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Foresight Insurance Reviews

Foresight Insurance Reviews 2023 (Ratings, Complaints & Coverage). Foresight was newly established in 2020 as an insurance company that strongly focuses on offering Workers' Compensation Insurance.

Like many other newcomers to the insurance industry, Foresight places a heavy emphasis on technological innovation.

In working with industries that have traditionally been difficult to insure, Foresight promises lower premiums as the result of their advanced risk management technology.

If you are a small business owner looking to buy Foresight business insurance, read Foresight insurance reviews to learn about their products.

Check out Foresight Insurance reviews, ratings, complaints & coverage for workers compensation and other addon-on commercial insurance policies.

Following are some of the answers to commonly asked Foresight insurance questions:

Does Foresight Offer Business Insurance?

Yes, Foresight offers business insurance. The company's primary focus lies in Workers' Compensation Insurance within the fields of construction, manufacturing, agriculture, and light industry.

What Types Of Commercial Insurance Does Foresight Offer?

Foresight is an insurance company that specializes in Workers' Compensation Insurance. Companies can additionally obtain Inland Marine, Builders Risk, Motor Truck Cargo, and Contractors Equipment coverage through Foresight - but only if they also purchase Workers' Comp.

Foresight is quickly becoming a go-to insurer for businesses looking for discounted Workers' Compensation policies. While Foresight is not designed to cater to truly small businesses, which have 10 or fewer employees, it offers excellent coverage for middle-sized companies in fields such as construction.

In addition to Workers' Compensation Insurance, Foresight has the following types of insurance coverage on offer:

  • Builders Risk Insurance
  • Contractors Equipment coverage
  • Crime Insurance
  • Inland Marine Insurance
  • Motor Truck Cargo Insurance

Employing the same risk management tools, Foresight is able to offer lower premiums in these domains as well. There aren't many Foresight Insurance reviews available online.

How Much Does Foresight's Small Business Insurance Cost?

It is Foresight's mission to offer businesses lower premiums, but the company focuses on fields that have historically been challenging to insurance.

The cost of Workers' Compensation Insurance may range from $78 to more than $297 per month. This is mainly based on your business' Industry, Location, Gross Sales, Employees and/or Payroll, Policy Limits, Endorsements, Deductibles, Experience & Claims History. Foresight offers "pay as you go" payment options.

About Foresight Commercial Insurance

Foresight was established in 2020 with the goal of offering lower premiums to companies in high-risk sectors who have proven to have excellent health and safety track records.

Despite the fact that Foresight is a new insurance company, its team consists of highly-experienced as well as innovative professionals.

Foresight focuses on offering Workers' Compensation coverage - as well as select other insurance options, in the form of add-ons - to middle sized companies with annual revenues of between $150,000 and $1 million.

According to Foresight Insurance's website, "We've designed an innovative solution that provides our customers with state-of-the-art risk management and rewards companies for their successful safety initiatives with better rates. We apply technology to streamline every process, creating a cutting-edge solution for brokers and improving the businesses we underwrite."

As of this writing, Foresight is currently licensed to provide insurance within Texas, California, New Mexico, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Nevada, Arizona, and Arkansas. The company is planning on expanding its services eastward in the very near future.

There aren't many Foresight Insurance reviews as the company is so new.

Foresight Insurance Quoting Process

Foresight encourages companies looking for Workers' Compensation Insurance to fill out an online form. They will then be connected to a broker. We could not find Foresight Insurance reviews for quoting.

Foresight Insurance Claims Process

Claims can be filed by calling Foresight's toll-free number, 1-855-837-6618. The company's claims process relies on cutting-edge technology and is both quick and simple. We couldn't find any Foresight Insurance reviews for claims.

Foresight Insurance Pros And Cons


  • Foresight is uniquely able to offer Workers' Compensation Insurance at a lower cost, to those companies who are committed to safe labor practices.
  • Foresight has extremely flexible payment options that allow insured businesses to benefit from discounts immediately.


  • Foresight is exclusively focused on Workers' Compensation Insurance. Those businesses who were hoping to obtain comprehensive insurance through a single company will not be able to do so with Foresight.
  • As Foresight is a new company, few reviews are available at present - however, Foresight has garnered favorable ratings from those who have reviewed them.
  • Foresight is geographically limited at present, with plans to expand soon.

Are Foresight's Commercial Insurance Reviews & Ratings Good?

As a new company, Foresight Insurance reviews are hard to find - we were unable to find any.

Foresight's Contact Information

Address: 8785 Market Street, Suite 600, San Francisco, California 94103


Foresight Insurance Reviews - The Bottom Line

Foresight specializes in Workers' Compensation Insurance, offering additional forms of coverage solely as add-ons. Its target market consists of middle-sized companies in high-risk industries, although smaller companies, with between 50 and 100 employees, may also benefit from Foresight's Workers' Comp plans.

Foresight Insurance reviews are hard to find online.

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