General Liability Class Code 43518

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GL Class Code 43518 - Fairs - Outside (operator's Risk Only)

GL Class Code 43518 - Fairs - Outside (operator's Risk Only)

Are you searching for the General Liability Class Code 43518 - Fairs - Outside (operator's Risk Only)?

Get information about this GL class code and its related North American Industry Classification System (NAICS), National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) and Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes.

The General Liability Class Code 43518 - Fairs - Outside (operator's Risk Only). Learn more about GL Code 43518 and it's related NAICS, NCCI and SIC codes.

What Is The Description Of The General Liability Class Code 43518?

The description for GL Class Code 43518 is: Fairs - Outside (operator's Risk Only).

What Are The Related SIC Code(s) for GL Code 43518?

The related SIC Code(s) for General Liability Class Code 43518 - Fairs - Outside (operator's Risk Only) is:

Description for 7999 Amusement and Recreation Services, Not Elsewhere Classified

Establishments primarily engaged in the operation of sports, amusement, and recreation services, not elsewhere classified, such as bathing beaches, swimming pools, riding academies and schools, carnival operation, exposition operation, horse shows, picnic grounds operation, rental of rowboats and canoes, and shooting galleries. Establishments primarily engaged in showing or handling animals at shows or exhibitions are classified in Agricultural Services, Industry Group 075.

  • Aerial tramways, amusement or scenic
  • Amusement concessions
  • Amusement rides
  • Animal shows in circuses, fairs, and carnivals
  • Archery ranges, operation of
  • Astrologers
  • Baseball instruction schools
  • Basketball instruction schools
  • Bath houses, independently operated
  • Bathing beaches, public
  • Betting information services
  • Billiard parlors
  • Bingo parlors
  • Boat rental, pleasure
  • Boats, party fishing: operation of
  • Bookies
  • Bookmakers, race
  • Bowling instruction
  • Bridge club, nonmembership
  • Bridge instruction
  • Cable lifts, amusement or scenic: operated separately from lodges
  • Canoe rental
  • Card rooms
  • Carnival operation
  • Cave operation
  • Circus companies
  • Concession operators, amusement devices and rides
  • Day camps
  • Exhibition operation
  • Exposition operation
  • Fairs, agricultural: operation of
  • Fireworks display service
  • Fishing piers ant lakes, operation of
  • Fortune tellers
  • Gambling establishments not primarily operating coin-operated
  • Gambling machines, except coin-operated operation of
  • Game parlors, except coin-operated
  • Games, teaching of
  • Gocart raceway operation
  • Gocart rentals
  • Golf courses, miniature operation of
  • Golf driving ranges
  • Golf professionals not operating retail stores
  • Golf, pitch-n-putt
  • Gymnastics instruction
  • Handball courts, except membership club
  • Horse shows
  • Houseboat rentals
  • Hunting guides
  • Ice skating rink operation
  • Judo instruction
  • Karate instruction
  • Lifeguard service
  • Lotteries, operation of
  • Lottery club and ticket sales to individuals
  • Moped rental
  • Motorcycle rental
  • Natural wonders, tourist attraction: commercial
  • Observation tower operation
  • Off-track betting
  • Pack trains for amusement
  • Parachute training for pleasure
  • Phrenologists
  • Picnic grounds operation
  • Ping pong parlors
  • Pool parlors
  • Racquetball courts, except membership clubs
  • Rental of beach chairs and accessories
  • Rental of bicycles
  • Rental of golf carts
  • Rental of rowboats and canoes
  • Rental of saddle horses
  • Riding academies and schools
  • Riding stables
  • River rafting, operation of
  • Rodeo animal rental
  • Rodeos, operation of
  • Roller skating rink operation
  • Scenic railroads for amusement
  • Schools and camps, sports instructional
  • Scuba and skin diving instruction
  • Shooting galleries
  • Shooting ranges, operation of
  • Skating instruction, ice or roller
  • Skeet shooting facilities, except membership clubs
  • Ski instruction
  • Ski lifts, cable lifts, and ski tows operated separately from lodges
  • Ski rental concessions
  • Slot-car racetracks
  • Sporting goods rental
  • Sports instructors, professional: golf, skiing, swimming, etc.
  • Sports professionals
  • Swimming instruction
  • Swimming pools, except membership
  • Tennis clubs, nonmembership
  • Tennis courts, outdoor and indoor operation of, nonmembership
  • Tennis professionals
  • Ticket sales offices for sporting events, contract
  • Tourist attractions, natural wonder commercial
  • Tourist guides
  • Trampoline operation
  • Trapshooting facilities, except membership club
  • Waterslides, operation of
  • Wave pools, operation of
  • Wax figure exhibitions
  • Yoga instruction
Description for 0761 Farm Labor Contractors and Crew Leaders

Establishments primarily engaged in supplying labor for agricultural production or harvesting. Establishments primarily engaged in machine harvesting are classified in Industry 0722.

  • Crew leaders, farm labor: contract
  • Farm labor contractors

What Are The Related NAICS Code(s) for GL Code 43518?

The related NAICS Code(s) for General Liability Class Code 43518 - Fairs - Outside (operator's Risk Only) is:

711310 - Promoters of Performing Arts, Sports, and Similar Events with Facilities

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in (1) organizing, promoting, and/or managing live performing arts productions, sports events, and similar events, such as state fairs, county fairs, agricultural fairs, concerts, and festivals, held in facilities that they manage and operate and/or (2) managing and providing the staff to operate arenas, stadiums, theaters, or other related facilities for rent to other promoters.

  • Air show managers with facilities
  • Air show organizers with facilities
  • Air show promoters with facilities
  • Arena operators
  • Arts event managers with facilities
  • Arts event organizers with facilities
  • Arts event promoters with facilities
  • Arts festival managers with facilities
  • Arts festival organizers with facilities
  • Arts festival promoters with facilities
  • Beauty pageant managers with facilities
  • Beauty pageant organizers with facilities
  • Beauty pageant promoters with facilities
  • Boxing event managers with facilities
  • Boxing event organizers with facilities
  • Boxing event promoters with facilities
  • Concert hall operators
  • Concert managers with facilities
  • Concert organizers with facilities
  • Concert promoters with facilities
  • Dance festival managers with facilities
  • Dance festival organizers with facilities
  • Dance festival promoters with facilities
  • Ethnic festival promoters with facilities
  • Fair managers with facilities, agricultural
  • Fair organizers with facilities, agricultural
  • Fair promoters with facilities
  • Fair promoters with facilities, agricultural
  • Festival managers with facilities
  • Festival of arts managers with facilities
  • Festival of arts organizers with facilities
  • Festival of arts promoters with facilities
  • Festival organizers with facilities
  • Festival promoters with facilities
  • Heritage festival managers with facilities
  • Heritage festival organizers with facilities
  • Heritage festival promoters with facilities
  • Horse show managers with facilities
  • Horse show organizers with facilities
  • Horse show promoters with facilities
  • Live arts center operators
  • Live theater operators
  • Managers of agricultural fairs with facilities
  • Managers of arts events with facilities
  • Managers of festivals with facilities
  • Managers of live performing arts productions (e.g., concerts) with facilities
  • Managers of sports events with facilities
  • Music festival managers with facilities
  • Music festival organizers with facilities
  • Music festival promoters with facilities
  • Organizers of agricultural fairs with facilities
  • Organizers of arts events with facilities
  • Organizers of festivals with facilities
  • Organizers of live performing arts productions (e.g., concerts) with facilities
  • Organizers of sports events with facilities
  • Performing arts center operators
  • Professional sports promoters with facilities
  • Promoters of agricultural fairs with facilities
  • Promoters of arts events with facilities
  • Promoters of festivals with facilities
  • Promoters of live performing arts productions (e.g., concerts) with facilities
  • Promoters of sports events with facilities
  • Rodeo managers with facilities
  • Rodeo organizers with facilities
  • Rodeo promoters with facilities
  • Sports arena operators
  • Sports event managers with facilities
  • Sports event organizers with facilities
  • Sports event promoters with facilities
  • Sports stadium operators
  • Stadium operators
  • Theater festival managers with facilities
  • Theater festival organizers with facilities
  • Theater festival promoters with facilities
  • Theater operators
  • Theatrical production managers with facilities
  • Theatrical production organizers with facilities
  • Theatrical production promoters with facilities
  • Wrestling event managers with facilities
  • Wrestling event organizers with facilities
  • Wrestling event promoters with facilities

115115 - Farm Labor Contractors and Crew Leaders

This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in supplying labor for agricultural production or harvesting.

  • Agriculture production or harvesting crews
  • Crew leaders, farm labor
  • Farm labor contractors
  • Labor contractors, farm

GL Class Code 43518 - The Bottom Line

The General Liability Class Code for Fairs - Outside (operator's Risk Only) is 43518.

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