Dads Custom Rods

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Dads Custom Rods In Anchorage, AK

Dads Custom Rods

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Dads Custom Rods is primarily engaged in Sporting And Athletic Goods Manufacturing

Dads Custom Rods is located at 5912 Kody Dr Anchorage, AK 99504. If your looking for Sporting And Athletic Goods Manufacturing in Anchorage, Alaska - check out Dads Custom Rods.

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Dads Custom Rods's Contact Information

Dads Custom Rods
5912 Kody Dr
Anchorage, AK 99504


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How Many Employees Does Dads Custom Rods's Have?

Dads Custom Rods has: 5 to 9 employees at the 5912 Kody Dr Anchorage, AK 99504 location.

What is Dads Custom Rods's Revenue?

Dads Custom Rods's revenue is: $500,000 to $999,999

What is Dads Custom Rods's Industry?

Dads Custom Rods's industry is: Sporting And Athletic Goods Manufacturing.

What is Dads Custom Rods's SIC Code?

Dads Custom Rods's SIC code is: 3949 - Sporting and Athletic Goods Manufacturing

Description for 3949 Sporting and Athletic Goods, Not Elsewhere Classified

Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing sporting and athletic goods, not elsewhere classified, such as fishing tackle; golf and tennis goods; baseball, football, basketball, and boxing equipment; roller skates and ice skates; gymnasium and playground equipment; billiard and pool tables; and bowling alleys and equipment. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing athletic apparel are classified in Major Group 23; those manufacturing athletic footwear are classified in Industries 3021 and 3149; those manufacturing small arms ammunition are classified in Industry 3482; and those manufacturing small arms are classified in Industry 3484.

  • Ammunition belts, sporting type: of all materials
  • Archery equipment
  • Arrows, archery
  • Athletic and sporting goods: except clothing, footwear, small arms,
  • Badminton equipment
  • Bait, fishing: artificial
  • Balls: baseball, basketball, football golf, tennis, pool, and bowling
  • Baseball equipment and supplies, except uniforms and footwear
  • Bases, baseball
  • Basketballs and basketball equipment and supplies, except uniforms
  • Baskets, fish and bait
  • Bats, game: e.g., baseball, softball, cricket
  • Billiard and pool balls, cues, cue tips and tables
  • Billiard chalk
  • Bobsleds
  • Boomerangs
  • Bowling alleys and accessories
  • Bowling pin machines, automatic
  • Bowling pins
  • Bows, archery
  • Boxing equipment
  • Bridges, billiard and pool
  • Buckets, fish and bait
  • Cartridge belts, sporting type
  • Cases, gun and rod (sporting equipment)
  • Creels, fish
  • Cricket equipment
  • Croquet sets
  • Decoys, duck and other game birds
  • Dumbbells
  • Exercise cycles
  • Exercising machines
  • Fencing equipment (sporting goods)
  • Fishing tackle (except lines, nets, and seines)
  • Flies, artificial: for fishing
  • Floats for fish lines
  • Footballs and football equipment and supplies, except uniforms and
  • Game calls
  • Gloves, sport and athletic: e.g., boxing, baseball, racketball, handball
  • Golf carts, hand
  • Golfing equipment: e.g., caddy cars and bags, clubs, tees, balls
  • Guards: e.g., football, basketball, soccer, lacrosse
  • Gymnasium and playground equipment
  • Helmets, athletic
  • Hockey equipment, except uniforms and footwear
  • Indian clubs
  • Jogging machines
  • Lacrosse equipment
  • Mallets, sports: e.g., polo, croquet
  • Masks, sports: e.g., baseball, fencing, hockey
  • Nets: e.g., badminton, basketball, tennis-not made in weaving mills
  • Pads, athletic: e.g., football, basketball, soccer, lacrosse
  • Pigeons, clay (targets)
  • Pin-setters for bowling, automatic
  • Playground equipment
  • Polo equipment, except apparel and footwear
  • Pool balls, pockets, tables, and equipment
  • Protectors, sports: e.g., baseball, basketball, hockey
  • Rackets and frames, sports: e.g., tennis, badminton, squash,
  • Rowing machines
  • Sailboards
  • Scoops, crab and fish
  • Scuba diving equipment, except clothing
  • Shafts, golf club
  • Sinkers (fishing tackle)
  • Skateboards
  • Skates and parts, ice and roller
  • Skin diving equipment, except clothing
  • Skis and skiing equipment, except apparel
  • Snowshoes
  • Soccer equipment, except apparel
  • Spearguns
  • Spears, fishing
  • Sporting goods: except clothing, footwear, small arms, and
  • Squash equipment, except apparel
  • Stand boards
  • Sticks, sports: e.g., hockey, lacrosse
  • Striking (punching) bags
  • Strings, tennis racket
  • Surfboards
  • Swimming pools, plastics
  • Tables: billiard pool, bagatelle, and ping pong
  • Target shooting equipment, except small arms and ammunition
  • Targets, archery and rifle shooting
  • Targets, clay
  • Tennis goods: e.g., balls, frames, rackets
  • Toboggans
  • Track and field athletic equipment, except apparel and footwear
  • Trap racks (clay targets)
  • Treadmills
  • Wading pools, plastics coated fabric
  • Windsurfing boards and equipment

What is Dads Custom Rods's NAICS Code?

Dads Custom Rods's NAICS code is: 339920 - Sporting and Athletic Goods Manufacturing

339920 - Sporting and Athletic Goods Manufacturing

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing sporting and athletic goods (except apparel and footwear).

  • Archery equipment manufacturing
  • Athletic goods (except ammunition, clothing, footwear, small arms) manufacturing
  • Badminton equipment manufacturing
  • Bags, golf, manufacturing
  • Bags, punching, manufacturing
  • Bait, artificial, fishing, manufacturing
  • Balls, baseball, basketball, football, golf, tennis, pool, and bowling, manufacturing
  • Baseball equipment and supplies (except footwear, uniforms) manufacturing
  • Basketball equipment and supplies (except footwear, uniforms) manufacturing
  • Billiard equipment and supplies manufacturing
  • Bobsleds manufacturing
  • Boomerangs manufacturing
  • Bowling pin machines, automatic, manufacturing
  • Bows, archery, manufacturing
  • Boxing equipment manufacturing
  • Caddy carts manufacturing
  • Carts, caddy, manufacturing
  • Clubs, sporting goods (e.g., golf, Indian), manufacturing
  • Croquet sets manufacturing
  • Dumbbells manufacturing
  • Exercise machines manufacturing
  • Fencing equipment (sporting goods) manufacturing
  • Fishing tackle and equipment (except lines, nets, seines) manufacturing
  • Flies, artificial fishing, manufacturing
  • Football equipment and supplies (except footwear, uniforms) manufacturing
  • Gloves, sport and athletic (e.g., baseball, boxing, racketball, handball), manufacturing
  • Golfing equipment (e.g., bags, balls, caddy carts, clubs, tees) manufacturing
  • Gymnasium and playground equipment, manufacturing
  • Helmets, athletic (except motorized vehicle crash helmets), manufacturing
  • Hockey equipment (except apparel) manufacturing
  • Hockey skates manufacturing
  • Hooks, fishing, manufacturing
  • Ice skates manufacturing
  • Jogging machines, manufacturing
  • Leather gloves, athletic, manufacturing
  • Protectors, sports (e.g., baseball, basketball, hockey), manufacturing
  • Reels, fishing, manufacturing
  • Rods and rod parts, fishing, manufacturing
  • Roller skates manufacturing
  • Sailboards manufacturing
  • Scuba diving equipment manufacturing
  • Skateboards manufacturing
  • Skates and parts, ice and roller, manufacturing
  • Skis and skiing equipment (except apparel) manufacturing
  • Snowshoes manufacturing
  • Sporting goods (except ammunition, clothing, footwear, small arms) manufacturing
  • Squash equipment (except apparel) manufacturing
  • Sticks, sports (e.g., hockey, lacrosse), manufacturing
  • Surfboards manufacturing
  • Swimming pools, above ground, manufacturing
  • Tackle, fishing (except line, nets, seines), manufacturing
  • Tennis goods (e.g., balls, frames, rackets) manufacturing
  • Toboggans manufacturing
  • Track and field athletic equipment (except apparel, footwear) manufacturing
  • Wet suits manufacturing

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