
  • Salt (except table) manufacturing
  • Soil testing kits manufacturing
  • Spearmint oil manufacturing
  • Stamp pad ink manufacturing
  • Sugar substitutes (i.e., synthetic sweeteners blended with other ingredients) made from purchased synthetic sweeteners
  • Swimming pool chemical preparations manufacturing
  • Tint and dye preparations, household-type (except hair), manufacturing
  • Tire inflators, aerosol, manufacturing
  • Transmission fluids, synthetic, manufacturing
  • Water, distilled, manufacturing
  • Wintergreen oil manufacturing
  • Writing inks manufacturing

What Are The Related North American Industry Classification System Code(s) for NAICS Code(s) 325998?

The related North American Industry Classification System Code(s) for NAICS Code 325998 - All Other Miscellaneous Chemical Product and Preparation Manufacturing is:

  • Manufacturing basic chemicals--are classified in Industry Group 3251, Basic Chemical Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing resins, synthetic rubber, and artificial synthetic fibers and filaments--are classified in Industry Group 3252, Resin, Synthetic Rubber, and Artificial Synthetic Fibers and Filaments Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing pesticides, fertilizers, and other agricultural chemicals--are classified in Industry Group 3253, Pesticide, Fertilizer, and Other Agricultural Chemical Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing pharmaceuticals and medicines including medicinal vegetable gelatin (i.e., agar-agar)--are classified in Industry Group 3254, Pharmaceutical and Medicine Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing paints, coatings, and adhesives--are classified in Industry Group 3255, Paint, Coating, and Adhesive Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing soaps and cleaning compounds--are classified in Industry Group 3256, Soap, Cleaning Compound, and Toilet Preparation Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing printing and inkjet inks--are classified in Industry 325910, Printing Ink Manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing explosives--are classified in Industry 325920, Explosives Manufacturing;
  • Custom compounding purchased plastics resins--are classified in U.S. Industry 325991, Custom Compounding of Purchased Resins;
  • Manufacturing photographic films, papers, plates, and chemicals--are classified in U.S. Industry 325992, Photographic Film, Paper, Plate, and Chemical Manufacturing; and
  • Manufacturing dessert gelatin--are classified in U.S. Industry 311999, All Other Miscellaneous Food Manufacturing.

What Are The Related SIC Code(s) for NAICS Code 325998?

The related SIC Code(s) for NAICS Code 325998 - All Other Miscellaneous Chemical Product and Preparation Manufacturing is:

Description for 7389 Business Services, Not Elsewhere Classified

Establishments primarily engaged in furnishing business services, not elsewhere classified, such as bondspersons, drafting services, lecture bureaus, notaries public, sign painting, speakers' bureaus, water softening services, and auctioneering services, on a commission or fee basis. Auctions of used cars and agricultural commodities, such as livestock and produce, are classified in Wholesale Trade.

  • Agents and brokers for authors and nonperforming artist
  • Apparel pressing service for the trade
  • Appraisers, except real estate appraisers
  • Arbitration and conciliation services
  • Artists' agents and brokers, except performing artists
  • Auctioneering service on a commission or fee basis
  • Authors' agents and brokers
  • Automobile recovery service
  • Automobile repossession service
  • Automobile shows, flower shows, and home shows: promoters of
  • Bartering services for businesses
  • Batik work (handprinting on textiles)
  • Bondspersons
  • Bottle exchanges
  • Bronzing baby shoes
  • Business brokers (buying and selling business enterprises)
  • Charge account service (shopping plates) collection by individual
  • Check validation service
  • Cloth: cutting to length, bolting, or winding for textile distributors
  • Contractors' disbursement control
  • Convention bureaus
  • Convention decorators
  • Copyright protection service
  • Correct time service
  • Cosmetic kits, assembling and packaging
  • Cotton inspection service, not connected with transportation
  • Cotton sampler service
  • Coupon redemption service, except trading stamps
  • Credit card service (collection by individual firms)
  • Decoration service for special events
  • Demonstration service, separate from sale
  • Directories, telephone: distribution on a contract or fee basis
  • Divers, commercial
  • Drafting service, except temporary help
  • Drawback service, customs
  • Drive-a-way automobile service
  • Embroidering of advertising on shirts, etc.
  • Engrossing, e.g., diplomas and resolutions
  • Exhibits, building of: by industrial contractors
  • Field warehousing, not public warehousing
  • Filling pressure containers (aerosol) with hair spray, insecticides, etc.
  • Fire extinguishers, service of
  • Firefighting service, other than forestry or public
  • Flagging service (traffic control)
  • Floats, decoration of
  • Florists' telegraph service
  • Folding and refolding service: textile and apparel
  • Fundraising on a contract or fee basis
  • Gas systems, contract conversion from manufactured to natural gas
  • Handtool designers
  • Handwriting analysis
  • Hosiery pairing on a contract or fee basis
  • Hotel reservation service
  • Identification engraving service
  • Inspection of commodities, not connected with transportation
  • Interior decorating consulting service, except painters and paper
  • Interior designing service, except painters and paper hangers
  • Inventory computing service
  • Labeling bottles, cans, cartons, etc. for the trade: not printing
  • Laminating of photographs (coating photographs with plastics)
  • Lecture bureaus
  • Lettering service
  • Liquidators of merchandise on a contract or fee basis
  • Mannequin decorating service
  • Map drafting service
  • Mapmaking, including aerial
  • Message service, telephone answering except beeper service
  • Metal slitting and shearing on a contract or fee basis
  • Meter readers, remote
  • Microfilm recording and developing service
  • Mounting merchandise on cards on a contract or fee basis
  • Music distribution systems, except coin-operated
  • Notaries public
  • Packaging and labeling service (not packing and crating)
  • Paralegal service
  • Parcel packing service (packaging)
  • Patent brokers
  • Patrol of electric transmission or gas lines
  • Photogrammetric mapping service (not professional engineers)
  • Photographic library service, still
  • Photography brokers
  • Pipeline and power line inspection services
  • Playwrights' brokers
  • Post office contract stations
  • Presorting mail service
  • Press clipping service
  • Printed circuitry graphic layout
  • Process serving service
  • Produce weighing service, not connected with transportation
  • Product sterilization service
  • Promoters of home shows and flower shows
  • Racetrack cleaning, except buildings
  • Radio broadcasting music checkers
  • Radio transcription service
  • Recording studios on a contract or fee basis
  • Redemption of trading stamps
  • Repossession service
  • Restaurant reservation service
  • Rug binding for the trade
  • Safety inspection service, except automotive
  • Salvaging of damaged merchandise, not engaged in sales
  • Sampling of commodities, not connected with transportation
  • Scrap steel cutting on a contract or fee basis
  • Shoe designers
  • Showcard painting
  • Shrinking textiles for tailors and dressmakers
  • Sign painting and lettering shops
  • Solvents recovery service on a contract or fee basis
  • Speakers' bureaus
  • Sponging textiles for tailors and dressmakers
  • Styling of fashions, apparel, furniture, and textiles
  • Styling wigs for the trade
  • Swimming pool cleaning and maintenance
  • Switchboard operation of private branch exchanges
  • Tape slitting for the trade (cutting plastics, leather, etc. into widths)
  • Tax collection agencies: collecting for a city, county, or State
  • Tax title dealers: agencies for city, county, or State
  • Telemarketing (telephone marketing) service on a contract or fee basis
  • Telephone answering, except beeper service
  • Telephone solicitation service on a contract or fee basis
  • Textile designers
  • Textile folding and packing services
  • Time-share condominium exchanges
  • Tobacco sheeting service on a contract or fee basis
  • Tourist information bureaus
  • Trade show arrangement
  • Trading stamp promotion and sale to stores
  • Trading stamp redemption
  • Translation service
  • Water softener service
  • Weighing foods and other commodities not connected with
  • Welcoming service
  • Window trimming service
  • Yacht brokers
Description for 2819 Industrial Inorganic Chemicals, Not Elsewhere Classified

Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing industrial inorganic chemicals, not elsewhere classified. Establishments primarily engaged in mining, milling, or otherwise preparing natural potassium, sodium, or boron compounds (other than common salt) are classified in Industry 1474. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing household bleaches are classified in Industry 2842; those manufacturing phosphoric acid are classified in Industry 2874; and those manufacturing nitric acid, anhydrous ammonia, and other nitrogenous fertilizer materials are classified in Industry 2873.

  • Activated carbon and charcoal
  • Alkali metals
  • Alumina
  • Aluminum chloride
  • Aluminum compounds
  • Aluminum hydroxide (alumina trihydrate)
  • Aluminum oxide
  • Aluminum sulfate
  • Alums
  • Ammonia alum
  • Ammonium chloride, hydroxide, and molybdate
  • Ammonium compounds, except for fertilizer
  • Ammonium perchlorate
  • Ammonium thiosulfate
  • Barium compounds
  • Bauxite, refined
  • Beryllium oxide
  • Bleach (calcium hypochlorite), industrial
  • Bleach (sodium hypochlorite), industrial
  • Bleaches, industrial
  • Bleaching powder, industrial
  • Borax (sodium tetraborate)
  • Boric acid
  • Boron compounds, not produced at mines
  • Borosilicate
  • Brine
  • Bromine, elemental
  • Calcium carbide, chloride, and hypochlorite
  • Calcium compounds, inorganic
  • Calcium metal
  • Carbide
  • Catalysts, chemical
  • Cerium salts
  • Cesium metal
  • Charcoal, activated
  • Chlorosulfonic acid
  • Chromates and bichromates
  • Chromic acid
  • Chromium compounds, inorganic
  • Chromium salts
  • Cobalt 60 (radioactive)
  • Cobalt chloride
  • Cobalt sulfate
  • Copper chloride
  • Copper iodide and oxide
  • Copper sulfate
  • Cyanides
  • Desiccants, activated: silica gel
  • Dichromates
  • Ferric chloride
  • Ferric oxides, except pigments
  • Ferrocyanides
  • Fissionable material production
  • Fluorine, elemental
  • Fuel propellants, solid: inorganic
  • Fuels, high energy: inorganic
  • Glauber' s salt
  • Heavy water
  • High purity grade chemicals, inorganic: refined from technical grades
  • Hydrated alumina silicate powder
  • Hydrazine
  • Hydrochloric acid
  • Hydrocyanic acid
  • Hydrofluoric acid
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Hydrogen sulfide
  • Hydrosulfites
  • Hypophosphites
  • Indium chloride
  • Inorganic acids, except nitric or phosphoric
  • Iodides
  • Iodine elemental
  • Iodine, resublimed
  • Iron sulphate
  • Isotopes, radioactive
  • Laboratory chemicals, inorganic
  • Lead oxides, other than pigments
  • Lead silicate
  • Lime bleaching compounds
  • Lithium compounds
  • Lithium metal
  • Luminous compounds, radium
  • Magnesium carbonate
  • Magnesium chloride
  • Magnesium compounds, inorganic
  • Manganese dioxide powder, synthetic
  • Mercury chlorides (calomel, corrosive sublimate), except U.S.P.
  • Mercury compounds, inorganic
  • Mercury oxides
  • Mercury, redistilled
  • Metals, liquid
  • Mixed acid
  • Muriate of potash, not produced at mines
  • Nickel ammonium sulfate
  • Nickel carbonate
  • Nickel compounds, inorganic
  • Nickel sulfate
  • Nuclear cores, inorganic
  • Nuclear fuel reactor cores, inorganic
  • Nuclear fuel scrap reprocessing
  • Oleum (fuming sulfuric acid)
  • Oxidation catalyst made from porcelain
  • Perchloric acid
  • Peroxides, inorganic
  • Phosphates, except defluorinated and ammoniated
  • Phosphorus and phosphorus oxychloride
  • Potash alum
  • Potassium aluminum sulfate
  • Potassium bichromate and chromate
  • Potassium bromide
  • Potassium chlorate
  • Potassium chloride
  • Potassium compounds, inorganic: except potassium hydroxide and
  • Potassium cyanide
  • Potassium hypochlorate
  • Potassium iodide
  • Potassium metal
  • Potassium nitrate and sulfate
  • Potassium permanganate
  • Propellants for missiles, solid: inorganic
  • Radium chloride
  • Radium luminous compounds
  • Rare earth metal salts
  • Reagent grade chemicals, inorganic: refined from technical grades
  • Rubidium metal
  • Salt cake (sodium sulfate)
  • Salts of rare earth metals
  • Scandium
  • Silica gel
  • Silica, amorphous
  • Silico-fluorides
  • Silver bromide, chloride, and nitrate
  • Silver compounds, inorganic
  • Soda alum
  • Sodium aluminate
  • Sodium aluminum sulfate
  • Sodium antimoniate
  • Sodium arsenite, technical
  • Sodium bichromate and chromate
  • Sodium borates
  • Sodium borohydride
  • Sodium bromide, not produced at mines
  • Sodium chlorate
  • Sodium compounds, inorganic
  • Sodium cyanide
  • Sodium hydrosulfite
  • Sodium molybdate
  • Sodium perborate
  • Sodium peroxide
  • Sodium phosphate
  • Sodium polyphosphate
  • Sodium silicate
  • Sodium silicofluoride
  • Sodium stannate
  • Sodium sulfate-bulk or tablets
  • Sodium tetraborate not produced at mines
  • Sodium thiosulfate
  • Sodium tungstate
  • Sodium uranate
  • Sodium, metallic
  • Stannic and stannous chloride
  • Strontium carbonate precipitated and oxide
  • Strontium nitrate
  • Sublimate corrosive
  • Sulfate of potash and potash magnesia, not produced at mines
  • Sulfides and sulfites
  • Sulfocyanides
  • Sulfur chloride
  • Sulfur dioxide
  • Sulfur hexafluoride gas
  • Sulfur recovered or refined including from sour natural gas
  • Sulfuric acid
  • Tanning agents synthetic inorganic
  • Thiocyanates, inorganic
  • Tin chloride
  • Tin compounds, inorganic
  • Tin oxide
  • Tin salts
  • Tungsten carbide powder except abrasives or by metallurgical process
  • Uranium slug, radioactive
  • Water glass
  • Zinc chloride

Description for 2899 Chemicals and Chemical Preparations, Not Elsewhere Classified

Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing miscellaneous chemical preparations, not elsewhere classified, such as fatty acids, essential oils, gelatin (except vegetable), sizes, bluing, laundry sours, writing and stamp pad ink, industrial compounds, such as boiler and heat insulating compounds, metal, oil, and water-treating compounds, waterproofing compounds, and chemical supplies for foundries. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing vegetable gelatin (agar-agar) are classified in Industry 2833; those manufacturing dessert preparations based on gelatin are classified in Industry 2099; those manufacturing printing ink are classified in Industry 2893; and those manufacturing drawing ink are classified in Industry 3952.

  • Acid resist for etching
  • Acid, battery
  • Anise oil
  • Antifreeze compounds, except industrial alcohol
  • Bay oil
  • Binders (chemical foundry supplies)
  • Bluing
  • Boiler compounds, antiscaling
  • Bombs, flashlight
  • Caps, for toy pistols
  • Carbon removing solvents
  • Chemical cotton (processed cotton linters)
  • Chemical supplies for foundries
  • Citronella oil
  • Concrete curing compounds (blends of pigments, waxes, and resins)
  • Concrete hardening compounds
  • Core oil and binders
  • Core wash
  • Core was
  • Correction fluid
  • Corrosion preventive lubricant, synthetic base: for jet engines
  • Deicing fluid
  • Desalter kits, sea water
  • Dextrine sizes
  • Drilling mud
  • Dyes, household
  • Essential oils
  • Ethylene glycol antifreeze preparations
  • Eucalyptus oil
  • Esothermics for metal industries
  • Facings (chemical foundry supplies)
  • Fatty acids: margaric, oleic, and stearic
  • Fire extinguisher charges
  • Fire retardant chemical preparations
  • Fireworks
  • Flares
  • Fluidifier (retarder) for concrete
  • Fluorescent inspection oil
  • Fluxes: brazing, soldering, galvanizing, and welding
  • Foam charge mixtures
  • Food contamination testing and screening kits
  • Foundry supplies, chemical preparations
  • Frit
  • Fuel tank and engine cleaning chemicals, automotive and aircraft
  • Fusees: highway, marine, and railroad
  • Gelatin capsules, empty
  • Gelatin: edible, technical, photographic, and pharmaceutical
  • Glue size
  • Grapefruit oil
  • Grouting material (concrete mending compound)
  • Gum sizes
  • Gun slushing compounds
  • Heat insulating compounds
  • Heat treating salts
  • Hydrofluoric acid compound, for etching and polishing glass
  • Igniter grains, boron potassium nitrate
  • Incense
  • Industrial sizes
  • Insulating compounds
  • Jet fuel igniters
  • Laundry sours
  • Lemon oil
  • Lighter fluid
  • Magnetic inspection oil and powder
  • Margaric acid
  • Metal drawing compound lubricants
  • Metal treating compounds
  • Military pyrotechnics
  • Napalm
  • Oil treating compounds
  • Oleic acid (red oil)
  • Orange oil
  • Orris oil
  • Ossein
  • Oxidizers, inorganic
  • Packers' salt
  • Parting compounds (chemical foundry supplies)
  • Patching plaster, household
  • Penetrants, inspection
  • Peppermint oil
  • Plating compounds
  • Pyrotechnic ammunition: flares, signals, flashlight bombs, and rockets
  • Railroad torpedoes
  • Red oil (oleic acid)
  • Rifle bore cleaning compounds
  • Rosin sizes
  • Rubber processing preparations
  • Rust resisting compounds
  • Salt
  • Signal flares, marine
  • Sizes: animal, vegetable, and synthetic plastics materials
  • Sodium chloride, refined
  • Soil testing kits
  • Spearmint oil
  • Spirit duplicating fluid
  • Stearic acid
  • Stencil correction compounds
  • Tints and dyes, household
  • Torches (fireworks)
  • Vegetable oils, vulcanized or sulfurized
  • Water treating compounds
  • Water, distilled
  • Waterproofing compounds
  • Wintergreen oil
  • Wood, plastic
  • Writing ink and fluids

Description for 3999 Manufacturing Industries, Not Elsewhere Classified

Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing miscellaneous fabricated products, including beauty shop and barber shop equipment; hair work; tobacco pipes and cigarette holders; coin-operated amusement machines; matches; candles; lamp shades; feathers; artificial trees and flowers made from all materials, except glass; dressed and dyed furs; umbrellas, parasols, and canes; and other articles, not elsewhere classified.

  • Advertising curtains
  • Amusement machines. coin-operated: except coin-operated
  • Artificial and preserved flowers, foliage, fruits, and vines: except
  • Artificial flower arrangements
  • Atomizers, other than medical
  • Badges for policemen and firemen-metal
  • Barber shop equipment
  • Barbers' clippers, hand and electric
  • Beach umbrellas
  • Beaded novelties
  • Beads, unassembled
  • Beauty shop equipment
  • Beekeeping supplies, except wood
  • Bone novelties
  • Book matches
  • Boutiquing: for the trade (decorating gift items)
  • Bric-a-brac
  • Bristles, dressing of
  • Burnt wood articles
  • Buttons: Red Cross, union, and identification
  • Calendars, framed
  • Candles
  • Canes and cane trimmings, except precious metal
  • Chairs, hydraulic: barber and beauty shop
  • Christmas tree ornaments, except electrical and glass
  • Christmas trees, artificial
  • Cigar and cigarette holders
  • Cigarette filters, not made in chemical plants
  • Cigarette lighter flints
  • Cleaners, pipe and cigarette holder
  • Combs, except hard rubber
  • Curlers, hair: designed for beauty parlors
  • Curls, artificial (hair)
  • Decalcomania work, except on china or glass: for the trade
  • Desk pads, except paper
  • Doll wigs
  • Down (feathers)
  • Dressing of furs: bleaching, blending, currying, scraping, and tanning
  • Driers, hair: designed for beauty parlors
  • Dusters, feather
  • Embroidery kits
  • Feathers: curling, dyeing, and renovating for the trade
  • Figures, wax: mannikins
  • Fingerprint equipment, except cameras and optical equipment
  • Fire extinguishers, portable
  • Flocking metal products for the trade
  • Fly swatters
  • Forms: display, dress, and show except shoe display forms
  • Frames and handles, handbag and luggage: except precious metal
  • Fruits, artificial, except glass
  • Fur stripping
  • Furniture, beauty shop and barber shop
  • Furs, dressed: bleached, curried, scraped, tanned, and dyed
  • Games, coin-operated: pinball and other
  • Globes, geographical
  • Gold stamping for the trade, except books
  • Glass
  • Grenades, hand (fire extinguishers)
  • Grinding purchased nut shells
  • Hair clippers for human use, hand and electric
  • Hair goods: braids, nets, switches, toupees, and wigs
  • Hair, dressing of, for the trade
  • Hairpin mountings
  • Hat blocks and display forms
  • Honeycomb foundations (beekeepers' supplies)
  • Hosiery kits, sewing and mending
  • Identification plates
  • Identification tags, except paper
  • Lamp shade frames
  • Lamp shades: except metal and glass
  • Lighters, cigar and cigarette: except precious metal and electric
  • Mannikins and display forms
  • Marionettes (puppets)
  • Massage machines, electric: designed for beauty and barber shops
  • Matches and match books
  • Military insignia, except textile
  • Models, except toy and hobby
  • Mosaics: ivory, shell, horn, and bone
  • Mountings, comb and hairpin: except precious metal
  • Music boxes
  • Musical chests
  • Novelties: bone, beaded, and shell
  • Pads, permanent waving
  • Painting instrument dials, for the trade
  • Parasols and frames: handles, parts, and trimmings-except precious
  • Pelts: scraping, currying, tanning, bleaching, and dyeing
  • Permanent wave equipment and machines
  • Picture plaques, laminated
  • Pipes, pipe stems, and bib: tobacco-except hard rubber
  • Plaques, picture: laminated
  • Plumes, feather
  • Preparation of slides and exhibits, for classroom use
  • Printing eyeglass frames for the trade
  • Puppets
  • Scenery for theaters, opera houses halls, and schools
  • Sewing kits, novelty: other than sewing cases and cabinets
  • Shades, lamp and candle: except glass and metal
  • Shell novelties
  • Shoe patterns
  • Slot machines
  • Smokers, bee (beekeepers' supplies)
  • Soap dispensers
  • Sponges, bleaching and dyeing of
  • Stage hardware and equipment, except lighting equipment
  • Stereographs, photographic
  • Sterilizers, beauty and barber shop
  • Straw goods
  • Stringing beads for the trade
  • Tape measures
  • Tear gas devices and equipment
  • Tinsel
  • Transformations, hair
  • Treating clock and watch dials with luminous material
  • Trees, Christmas, artificial
  • Trimmings, feather
  • Umbrellas and parts, except precious metal
  • Umbrellas: beach, garden, and wagon
  • Veils made of hair
  • Vibrators, electric: designed for beauty and barber shops
  • Walnut shell flour
  • Wigs, including doll wigs, toupees, or wiglets, except custom made
  • Wind chimes
  • Wool pulling
  • Wreaths, artificial

What Are The Related California Workers Compensation Code(s) for NAICS Code 325998?

The related CA Workers Comp Class Code(s) for NAICS Code 325998 is:

2111 - Fruit or Vegetable Preserving
1463 - Asphalt Works
1438 - Smelting, Sintering, Refining, or Alloying
4279 - Paper Goods Manufacturing

What Are The Related Michigan Workers Compensation Code(s) for NAICS Code 325998?

The related MI Workers Comp Class Code(s) for NAICS Code 325998 is:

2111 - Cannery - NOC
1463 - Asphalt Works - Coal Billet or Briquet Manufacturing
1438 - Abbrasive Metal Grit Manufacture
4279 - Abbrasive Disc Manufacture

What Are The Related New Jersey Workers Compensation Code(s) for NAICS Code 325998?

The related NJ Workers Comp Class Code(s) for NAICS Code 325998 is:

2111 - Cannery NOC
1463 - Asphalt Works & Drivers
1438 - Smelting, Sintering or Refining - Metals - Not Iron or Lead - NOC & Drivers
4279 - Paper Goods Manufacturing NOC

What Are The Related New York Workers Compensation Code(s) for NAICS Code 325998?

The related NY Workers Comp Class Code(s) for NAICS Code 325998 is:

2111 - Cannery NOC
1470 - Alcohol Manufacturing. - Wood & Drivers
1463 - Asphalt Works & Drivers
1438 - Smelting, Sintering or Refining - Metals - Not Iron or Lead - NOC & Drivers
4279 - Paper Goods Manufacturing. NOC

What Are The Related Pennsylvania Workers Compensation Code(s) for NAICS Code 325998?

The related PA Workers Comp Class Code(s) for NAICS Code 325998 is:

0923 - Packaging, Contract, Non - Crating
0551 - Chemical Manufacturing., NOC
0501 - Cement Manufacturing
0257 - Box Manufacturing. - Paper

What Are The Related Texas Workers Compensation Code(s) for NAICS Code 325998?

The related TX Workers Comp Class Code(s) for NAICS Code 325998 is:

2111 - Fruit Evaporating or Preserving
1472 - Distillation - Wood & Drivers
1463 - Coal Billet or Briquet Manufacturing. & Drivers
1438 - Precious Metal Refining & Drivers
4558 - Paint Manufacturing

NAICS Code 325998 - The Bottom Line

The North American Industry Classification System NAICS Code for All Other Miscellaneous Chemical Product and Preparation Manufacturing is 325998 in the Manufacturing sector.

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