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Commercial Insurance Information In DC

District of Columbia Commercial Insurance Information

Are you looking for commercial insurance information in District of Columbia?

Business insurance requirements vary both by state, and cities and that state. For example - workers compensation is virtually required in every state, but there are different rules on what constitutes and employee, and how many employees are needed to mandate coverage.

Also District of Columbia cities and municipalities might require specific coverages to do business in their jurisdiction. Below you will find every city in DC that you can use to start researching the business insurance policies, endorsements and limits that may be required.

Looking for District of Columbia commercial insurance information? Find small business insurance info - including costs, coverages and requirements - from every city in DC.

Where Can I Find Commercial Insurance Information For Cities In District of Columbia?

Finding DC business insurance information by city is simple - just by searching our District of Columbia Directory of Cities - you can find the commercial insurance policy information you are looking for - including costs, coverages, minimum requirements and more.

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District of Columbia - Small Business Insurance Information By City

How Is The Washington DC Government Organized?


The District of Columbia is the permanent seat of the government of the United States. For the purposes of U.S. Census Bureau statistics on governments, there is no state government and no county governments in the District of Columbia. (However, for population statistics, the Census Bureau classifies the District of Columbia as both a separate county area and a separate state area.)

Municipal Governments

The District of Columbia is counted as a municipal government in Census Bureau statistics on governments. The city of Washington exists within the District of Columbia but has no separate government. The city is often referred to as Washington, DC; however, the legal name is "District of Columbia."

The District of Columbia performs municipal and also county- and state-type functions. The District Home Rule Act of 1973 permits the residents to vote for a local government. An elected mayor and an elected council, composed of 13 members, govern the District. A chief financial officer is appointed by the mayor with the consent of the council and the consent of the federal house and Senate. An attorney general is popularly elected.

The District of Columbia is subject to control by the U.S. Congress. The budget for the District of Columbia is locally prepared, but subject to final determination by the U.S. Congress and approval by the President of the United States.

Congress has reserved the right to enact legislation for the District. The National Capital Service Area, which includes federal buildings and monuments, is a designated area within the District.

Township Governments

There are no township governments in the District of Columbia.

Find more information on the Washington DC website.

Note: Some of this info was provided by the U.S. Department of Commerce, Economics and Statistics Administration and the U.S. Census Bureau.

How Do I Contact The District of Columbia Insurance Commissioner?

810 First Street NE, Suite 701
Washington, DC 20002
Phone: (202) 727-8000

Web: https://disb.dc.gov/

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