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Comprehensive General Liability Insurance Policy Information

Comprehensive General Liability Insurance

Comprehensive General Liability Insurance. CGL is a type of insurance that every business needs to have if it wants to be able to protect itself from the many types of costly claims that it faces. For a business owner the possibility of being found liable for an accident, or a mistake - should be a priority.

The scary reality is that all it takes is being found liable for one major issue and suddenly the years of hard work you have put into building your business can be ruined in the blink of an eye. A comprehensive general liability insurance can help protect your business.

Comprehensive general liability insurance protects your business from lawsuits with rates as low as $27/mo. Get a fast quote and your certificate of insurance now.

Below are some answers to commonly asked comprehensive general liability insurance questions:

What Is Comprehensive General Liability Insurance?

Comprehensive general liability insurance is a type of insurance that protects a business or organization from financial losses due to third-party claims of bodily injury, property damage, or personal injury. This insurance covers a wide range of risks and can provide protection against claims related to slips and falls, product liability, advertising injury, and more.

This insurance is usually required by law for most businesses, and it is designed to protect the business owner against legal costs and settlement amounts in the event of a lawsuit.

How Much Does Comprehensive General Liability Insurance Cost?

The average price of a standard $1,000,000/$2,000,000 Comprehensive General Liability Insurance policy for small businesses ranges from $27 to $59 per month based on location, industry payroll, sales and experience.

When you run a business there are a wide range of risks that you need to be aware of that could potentially turn into a problematic legal situation. By being proactive and finding a solid comprehensive general liability insurance policy from a reputable company, you can help to protect your business from future lawsuits.

What Does Comprehensive General Liability Insurance Cover?

Comprehensive General Liability

No matter what type of business you own and operate you are going to have a product of some kind that you provide to customers. When your customers purchase that product from you there are expectations on their part of how that product will perform.

For example if you run a construction business and you build homes, anyone buying a home from your company would expect that it would be well built and that it would be safe to occupy.

If there was a mistake made during the construction of that home that caused it to structurally fail, then the owners of that home would be well within their rights to file a lawsuit against you.

At that point your company would likely be held liable for the damages, for any damage to the home owner's property, for the cost of providing temporary lodging to the home owners while they await repairs, and also additional punitive damages for inconvenience.

If the structural failure of the home causes an injury, or even worse someone to lose their life, then the penalties would be much more severe.

This is where a comprehensive general liability insurance policy would come into play, and it could potentially save your business from financial ruin. This type of insurance policy would cover you in the event of a lawsuit of this nature, and it would help you to avoid paying out so much money that it would cripple your business.

In addition to the example given above this type of insurance policy will also protect your business from any bodily injury or property that happen on the work site and any most other work related functions that your business performs.

Comprehensive general liability insurance will not cover any company vehicles that your business uses, so you will need a separate policy for this.

How To Choose The Right Insurance Company

For any business finding ways to save money and cut costs is important, since it will help to increase profit margins. With that being said there are certain things that are so essential to the future of your business that you simply cannot afford to cut corners. comprehensive general liability insurance is one of those areas.

You may be tempted to choose a discount plan with lower payments, but what happens when you actually need to file a claim? Will the company you have insurance through help you with the claims process or will they try to delay having to pay out?

What about your deductible amount, is it so high that your business will have a huge out of pocket expense that could cause you issues moving forward? What if the coverage limits are too low?

Going back to the example above if you have coverage for $1,000,000 in damages, and a home your company built has a defect that ends up costing someone their life, that $1,000,000 won't come close to covering what a wrongful death lawsuit would award the homeowner in this case.

That means that you will be paying out of pocket for the rest of the damages, which could end up causing you to lose your business. The bottom line here is that you need to do your homework before making any final decisions about which insurance company to use to protect your business.

What Does Comprehensive General Liability Insurance Cover & Pay For?

Comprehensive General Liability Insurance Claim Form

Following are some examples of comprehensive general liability insurance claims and coverage:

1. Slip and Fall: Let's say you own a grocery store, and a customer slips on a puddle of water in one of the aisles and breaks their leg. The customer decides to sue for medical costs and lost wages. A comprehensive general liability (CGL) policy could help cover the legal fees, settlement costs, and any medical payments related to the injury.

2. Product Liability: Imagine you run a small electronics company, and one of your products causes a fire in a customer's home due to a manufacturing defect. The homeowner sues for damages. A CGL policy would kick in to help cover the cost of repairing the damage, as well as any legal fees involved in the lawsuit.

3. Advertising Injury: Suppose your company runs an advertising campaign that unintentionally infringes on another company's copyright. They file a lawsuit against your company for copyright infringement. Your CGL policy could help cover the costs of the lawsuit and any potential settlements or judgments.

4. Property Damage: Let's say you own a landscaping business, and while your employee is mowing a client's lawn, they accidentally hit a rock that shatters a window. The client sues for the cost of replacing the window and any related damages. The property damage coverage in your CGL policy would help cover these costs.

5. Personal Injury: Imagine you're a fitness trainer, and a client suffers a severe injury while following your advice. They decide to sue you for negligence. The personal injury coverage in your CGL policy could assist in covering legal fees, medical payments, and any potential settlements or judgments.

6. Completed Operations: Suppose you're a contractor who recently finished a home renovation. After the project is complete, the homeowner discovers a serious defect that causes significant damage to the house. They sue you for the cost of repairs. The completed operations coverage in your CGL policy would step in to cover these costs.

Remember, the specifics of what is covered can depend on the details of the policy. It's always a good idea to thoroughly understand your policy or to consult with an insurance expert or attorney.

Comprehensive General Liability Insurance - The Bottom Line

For you to protect your business you need the right comprehensive general liability insurance policy. For you to get the right coverage, you must figure out for what risks you want to protect your business against. Talking to an experienced insurance advisor can help. Taking this simple step can protect your business from being destroyed if you are ever sued.

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Businesses need commercial insurance to protect their assets, employees, and customers. It helps to cover the costs of potential accidents, lawsuits, and other unforeseen events that can result in financial loss.

For example, if a customer slips and falls on a wet floor in a store, the business could be held liable for their injuries. Commercial insurance can help cover the costs of medical bills and legal fees associated with the incident.

Additionally, businesses often have valuable equipment and inventory that need to be protected from theft or damage. Commercial insurance can provide coverage for these items in the event of a disaster, such as a fire or natural disaster.

Furthermore, businesses often have employees that can be injured on the job. Workers compensation insurance can provide coverage for medical bills and lost wages for injured employees.

Overall, commercial insurance is a necessary tool for businesses to protect their assets, employees, and customers. Without it, businesses could face significant financial loss in the event of an unexpected occurrence.

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