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Foremost Small Business Insurance Ratings

Foremost Commercial Reviews

Foremost Small Business Insurance Reviews 2023 (Ratings, Complaints & Coverage). Compared to other insurers, Foremost Insurance doesn't elicit that much name-recall amongst the general public. But its low popularity doesn't mean that it provides bad service. The company boasts high ratings (A+ and A) from Standard and Poor's and A.M. Best respectively, which makes it rank equal to - or even higher than many other insurers. These ratings also suggest an excellent long-term financial outlook for the company.

Foremost Insurance has been a member of the Farmers Insurance group of companies since it was acquired by latter in 2000. Before that, Foremost has been in the insurance business for at least 50 years.

If you are a small business owner looking to buy liability insurance, read Foremost small business insurance reviews to learn about Foremost's products.

Check out Foremost reviews, ratings, complaints & coverage for general liability, workers compensation and other small business insurance commercial policies.

Following are some of the answers to commonly asked Foremost small business insurance questions:

Does Foremost Offer Business Insurance?

Yes, Foremost offers business insurance with a focus on small business commercial policies.

What Types Of Commercial Insurance Does Foremost Offer?

Foremost offers small business insurance policies including: General Liability, Commercial Property, Workers Compensation, Commercial Auto and others.

How Much Does Foremost's Small Business Insurance Cost?

The average cost of Foremost's commercial insurance policies ranges from $39 to over $98 per month, and is mainly based on your business's: Industry, Location, Gross Sales, Employees and/or Payroll, Policy Limits, Endorsements, Deductibles, Experience & Claims History.

About Foremost Small Business Insurance

Foremost provides coverage to a whole variety of business types. They offer insurance packages for retail, service, office, wholesale, institution (schools) and other similar establishments. The Foremost small business insurance reviews on the Internet are fair.

Their policies offer comprehensive protection from all of the risks and dangers that are common to a particular nature of business. Aside from the standard business owner's policy that comes with all of the business insurance packages, there are special targeted coverages for things like sewers and drains, valuable papers, electronic data processing equipment, employee dishonesty, glass breakage, extra expenses and others that are dependent on the type of business and the policy that is being applied for. Foremost small business ratings are decent for the BOP.

The Institution policy, for example, provides liability protection for employees like nurses and teachers, as well as counseling professional liability coverage for damages that may be incurred through therapy and/or counseling incidents.

The Retail policy, on the other hand, provides coverage for seasonal increases (policy holder's property limit can increase to 50% during peak season) and business income loss (the company will shoulder the full cost of extra expenses that is needed to keep you in business) for one year.

The policy for Wholesale Distributorship also provides coverage for inventory, personal property in transit, and accounts receivables.

Where To Buy Foremost Commercial Policies

Despite being not as well-known as its competitors, Foremost business policies can be bought locally. The company has over 38,000 independent agents selling its policies in fifty states. These brokers can help potential policy owners in choosing the right packages for their needs and the coverages that best fit their business types. The Foremost commercial insurance ratin is good for agent availability.

Foremost Commercial Insurance Disadvantage

For those who are used to managing their policies online, the fact that Foremost doesn't have an online portal access or dashboard might come as a huge disappointment. You won't be able to initiate a policy claim online (Foremost Insurance is one of the few companies in the country who doesn't have this kind of service). The only transaction you can do online is payment submission. Foremost small business insurance reviews are below average here.

Should you want to get a claims process started, you would need to personally call the company's 24-hour contact center and process the whole thing yourself.

Are Foremost's Commercial Insurance Reviews & Ratings Good?

Following are some Foremost business insurance ratings found online which appear mixed:

  • - The Better Business Bureau has no rating.
  • - WalletHub rates them 4.5 out of 5 stars.
  • - Free Advice rates them 1.5 out of 5 stars.

Foremost's Contact Information

Address: P.O. Box 2450, Grand Rapids, MI 49501


The Bottom Line On Foremost Small Business Insurance

If you can get past the fact that Foremost is pretty limited when it comes to online access, then it might just be the right insurer for you. The company is pretty solid when it comes to the business policies it offers.

A variety of business types can be accommodated, and some of the packages have coverages for things that policies from other companies don't have. There's also the fact that the company is willing to give huge discounts to those who avail of multiple policies makes Foremost commercial a good choice for business owners.

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