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Safeco vs Other Insurance Companies

Safeco vs Other Insurance Companies 2024. Choosing the right insurance company isn't easy. One of the best ways to get the right policy is to shop around. Yet rates aren't the only thing you have to worry about. The strength of the policy and the service you'll receive matters too.

If you're considering Safeco, we've made it easy by compiling comparisons with all the major companies right here in one place. Check out Safeco vs Other Insurance Companies to see how Safeco matches up against the major competition.

Find out how Safeco compares to other insurance companies. Safeco vs Allstate, Geico, Liberty Mutual, Nationwide, Progressive, State Farm, Travelers and USAA.

Following you can read about Safeco vs Allstate, Geico, Liberty Mutual, Nationwide, Progressive, State Farm, Travelers and USAA:

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Safeco vs Allstate - Which Is Better?

Safeco vs Allstate

Allstate is a large and well-established insurance company, so how does Safeco stack up?

For one thing, Safeco has much better customer service ratings, with a higher star rating on Consumer Affairs, and more reviews. While it's hard for any insurance company to really get good reviews... it's an industry that customers just don't tend to love in general.

Safeco nevertheless pulls ahead of this competitor by a significant margin.

Safeco policies tend to be much cheaper, with a nearly $400 to $700 difference between annual premium rates. There are exceptions. Allstate is cheaper if you have speeding tickets, as they tend to be more forgiving than Safeco. Allstate is also cheaper for individuals who have very poor credit scores, as the policy rates jump by a considerable margin if your score is lower than 670.

They have the same number of optional coverages, but there are a lot of coverages that each offer that the other doesn't. For example, Allstate offers antique or collector car insurance, but Safeco doesn't. Safeco offers Pet Coverage, while Allstate doesn't.

Safeco vs Allstate: It you're trying to choose between the two it may take some careful shopping to discover which one will ultimately have the right mix for you.

Safeco vs Geico - Which Is Better?

If you're choosing between these two companies the right policy for you might come down to your credit score. If you have a good credit score then Safeco will often be cheaper. If you have a subprime credit score of 580 or less then Geico is almost always going to be the cheaper option.

Weirdly, Geico offers better discounts than Safeco for people with stellar credit too... if your credit score is over 800 then you'll save more with Geico.

Geico may also be a better choice for federal employees, as they offer a lot of special discounts to that particular demographic. Like State Farm, Geico offers mechanical breakdown coverage, so they might also be a better option than Safeco for people with older cars.

Coverage-for-coverage they're about equal, though again, the way Safeco allows for coverage customization can make a difference here. Geico doesn't offer a diminishing deductible plan, so keep that in mind if keeping your deductible low is important to you.

Safeco vs Geico: Ultimately, this one may come down to rates. These two companies are neck-in-neck, so get a quote with an apples-to-apples policy comparison to see which one will ultimately be right for you.

Safeco vs Liberty Mutual - Which Is Better?

Safeco Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual owns Safeco, but they're not the same. In fact, one of the major advantages of going with Safeco over Liberty Mutual is that you get small company service backed by a larger company's financial stability.

Safeco has more discounts on both their home and auto policies. It also allows you to choose from a wider array of coverage options so you can customize the policy that works best for you, a feature which Liberty Mutual doesn't offer.

Safeco also offers a wider array of safety award programs. For example, they have the diminishing deductible reward, which lets your deductible decrease each renewal period you go without claims. They have accident forgiveness after a certain number of years, and low mileage discounts. Liberty has similar programs with their "Deductible Fund" program, but it's a program you have to pay into.

Both companies offer ways to track your driving habits for additional discounts, and both offer solid roadside assistance plans.

As for service, Liberty is a little bit more technologically advanced, but Safeco offers the personal touch.

Safeco vs Liberty Mutual: In the end, since these two companies are so intertwined, this decision might come down to preference, and the advice of your local agent.

Safeco vs Nationwide - Which Is Better?

Safeco vs Nationwide

Nationwide definitely has the catchier jingle! All joking aside, it's worth saying that Nationwide has lower premiums than Safeco on average. This is especially true if you have a bad credit score. Safeco's premium jump for scores lower than 580 is downright jaw dropping by comparison. Nationwide is also a little more forgiving to drivers who have points on their license.

If neither credit nor driving record is a problem for you, Safeco will have better rates.

They're about equal in customer service rankings, and Safeco's lists of optional coverages may mean that they work better for your unique situation. Both Safeco and Nationwide have a program that helps you get rid of your deductible if you go long enough without claims.

Nationwide also has a mobile app and strong online services. If that's important to you, then Safeco might not be the best choice.

Safeco vs Nationwide: If you prefer person-to-person service instead, then it may come down to making an apples-to-apples comparison of rates vs. service.

Safeco vs Progressive - Which Is Better?

Safeco vs Progressive

Progressive has very competitive discounts and rates, and on this count they're neck-and-neck with Safeco. For some consumers, Safeco will be easier on the pocketbook, but not for all. You'll have to get quotes from both companies to be sure of which is true in your specific case.

Progressive is fairly aggressive about pushing products or policy upgrades on existing customers, so it's not the best policy for people who want to set it, forget it, and be left alone. The upsells can swiftly undermine the policy's affordability, so be aware.

On the other hand, Progressive may do this to keep their rates low - their "name your price" policies let them stay very competitive indeed.

The one thing most people miss is that naming your price could mean going without some coverages, or being under covered in some cases. It may be better to get a more comprehensive policy with Safeco, customize your coverage options, and then take advantage of discounts. Safeco has many.

In addition, Safeco's Diminishing Deductible will help you save a lot of money when you actually do have an accident.

Safeco vs Progressive: Both policies allow you to install a tracking device that will get you discounts for safe driving.

Safeco vs State Farm - Which Is Better?

Safeco vs State Farm

State Farm is the largest personal auto insurer in the country, and it has a long track record for customer satisfaction that has dipped a little bit in recent years. It also has some of the highest rates. Safeco insurance will usually be cheaper for most car insurance customers.

How do they stack up on coverage? It depends on the options you take. Safeco's ability to customize coverage options allows a broad range of flexibility.

State Farm does offer one coverage option Safeco doesn't: mechanical breakdown coverage. This may be especially important for anyone who has an older car.

State Farm does have an excellent rental car and travel expenses coverage policy, paying for meals, lodging, and transportation if you're stranded more than 50 miles from home. This makes it an outstanding policy for traveling business people or others who do a lot of driving away from home for work.

If you like using the latest technology to manage your insurance policy State Farm still pulls ahead here. Safeco prefers person-to-person service, which means you'll need to engage with them over the phone instead of via an app.

Safeco vs State Farm: Most Safeco users do well to work closely with a local insurance agent who will help them purchase their policy and process their claims.

Safeco vs Travelers - Which Is Better?

Safeco vs Travelerss

These two companies are quite comparable in many respects, so it may come down to rates and the coverage options you prefer. Safeco has more extended coverage programs and a stronger safe driving program. It also has the Diminishing Deductible option.

Travelers tends to get stronger marks on the way they handle claims. It also has a mobile app, and Safeco does not. They have a slightly stronger customer service rating according to the Better Business Bureau, but both are strong in this regard. They also have the exact same customer service rating from JD Power and Associates.

Every insurance company underwrites their policies differently, so get a quote from both of them. Make sure it's an apples-to-apples comparison, then think about adding some of those optional coverages to get a fair assessments of the rates you'll receive.

Two different people might get totally different rates depending on the discounts qualified for vs. the discounts offered by each company.

Safeco vs Travelers: Speak with your insurance agent if you aren't sure. Agents can often help you spot the benefits of choosing one policy or another when you might otherwise miss them.

Safeco vs USAA - Which Is Better?

Safeco vs USAA

For many who have USAA insurance, sticking with them is often the best plan. They offer incredible support for the service members and family members of service members who they work with. USAA's customer satisfaction is second-to-none, they just aren't available to all customers.

If you wish you had something like USAA but can't get access to it, Safeco is a great alternative. It offers plenty of discounts, as well as traditional person-to-person customer service.

Safeco's discounts can help drive down the costs in comparison to USAA, and their Diminishing Deductible can help you drive down costs in the event of an accident. Safeco also has accident forgiveness discounts and low mileage discounts.

Both companies have similar features and services. Yet in terms of optional coverages, Safeco has USAA beat hands down. USAA offers just four optional coverage types. Safeco offers 14.

This "customizable coverage" remains one of Safeco's strongest features, and can give you the tools you need to personalize your insurance coverage to your unique situation.

Safeco vs USAA: For those who want Emergency Assistance Coverage, Pet Coverage, Item Coverage, and Gap Insurance, for example, Safeco emerges as a clear choice.

Safeco vs Other Insurance Companies - The Bottom Line

For many, Safeco will be a solid insurance choice. Yet much will depend on your specific needs.

Don't want to do the deep dive research Safeco vs other insurance companies yourself? Reach out to an insurance broker who can help you compare all these policies at once. It's the surest way to get the best policy at the best price.

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