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The Specialty Computer Insurance Guide

Computer Insurance

Computer Insurance. This guide provides information on excess, surplus and specialty lines small business insurance policies and risks.

Here you can find basic descriptions of the specific industry risks or specialty coverage types available for Computer Insurance.

For certain types of small businesses, particularly new ones - it is often very hard to know what types of commercial insurance is needed, what the risks are that should be covered - and where to find coverage.

We wanted to provide reference for specialty commercial insurance to help our readers get a better understanding of Computer Insurance policies they might need to do business.

Learn about Specialty Computer Insurance to better understand common risks, exposures and the types of commercial insurance coverage available to protect your small business and it's operations.

Computer Insurance Types

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What Is Specialty Computer Insurance?
What Is Specialty Computer Insurance?

Specialty computer insurance is a type of insurance that is specifically designed to protect businesses and individuals from the financial losses that can occur due to damage or loss of computer equipment. This type of insurance can provide coverage for a wide range of computer-related losses, including damage to hardware, software, and data.

One of the key features of specialty computer insurance is that it can be tailored to meet the specific needs of an individual or business. For example, a small business may only need coverage for a few computers, while a large corporation may require coverage for hundreds of computers and servers. Additionally, the type of computer-related risks that a business faces will vary depending on the industry. A business that deals with sensitive customer data will require different coverage than a business that primarily uses computers for graphic design.

Specialty computer insurance can provide coverage for a wide range of losses, including damage caused by natural disasters, power surges, theft, and vandalism. It can also provide coverage for losses due to cyber attacks, such as data breaches or malware infections. In addition, many specialty computer insurance policies also include coverage for business interruption, which can help to mitigate the financial losses that can occur if a business is unable to operate due to a computer-related incident.

One of the main benefits of specialty computer insurance is that it can help businesses and individuals to protect their investment in computer equipment. Many businesses rely heavily on computer technology, and a single incident can cause significant financial losses. By having specialty computer insurance in place, businesses and individuals can have peace of mind knowing that they will be protected in the event of a loss.

Another benefit of specialty computer insurance is that it can help businesses to comply with legal and regulatory requirements. Many industries are subject to strict regulations regarding the protection of sensitive data, and specialty computer insurance can help businesses to meet these requirements by providing coverage for data breaches and other cyber-related losses.

In conclusion, specialty computer insurance is a type of insurance that is specifically designed to protect businesses and individuals from the financial losses that can occur due to damage or loss of computer equipment. It can provide coverage for a wide range of losses, including damage caused by natural disasters, power surges, theft, and vandalism. Additionally, it can help businesses to comply with legal and regulatory requirements, and protect their investment in computer equipment. So, it is an important coverage for those who rely heavily on computer technology.

What Is Computer Software Designers Errors And Omissions Insurance?

This insurance covers errors in programs or in systems designed by computer software designers and consultants. In many cases, computer consultants' errors and omissions coverage is written as part of a package arranged for computer firms.

What Is Cyber Liability Insurance?

Commercial and personal lines carriers restrict coverage related to online activities. As a result, separate cyber liability coverage forms and endorsements are necessary to cover exposures such as libel, slander, infringement of copyright, and invasion of privacy. Coverage is also needed when hackers infiltrate a company's computer system and steal valuable third-party information, such as social security numbers, credit card numbers, and health information. Many companies offer cyber liability coverage but forms are not standardized. Some companies include first party coverage for damage to computer systems because of hacking and other types of viruses.

What Is Document Destruction Professional Liability Insurance?

Businesses are (or should be) concerned with privacy and confidentiality issues that relate to their customers' information. Document destruction businesses can be hired to destroy such confidential customer information. Document destruction professionals are responsible for maintaining and protecting the information's confidentiality and ensuring that the destruction is complete. Professional liability insurance is available that responds to claims that allege improper handling and destruction of the material. Claims may be for alleged unauthorized access to or theft of sensitive documents; intentional acts by an employee; negotiable instruments falling into the wrong hands; identity theft stemming from information on sensitive documents; violation of privacy; negative publicity from the release of sensitive documents; and improper handling of documents required in a court hearing. This coverage is underwritten on a case-by-case basis by:

What Is Electronic Data Processors Errors And Omissions Insurance?

This coverage protects the insured that performs data processing service for others against claims that arise out of a negligent act, error, or omission in its handling and processing of electronic data. The market for this coverage consists of:

What Is Web Designers Errors And Omissions Insurance?

Many businesses have established themselves as specialists in computer website design and consulting. These companies serve small businesses and help them market their products on the Internet. Other services provided include process reengineering, networking, and technical writing. Insurance package policies have been developed that cover personal injury liability, including libel, slander, copyright, and trade slogan infringement stemming from electronic communication of information or unauthorized access to a website. They may also cover loss or damage to computer equipment or media and data from vandalism or computer virus, and protection of customers' funds fraudulently withdrawn electronically.

What Is Internet Liability Insurance?

Internet liability is the most rapidly changing area of liability exposure today. The growth in the number of persons who use the Internet regularly has caused most businesses to promote and market their products and services online. These companies have home pages and many communicate with others via email, chat lines, blogs, social media, and more. Liability coverages and exclusions that apply to advertising injury, libel, slander, infringement of copyright, and trademark are being revised to reflect the changing conditions of online communication. A few insurers offer a package of coverages designed to protect businesses that provide online services to their customers and subscribers. These markets write Internet liability:

What Is Unauthorized Computer Access Insurance?

When unauthorized parties gain access to a computer system, its owner must be able to respond to any number of scenarios. Hackers may cause the computer to malfunction or shut down, illegally transfer funds or inventory, destroy records of accounts receivable, or release confidential data. These and other scenarios can result in losses to the computer system operator, to third parties, or both. Unauthorized computer access coverage (or an endorsement to a broader Internet or computer program) is designed to cover expenses of responding to the access, providing liability, and physical damage coverage for injuries or damage and pay the financial damages that may occur after such unauthorized access. Deductibles are often substantial. It is not required to prove intent to achieve financial gain in order for coverage to apply.

What Does Specialty Computer Insurance Cover & Pay For?

Specialty Computer Insurance Claim Form

Following are some examples of Specialty Computer Insurance claims and the corresponding insurance coverages that can help pay for them:

1. Malware Attack: A healthcare organization's computer system is infected by a malicious software, leading to unauthorized access to confidential patient data. The lawsuit from the affected individuals and regulatory penalties could be substantial. Specialty Computer Insurance could cover the costs related to the lawsuit, such as legal defense fees, settlements, and any required regulatory fines or penalties.

2. Hardware Failure: A software company experiences a major hardware failure resulting in the loss of critical client data. The clients sue the company for negligence and data loss. The insurance policy would cover the legal expenses and any compensation awarded to the clients, up to the limits of the policy.

3. Software Error: A financial institution uses a bespoke software to handle transactions. A coding error causes significant financial loss for the institution's clients, leading to a class-action lawsuit. Specialty Computer Insurance would cover the cost of the lawsuit, including the legal defense costs and any potential settlements or judgments.

4. Network Downtime: An online retailer's network goes down during a peak shopping period, causing substantial loss in revenue. If customers or business partners sue for breach of contract due to the downtime, Specialty Computer Insurance could cover the associated costs of litigation, including legal defense and any damages awarded.

5. Intellectual Property Infringement: A tech startup is sued by a competitor claiming that the startup's new software infringes on their patent. Specialty Computer Insurance can provide coverage for the legal defense costs and any court-ordered damages if the startup is found to be at fault.

6. Data Breach: A university's computer system is hacked, leading to a massive breach of students' personal data. Students file a lawsuit for the invasion of privacy and the associated distress. Specialty Computer Insurance would cover the costs associated with the legal defense, public relations efforts, potential regulatory fines, and any settlements or judgments.

7. Physical Damage: A fire in a data center causes extensive damage to servers and other hardware. While traditional property insurance may cover the physical hardware, Specialty Computer Insurance could provide coverage for the expensive data recovery efforts, and any potential lawsuits from customers who may sue for data loss.

Note: All these scenarios assume that the insured party has a Specialty Computer Insurance policy that covers these specific risks. The exact coverage will depend on the terms and conditions of the insurance policy.

Computer Insurance - The Bottom Line

We hope that the Computer Insurance helps you to better understand the some of the specialty small business commercial insurance policies available for your business. To find out what types of coverage your unique business needs, speak to a professional commercial broker with experience in insuring businesses like yours.

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