Stumptown Woodworks

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Stumptown Woodworks In Ketchikan, AK

Stumptown Woodworks

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Stumptown Woodworks is primarily engaged in All Other Miscellaneous Wood Product Manufacturing

Stumptown Woodworks is located at 14948 N Tongass Hwy Ketchikan, AK 99901. If your looking for All Other Miscellaneous Wood Product Manufacturing in Ketchikan, Alaska - check out Stumptown Woodworks.

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Stumptown Woodworks's Contact Information

Stumptown Woodworks
14948 N Tongass Hwy
Ketchikan, AK 99901


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How Many Employees Does Stumptown Woodworks's Have?

Stumptown Woodworks has: 5 to 9 employees at the 14948 N Tongass Hwy Ketchikan, AK 99901 location.

What is Stumptown Woodworks's Revenue?

Stumptown Woodworks's revenue is: $500,000 to $999,999

What is Stumptown Woodworks's Industry?

Stumptown Woodworks's industry is: All Other Miscellaneous Wood Product Manufacturing.

What is Stumptown Woodworks's SIC Code?

Stumptown Woodworks's SIC code is: 2421 - Sawmills

Description for 2421 Sawmills and Planing Mills, General

Establishments primarily engaged in sawing rough lumber and timber from logs and bolts, or resawing cants and flitches into lumber, including box lumber and softwood cut stock; planing mills combined with sawmills; and separately operated planing mills which are engaged primarily in producing surfaced lumber and standard workings or patterns of lumber. This industry includes establishments primarily engaged in sawing lath and railroad ties and in producing tobacco hogshead stock, wood chips, and snow fence lath. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing box shook or boxes are classified in Industry Group 244; those manufacturing Bash, doors, wood molding, window and door frames, and other fabricated millwork are classified in Industry Group 243; and those manufacturing hardwood dimension and flooring are classified in Industry 2426.

  • Cants, resawed (lumber)
  • Ceiling lumber, dressed
  • Chipper mills
  • Custom sawmills
  • Cut stock, softwood
  • Flitches (veneer stock), made in sawmills
  • Flooring (dressed lumber), softwood
  • Fuelwood, from mill waste
  • Furniture dimension stock, softwood
  • Kiln drying of lumber
  • Lath, made in sawmills and lathmills
  • Lumber stacking or sticking
  • Lumber: rough, sawed, or planed
  • Planing mills, independent: except millwork
  • Resawing lumber into smaller dimensions
  • Sawdust and shavings
  • Sawmills, except special product mills
  • Siding, dressed lumber
  • Silo stock, wood: sawed
  • Snow fence lath
  • Stud mills
  • Ties, railroad: sawed
  • Tobacco hogshead stock
  • Wood chips produced at mill

What is Stumptown Woodworks's NAICS Code?

Stumptown Woodworks's NAICS code is: 321999 - All Other Miscellaneous Wood Product Manufacturing

321999 - All Other Miscellaneous Wood Product Manufacturing

This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing wood products (except establishments operating sawmills and preservation facilities; establishments manufacturing veneer, engineered wood products, millwork, wood containers, pallets, and wood container parts; and establishments making manufactured homes (i.e., mobile homes) and prefabricated buildings and components).

  • Applicators, wood, manufacturing
  • Audio cabinets (i.e., housings), wood, manufacturing
  • Bentwood (steam bent) products (except furniture) manufacturing
  • Blocks, tackle, wood, manufacturing
  • Blocks, tailors' pressing wood, manufacturing
  • Boards, bulletin, wood and cork, manufacturing
  • Boards, wood (e.g., clip, ironing, meat, pastry), manufacturing
  • Boot and shoe lasts, all materials, manufacturing
  • Bottle corks manufacturing
  • Bottle covers, willow, rattan, and reed, manufacturing
  • Bowls, wood, turned and shaped, manufacturing
  • Bulletin boards, wood and cork, manufacturing
  • Bungs, wood, manufacturing
  • Buoys, cork, manufacturing
  • Burnt wood articles manufacturing
  • Bushings, wood, manufacturing
  • Cabinets (i.e., housings), wood (e.g., sewing machines, stereo, television), manufacturing
  • Carpets, cork, manufacturing
  • Clipboards, wood, manufacturing
  • Cloth winding reels, wood, manufacturing
  • Clothes dryers (clothes horses), wood, manufacturing
  • Clothes poles, wood, manufacturing
  • Clothespins, wood, manufacturing
  • Cork products (except gaskets) manufacturing
  • Corks, bottle, manufacturing
  • Covers, bottle and demijohn, willow, rattan, and reed, manufacturing
  • Curtain stretchers, wood, manufacturing
  • Dishes, wood, manufacturing
  • Dowels, wood, manufacturing
  • Excelsior (e.g., pads, wrappers) manufacturing
  • Extension ladders, wood, manufacturing
  • Extension planks, wood, manufacturing
  • Fencing, prefabricated sections, wood, manufacturing
  • Fencing, wood (except rough pickets, poles, and rails), manufacturing
  • Firewood and fuel wood containing fuel binder manufacturing
  • Flagpoles, wood, manufacturing
  • Flour, wood, manufacturing
  • Forms, display, boot and shoe, all materials, manufacturing
  • Furniture inlays manufacturing
  • Garment hangers, wood, manufacturing
  • Gavels, wood, manufacturing
  • Grain measures, wood, turned and shaped, manufacturing
  • Hammers, wood, meat, manufacturing
  • Handles (e.g., broom, mop, handtool), wood, manufacturing
  • Hangers, wooden, garment, manufacturing
  • Heels, boot and shoe, finished wood, manufacturing
  • Household-type woodenware manufacturing
  • Hubs, wood, manufacturing
  • Insulating materials, cork, manufacturing
  • Ironing boards, wood, manufacturing
  • Kiln drying lumber
  • Kitchenware, wood, manufacturing
  • Knobs, wood, manufacturing
  • Ladder jacks, wood, manufacturing
  • Ladders, extension, wood, manufacturing
  • Last sole patterns, all materials, manufacturing
  • Lumber, kiln drying
  • Mallets, wood, manufacturing
  • Marquetry, wood, manufacturing
  • Mashers, potato, wood, manufacturing
  • Masts, wood, manufacturing
  • Mauls, wood, manufacturing
  • Novelties, wood fiber, manufacturing
  • Oars, wood, manufacturing
  • Paddles, wood, manufacturing
  • Pads, excelsior, wood, manufacturing
  • Pads, table, rattan, reed, and willow, manufacturing
  • Paint sticks, wood, manufacturing
  • Pastry boards, wood, manufacturing
  • Pencil slats, wood, manufacturing
  • Plugs, wood, manufacturing
  • Pressed logs of sawdust and other wood particles, nonpetroleum binder, manufacturing
  • Pressing blocks, wood, tailor's, manufacturing
  • Pulleys, wood, manufacturing
  • Rails (except rough), wood fence, manufacturing
  • Rattan ware (except furniture) manufacturing
  • Reed ware (except furniture) manufacturing
  • Reels, plywood, manufacturing
  • Reels, wood, manufacturing
  • Rollers, wood, manufacturing
  • Rolling pins, wood, manufacturing
  • Rulers and rules (except slide), wood, manufacturing
  • Saddle trees, wood, manufacturing
  • Sawdust, regrinding
  • Scoops, wood, manufacturing
  • Seat covers, rattan, manufacturing
  • Seats, toilet, wood, manufacturing
  • Sewing machine cabinets, wood, manufacturing
  • Shoe display forms, all materials, manufacturing
  • Shoe stretchers manufacturing
  • Shoe trees manufacturing
  • Skewers, wood, manufacturing
  • Snow fence, sections or rolls, manufacturing
  • Spars, wood, manufacturing
  • Speaker cabinets (i.e., housings), wood, manufacturing
  • Spigots, wood, manufacturing
  • Spokes, wood, manufacturing
  • Spools (except for textile machinery), wood, manufacturing
  • Stakes, surveyor's, wood, manufacturing
  • Stepladders, wood, manufacturing
  • Stereo cabinets (i.e., housings), wood, manufacturing
  • Stoppers, cork, manufacturing
  • Straw baskets manufacturing
  • Stretchers, curtain, wood, manufacturing
  • Surveyor's stakes, wood, manufacturing
  • Tackle blocks, wood, manufacturing
  • Television cabinets (i.e., housings), wood, manufacturing
  • Tent poles, wood, manufacturing
  • Tile, cork, manufacturing
  • Toilet seats, wood, manufacturing
  • Tool handles, wood, turned and shaped, manufacturing
  • Toothpicks, wood, manufacturing
  • Trays, wood, wicker, and bagasse, manufacturing
  • Trophy bases, wood, manufacturing
  • Veneer work, inlaid, manufacturing
  • Washboards, wood and part wood, manufacturing
  • Webbing, cane, reed, and rattan, manufacturing
  • Willow ware (except furniture) manufacturing
  • Wood flour manufacturing
  • Wood heel blocks manufacturing
  • Wood heels, finished, manufacturing
  • Wood wool (excelsior) manufacturing
  • Woodenware, kitchen and household, manufacturing
  • Wrappers, excelsior, manufacturing
  • Yardsticks, wood, manufacturing

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