Brand Construction

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Brand Construction In Ketchikan, AK

Brand Construction

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Brand Construction is primarily engaged in Building & Construction

Brand Construction is located at 8230 South Tongass Highway Ketchikan, AK 99901. If your looking for Building & Construction in Ketchikan, Alaska - check out Brand Construction.

How Do I Contact Brand Construction In Ketchikan, AK?

Brand Construction's Contact Information

Brand Construction
8230 South Tongass Highway
Ketchikan, AK 99901

Phone: (907) 247-3634

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How Many Employees Does Brand Construction's Have?

Brand Construction has: 1 employees at the 8230 South Tongass Highway Ketchikan, AK 99901 location.

What is Brand Construction's Revenue?

Brand Construction's revenue is: $344,000

What is Brand Construction's Industry?

Brand Construction's industry is: Building & Construction.

What is Brand Construction's SIC Code?

Brand Construction's SIC code is: 1629 - Site Preparation Contractors

Description for 1629 Heavy Construction, Not Elsewhere Classified

General and special trade contractors primarily engaged in the construction of heavy projects, not elsewhere classified.

  • Athletic field construction-general contractors
  • Blasting, except building demolition-contractors
  • Breakwater construction-general contractors
  • Bridle path construction-general contractors
  • Brush clearing or cutting-contractors
  • Caisson drilling-contractors
  • Canal construction-general contractors
  • Central station construction-general contractors
  • Channel construction-general contractors
  • Channel cutoff construction-general contractors
  • Chemical complex or facilities construction-general contractors
  • Clearing of land-general contractors
  • Cofferdam construction-general contractors
  • Coke oven construction-general contractors
  • Cutting right-of-way-general contractors
  • Dam construction-general contractors
  • Dike construction-general contractors
  • Discharging station construction, mine-general contractors
  • Dock construction-general contractors
  • Drainage project construction-general contractors
  • Dredging-general contractors
  • Earth moving, not connected with building construction-general
  • Flood control project construction-general contractors
  • Furnace construction for industrial plants-general contractors
  • Golf course construction-general contractors
  • Harbor construction-general contractors
  • Hydroelectric plant construction-general contractors
  • Industrial incinerator construction-general contractors
  • Industrial plant appurtenance construction-general contractors
  • Irrigation projects construction-general contractors
  • Jetty construction-general contractors
  • Kiln construction-general contractors
  • Land clearing-contractors
  • Land drainage-contractors
  • Land leveling (irrigation)-contractors
  • Land reclamation-contractors
  • Levee construction-general contractors
  • Light and power plant construction-general contractors
  • Loading station construction, mine-general contractors
  • Lock and waterway construction-general contractors
  • Marine construction-general contractors
  • Mine loading and discharging station construction-general contractors
  • Mining appurtenance construction-general contractors
  • Missile facilities construction-general contractors
  • Nuclear reactor containment structure construction-general contractors
  • Oil refinery construction-general contractors
  • Oven construction for industrial plants-general contractors
  • Oven construction, bakers' -general contractors
  • Petrochemical plant construction-general contractors
  • Petroleum refinery construction-general contractors
  • Pier construction-general contractors
  • Pile driving-contractors
  • Pond construction-general contractors
  • Power plant construction-general contractors
  • Railroad construction-general contractors
  • Railway roadbed construction-general contractors
  • Reclamation projects construction-general contractors
  • Reservoir construction-general contractors
  • Revetment construction-general contractors
  • Rock removal, underwater-contractors
  • Sewage treatment plant construction-general contractors
  • Ski tow erection-general contractors
  • Soil compacting service-contractors
  • Submarine rock removal-general contractors
  • Subway construction-general contractors
  • Tennis court construction, outdoor-general contractors
  • Timber removal, underwater-contractors
  • Tipple construction-general contractors
  • Trail building-general contractors
  • Trailer camp construction-general contractors
  • Trenching-contractors
  • Washeries construction, mining-general contractors
  • Waste disposal plant construction-general contractors
  • Water power project construction-general contractors
  • Water treatment plant construction-general contractors
  • Waterway construction-general contractors
  • Wharf construction-general contractors

What is Brand Construction's NAICS Code?

Brand Construction's NAICS code is: 236220 - Commercial and Institutional Building Construction

236220 - Commercial and Institutional Building Construction

This industry comprises establishments primarily responsible for the construction (including new work, additions, alterations, maintenance, and repairs) of commercial and institutional buildings and related structures, such as stadiums, grain elevators, and indoor swimming facilities. This industry includes establishments responsible for the on-site assembly of modular or prefabricated commercial and institutional buildings. Included in this industry are commercial and institutional building general contractors, commercial and institutional building for-sale builders, commercial and institutional building design-build firms, and commercial and institutional building project construction management firms.

  • Addition, alteration and renovation for-sale builders, commercial and institutional building
  • Addition, alteration and renovation for-sale builders, commercial warehouse
  • Addition, alteration and renovation for-sale builders, hotel and motel
  • Addition, alteration and renovation for-sale builders, industrial warehouse
  • Addition, alteration and renovation general contractors, commercial and institutional building
  • Addition, alteration and renovation general contractors, commercial warehouse
  • Addition, alteration and renovation general contractors, hotel and motel
  • Addition, alteration and renovation general contractors, industrial warehouse
  • Addition, alteration and renovation, commercial and institutional building
  • Addition, alteration and renovation, commercial warehouse
  • Addition, alteration and renovation, hotel and motel
  • Addition, alteration and renovation, industrial warehouse
  • Administration building construction
  • Airport building construction
  • Airport terminal construction
  • Amusement facility construction
  • Animal shelter and clinic construction
  • Arena construction
  • Armory construction
  • Athletic court, indoor, construction
  • Auditorium construction
  • Bank building construction
  • Barber shop construction
  • Barrack construction
  • Beauty salon construction
  • Broadcasting station construction
  • Bunkhouse construction
  • Bus shelter construction
  • Bus terminal construction
  • Casino construction
  • Cinema construction
  • Civic center construction
  • Clinic construction
  • Cold storage plant construction
  • Commercial building construction
  • Commercial building construction for-sale builders
  • Commercial building construction general contractors
  • Construction management, commercial and institutional building
  • Dormitory construction
  • Drycleaning plant construction
  • Educational building construction
  • Farm building construction
  • Fire and flood restoration of commercial and institutional buildings
  • Fire station construction
  • For-sale builders (i.e., building on own land, for sale), commercial and institutional building
  • Garage and service station, commercial, construction
  • Grain elevator construction
  • Handyman construction service, commercial and institutional building
  • Hangar construction
  • Hatchery construction
  • Health and athletic club construction
  • Hospital construction
  • Hotel construction
  • Ice rink, indoor, construction
  • Indoor swimming pool construction
  • Institutional building construction
  • Institutional building construction for-sale builders
  • Institutional building construction general contractors
  • Jail construction
  • Laboratory construction
  • Library construction
  • Logging camp construction
  • Mausoleum (i.e., building) construction
  • Monument (i.e., building) construction
  • Motel construction
  • Museum construction
  • Office building construction
  • Parking garage construction
  • Penitentiary construction
  • Post office construction
  • Prefabricated commercial building erection
  • Prefabricated institutional building erection
  • Prison construction
  • Public warehouse construction
  • Radio and television broadcast studio construction
  • Radio station construction
  • Railway station construction
  • Recreational facility building construction
  • Religious building (e.g., church, synagogue, mosque, temple) construction
  • Restaurant construction
  • Salon construction
  • School building construction
  • Service station construction
  • Shopping center construction
  • Shopping mall construction
  • Silo construction
  • Speculative builders (i.e., building on own land, for sale), commercial and institutional building
  • Stadium and arena construction
  • Storage elevator construction
  • Store construction
  • Swimming facility, indoor, construction
  • Television station construction
  • Tennis court, indoor, construction
  • Theater construction
  • Truck terminal construction
  • Warehouse construction (e.g., commercial, industrial, manufacturing, private)
  • Warehouse, commercial and institutional, construction
  • Warehouse, industrial, construction

What is Brand Construction's NCCI Workers Compensation Class Code?

Brand Construction's NCCI Class Code is:

NCCI Class Code(s)

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