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Safeco Home Insurance Ratings

Safeco Homeowners Insurance Reviews

Safeco Homeowners Insurance Reviews 2023 (Ratings, Cost & Coverage). Is Safeco the right insurer for your home? They offer a lot of coverages that other insurance providers don't, but it's important to evaluate their online reputation, as well.

Reviews and reputation are some of the best indicators of the kinds of experiences you can expect to have when working with this company.

Fortunately, many Safeco insurance customers are extremely happy with their homeowner's coverage.

Safeco homeowners insurance reviews are also very good from consumer financial publications who specialize in rating and reviewing products like insurance.

Check out Safeco homeowners insurance reviews, ratings, cost & coverage for Safeco home insurance policies.

Following are some of the answers to commonly asked Safeco homeowners insurance questions:

How Do I Get A Safeco Homeowners Insurance Quote?

Call the Safeco insurance phone number at (877) 857-9519 to start your homeowners quote.

Licensed Safeco insurance agents are available 7 days a week during these hours (Eastern time):

Times Available Days
7 a.m. to 10 p.m.Monday through Friday
7 a.m. to 8 p.m.Saturday
11 a.m. to 8 p.m.Sunday

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What Types Of Homeowners Insurance Does Safeco Offer?

Safeco Homeowners Insurance

Safeco offers the following property and homeowners insurance policy types:

  • Homeowners - Safeco's homeowners insurance options include coverage for your home and other building on your property, liability protection, additional living expenses, identity recovery valuable articles, equipment breakdown, and personal property replacement.
  • Renters - Safeco's renters insurance coverage is available for personal belongings as well as liability coverage, living expenses, identity recover, valuable articles, and personal property replacement cost.
  • Condo - Safeco's condo insurance covers repairs to the inside of your condo unit, personal property, liability, additional living expenses, identity recovery, valuable article, and personal property replacement cost.
  • Landlord - Safeco's landlord insurance coverage includes premises liability, protection against libel and slander, wrongful eviction, and wrongful claims. Extended dwelling coverage is available to help pay for unexpected repairs and rebuilding costs that exceed the amount covered by your base policy.
  • Valuable Articles - By adding Valuable Articles Coverage to your current homeowners policy, you'll get the special protection you need for your most valuable things. From cherished jewelry to vital medical devices, this coverage protects your most important possessions in the event of damage, loss, or theft.

How Much Does Safeco Home Insurance Cost?

The average cost of Safeco's homeowners insurance policies ranges from $49 to over $89 per month, and is mainly based on your zip code, value of home and its contents and claims history.

What Type Of Homeowners Insurance Discounts Does Safeco Offer?

Safeco offers many ways to save your homeowners insurance:

Safeco Home Insurance Discount Discount Description
Get the Package DealSave up to 15 percent when you combine your home and auto insurance policies with the Safeco Package.
Multiple Policy DiscountSave even more with a multiple policy discount when you also add coverage for your motorcycle, boat, or RV.
Less Than 10 Years OldQualify for a newer home discount when your house is less than 10 years old.
Choose a Higher DeductibleA higher deductible will lower how much you pay for your home insurance premium by shifting part of the loss payment to you. For example, if you have a $500 deductible, you'll need to pay the first $500 of a loss out of your own pocket. A higher deductible will lower your home insurance bill, but will also increase how much you'll end up paying yourself if you file a claim.
Pay Your Bill In FullIf you pay your bill in full when you start or renew a policy, instead of paying in monthly installments, you'll end up paying less in the long run.

What Does Safeco Home Insurance Cover?

Safeco offers homeowner insurance policies that will cover your mortgage company requirements, your home, liability and your belongings inside:

Safeco Home Insurance Coverages Coverage Description
Home CoverageHelps repair or rebuild your home and other buildings on your property.
Personal Property CoverageProtects your furniture, electronics, clothing, and more - at home or on the road.
Personal Liability CoverageCovers costs if someone is injured on your property or you damage their property.
Additional Living ExpensesHelps pay for housing and other expenses while your home is being repaired or rebuilt.

Safeco's home insurance policies also offer helpful optional coverages:

Safeco Homeowners Optional Coverages Optional Coverage Description
Identity RecoveryProtects you and your family from identity theft, lost wages, and other expenses.
Valuable ArticlesCovers valuable items, like jewelry, art, and antiques, if they're damaged or stolen.
Equipment BreakdownReplaces covered appliances, computers, water heaters, and more if they stop working.
Personal Property Replacement CostPays the actual cost to replace your covered personal belongings.

What Types Of Houses Does Safeco Insure?

In general, Safeco insures 1-4 unit family residential dwellings that are well maintained and show pride of ownership.

So Safeco seeks to insure responsible property owners who practice prudent upkeep and maintenance of their property.

What Types Of Houses Are Ineligible For Safeco Homeowners?

Fixer Upper Home

Safeco requires occupancy of the home being insured. This means a home insured under a Safeco Homeowners Insurance Policy needs to be currently occupied by the named insured.

Safeco is not a market for:

  • fixer uppers
  • flips
  • homes listed for sale
  • homes on an historic registry
  • homes under construction
  • homes undergoing extensive renovations
  • spec homes
  • vacant homes

Does Safeco Inspect Homes For A Homeowners Policy?

Safeco does not inspect all homes that are insured with them. Safeco's expectation is that the writing agent is familiar with the home and has verified that it is free of any maintenance or liability concerns.

High value home inspections (interior & exterior) are ordered for dwellings with higher replacement costs.

What Is The Safeco Package Deal Discount?

The Safeco Package deal discount offers the best combination of savings, convenience and coverage available when you combine your home and auto coverages. According to Safeco's website there are three main reasons to choose the Package:

Big Savings
  • Save up to 15 percent. Combine your home and auto policies as a Safeco Package.
  • Single loss deductible. If your car, motorcycle, boat or RV insured with Safeco is damaged in the same event as your home, you may only have to pay one deductible. For example, if a tree falls and damages both your garage and your car, we'll waive your auto deductible after your home deductible is paid.
  • Choose between a six month and an annual auto policy. With annual auto, you can align the renewal period and effective dates of your homeowners and auto policies. Plus, your auto premium is set for 12 months, so you know exactly how much your payments will be.
  • Combined billing statements give you a single bill for all your policies, providing more efficiency and convenience.
  • By aligning renewal dates, customers receive their policies in the same envelope, providing more simplicity and less paperwork.
Comprehensive Protection, Flexible Options
  • Coverage options. Choose from multiple coverage options for both your home and auto policies.
  • Coverage enhancements. Strengthen your coverage with optional enhancements like equipment breakdown coverage for your home and Roadside Assistance for your car.
  • 24/7 claims. Get fast, fair and hassle-free claims service at any time on any day of the year.

Is Safeco A Good Home Insurance Company?

Safeco Homeowners Insurance Office

Here are some Safeco Homeowners Insurance reviews from actual Safeco homeowners insurance customers:

"We came back from 4 days vacation and found a water leak in our master bathroom, bedroom, and walk-in closet. My insurance company for years is Safeco, for our cars, home, and my rental property. When I placed the call I found the person being so helpful and compassionate.

A company came in and did all the restoration, paid in full by my insurance, they sent an adjuster to get us a quote about replacement and we are making a list of all materials that have been damaged and need to be replaced. Tyler returned our calls each time in less than an hour, emails even faster than that. I am so happy we did not change our insurance company."

"I recently had a loss on a rental property, a huge fire loss of about 130K. I cannot say enough about the adjuster Pam Z. Even though she is carrying a large number of claims to deal with she was very responsive throughout the whole process. She made sure the contractor did what he said he would do and the home came out very nice."

"I've had Safeco Insurance for about 30 years. I absolutely love my agent. He is always extremely helpful and professional. I accidentally left my water running on hot in my utility room on the main floor with a daylight basement below. Needless to say half the house needed repair.

They were amazing to work with. Even though the repairs were over $100,000, they fixed everything and put me up in an apartment for six months while repairs were being made and paid to move me there. I would highly recommend them to anyone."

In short, consumers have had positive experiences with Safeco home insurance. There are of course others who feel differently, but that is one caveat worth keeping in mind when evaluating an insurance company's reputation.

Most people interact with insurance when something bad is happening in their lives, and it's not always possible to resolve things as they might wish. When that's the case, the insurance company tends to bear the brunt of their displeasure.

Is Safeco A Reliable Homeowners Insurance Company?

Safeco Liberty Mutual

Yes. Safeco has the money and reserves to pay it's homeowners claims. Safeco Insurance is owned by the Liberty Mutual Group, which is very financial stable.

Liberty Mutual Insurance has financial strength ratings of "A" or "Strong" from Standard & Poor's, an "A2" or "Good" from Moody's, and an "A" or "Excellent" rating with A.M. Best. Liberty Mutual is ranked in the top 100 largest U.S. Corporations according to Fortune.

Are Safeco's Insurance Reviews & Ratings Good?

Following are some Safeco homeowners insurance reviews online:

Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau says Safeco offers: Car Insurance, Motorcycle Insurance, Personal Liability Protection, Homeowners Insurance, Renters Insurance, Condominium Insurance, Flood Insurance, Identity Fraud Expense Coverage & Life Insurance.

Overall the BBB rates Safeco A+. It does reference that Liberty Mutual is the parent company.


Safeco is a nationally renowned company backed by insurance titan Liberty Mutual and is widely available, with an extensive network of agents in most states.

Safeco offers excellent personal property coverage and additional coverage options, like equipment breakdown coverage for larger appliances that wouldn't be covered under a standard policy. If you're looking for robust personal property protection, Safeco has you covered.

Overall PolicyGenius has nice things to say about Safeco.

Consumers' Checkbook

The site Consumers' Checkbook had nice things to say about Safeco's homeowner policy rates in the company's home state of Washington, specifically calling them out as a less expensive alternative than Country, Mutual of Enumclaw, State Farm, or USAA.

Safeco's Contact Information

Address: 175 Berkeley Street, Boston, Massachusetts 02116


Sales Phone #: (877) 857-9519

Safeco Homeowners Insurance Reviews - The Bottom Line

Safeco homeowners insurance reviews are overall very good. When deciding if Safeco's home insurance policy is for you:

  1. First, you should consider the premiums. In general, Safeco's rates tend to be some of the most competitive, especially when compared with larger providers. You get these lower small company rates with the strong financial backing of Liberty Mutual, their much larger parent company, which is a nice "best of both worlds" perk.
  2. Second, you should consider the coverage you'll receive. Safeco's homeowner's coverage is some of the strongest on the market today. Few homeowners policies cover personal property: Safeco does. Few cover temporary housing: Safeco does. They even have an equipment breakdown policy, which means if your stove, dishwasher, fridge, washer, or dryer break down for some reason other than normal wear and tear, you can get it replaced.

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