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Broadwoven Fabric Mills Businesses

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Textiles Businesses In Ketchikan, AK

Ketchikan, Alaska Broadwoven Fabric Mills Businesses

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The SIC code for these Ketchikan local businesses is: 2211.

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Ketchikan, Alaska - Textiles Businesses

What Is The SIC Code Description For Broadwoven Fabric Mills Businesses?

Description for 2211 Broadwoven Fabric Mills, Cotton

Establishments primarily engaged in weaving fabrics more than 12 inches (30.48 centimeters) in width, wholly or chiefly by weight of cotton. Establishments primarily engaged in weaving or tufting carpet and rugs are classified in Industry 2273; those making tire cord and fabrics are classified in Industry 2296; and those engaged in finishing cotton broadwoven fabrics are classified in Industry 2261.

  • Airplane cloth, cotton
  • Alpacas, cotton
  • Automotive fabrics, cotton
  • Awning stripes, cotton-mitse
  • Balloon cloth, cotton
  • Bandage cloths, cotton
  • Bark cloth, cotton
  • Basket weave fabrics, cotton
  • Bathmats, cotton: made in weaving mills
  • Batiste, cotton
  • Bedspreads, cotton: made in weaving mills
  • Bird' s eye diaper cloth, cotton
  • Blankets and blanketings, cotton-mitse
  • Bombazine, cotton
  • Book cloth-mitse
  • Broadcloth, cotton
  • Brocade, cotton
  • Brocatelle, cotton
  • Buckram-mitse
  • Bunting-mitse
  • Butter cloths
  • Cambric, cotton
  • Camouflage nets-mitse
  • Canton flannels, cotton
  • Canvas-mitse
  • Casement cloth, cotton
  • Chambrays
  • Cheesecloth
  • Chenilles, tufted textile-mitse
  • Cheviots, cotton
  • Chintz, cotton
  • Corduroys, cotton
  • Cotton broadwoven goods
  • Cottonades
  • Coutil, cotton
  • Coverts, cotton
  • Crash toweling, cotton
  • Crepes, cotton
  • Cretonne, cotton
  • Crinoline
  • Damasks, cotton
  • Denims
  • Diaper fabrics
  • Dimities
  • Dishcloths, woven: made in weaving mills
  • Draperies and drapery fabrics, cotton-mitse
  • Dress fabrics, cotton
  • Drills, cotton
  • Duck, cotton
  • Duvetyn, cotton
  • Elastic fabrics, cotton: more than 12 inches in width
  • Express stripes, cotton
  • Filter cloth, cotton
  • Flannelette
  • Flannels, cotton
  • Furniture denim
  • Gabardine, cotton
  • Galatea, cotton
  • Gauze-mitse
  • Ginghams
  • Glass toweling, cotton
  • Glove fabrics, cotton-mitse
  • Grosgrain, cotton
  • Handkerchief fabrics, cotton
  • Hickory stripes, cotton
  • Huck toweling
  • Interlining material, cotton
  • Jacquard woven fabrics, cotton
  • Jean fabrics, cotton
  • Laundry fabrics, cotton
  • Laundry nets-mitse
  • Lawns, cotton
  • Leno fabrics, cotton
  • Long cloth, cotton
  • Luggage fabrics, cotton
  • Marquisettes, cotton
  • Matelasse, cotton
  • Mitten flannel, cotton
  • Moleskins-mitse
  • Momie crepe, cotton
  • Mosquito netting-mitse
  • Muslin, cotton
  • Nainsook, cotton
  • Nets and nettings-mitse
  • Opaline, cotton
  • Organdy, cotton
  • Osnaburgs
  • Outing flannel, cotton
  • Oxfords (cotton fabrics)
  • Pajama checks, textile
  • Percale
  • Percaline, cotton
  • Pile fabrics, cotton
  • Pillow tubing-mitse
  • Pillow cases-mitse
  • Pin checks, cotton
  • Pin stripes, cotton
  • Piques, cotton
  • Plaids, cotton
  • Plisse crepe, cotton
  • Plushes, cotton
  • Pocketing twill, cotton
  • Pongee, cotton
  • Poplin, cotton
  • Press cloth
  • Print cloths, cotton
  • Ratine, cotton
  • Rep, cotton
  • Sailcloth-mitse
  • Sateens, cotton
  • Scrim, cotton
  • Scrub cloths-mitse
  • Seat cover cloth, automobile: cotton
  • Seersuckers, cotton
  • Sheets and sheetings, cotton-mitse
  • Shirting fabrics, cotton
  • Shoe fabrics-mitse
  • Silesia, cotton
  • Slipcover fabrics, cotton
  • Stretch fabrics, cotton
  • Suiting fabrics, cotton
  • Surgical fabrics, cotton
  • Table cover fabrics, cotton
  • Table damask, cotton
  • Tapestry fabrics, cotton
  • Tarlatan, cotton
  • Tentage-mitse
  • Terry woven fabrics, cotton
  • Tickings-mitse
  • Tobacco cloths-mitse
  • Towels and toweling, cotton: made in weaving mills
  • Tracing cloth, cotton
  • Trouserings, cotton
  • Tubing, seamless: cotton
  • Twills, cotton
  • Typewriter ribbon cloth, cotton
  • Umbrella cloth, cotton
  • Underwear fabrics, woven: cotton
  • Upholstery fabrics, cotton
  • Velours
  • Velveteens
  • Voiles, cotton
  • Waffle cloth, cotton
  • Washcloths, woven: made in weaving mills
  • Weaving mills, cotton broadwoven fabrics
  • Wignan, cotton
  • Window shade cloth, cotton
  • Yarn-dyed fabrics, cotton

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