Harris Machining LLC

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Harris Machining LLC In Anchorage, AK

Harris Machining LLC

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Harris Machining LLC is primarily engaged in All Other Miscellaneous Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing

Harris Machining LLC is located at 6135 Mike St Anchorage, AK 99518. If your looking for All Other Miscellaneous Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing in Anchorage, Alaska - check out Harris Machining LLC.

How Do I Contact Harris Machining LLC In Anchorage, AK?

Harris Machining LLC's Contact Information

Harris Machining LLC
6135 Mike St
Anchorage, AK 99518

Phone: (907) 644-8523

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How Many Employees Does Harris Machining LLC's Have?

Harris Machining LLC has: 5 to 9 employees at the 6135 Mike St Anchorage, AK 99518 location.

What is Harris Machining LLC's Revenue?

Harris Machining LLC's revenue is: $500,000 to $999,999

What is Harris Machining LLC's Industry?

Harris Machining LLC's industry is: All Other Miscellaneous Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing.

What is Harris Machining LLC's SIC Code?

Harris Machining LLC's SIC code is: 3499 - All Other Misc. Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing

Description for 3499 Fabricated Metal Products, Not Elsewhere Classified

Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing fabricated metal products, not elsewhere classified, such as fire or burglary resistive steel safes and vaults and similar fire or burglary resistive products; and collapsible tubes of thin flexible metal. Also included are establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing metal boxes, metal ladders, and metal household articles, such as ice cream freezers and ironing boards. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing concrete burial vaults are classified in Industry 3272, and metal burial vaults are classified in Industry 3995. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing advertising novelties are classified in Industry 3993.

  • Aerosol valves, metal
  • Ammunition boxes metal
  • Aquarium accessories, metal
  • Automobile seat frames, metal
  • Bank chests, metal
  • Barricades, metal
  • Book ends, metal
  • Boxes for packing and shipping, metal
  • Chair frames, metal
  • Chests, fire or burglary resistive: metal
  • Collapsible tubes for viscous products, metal
  • Doors, safe and vault: metal
  • Drain plugs, magnetic: metal
  • Drill stands, metal
  • Ferrules, metal
  • Fountains, metal (except drinking)
  • Friction material, made from powdered metal
  • Furniture parts, metal
  • Hoops, metal: other than wire
  • Ice cream freezers, household, nonelectric: metal
  • Ironing boards, metal
  • Ladder assemblies, combination workstand: metal
  • Ladders, metal: portable
  • Linings, safe and vault: metal
  • Locks, safe and vault: metal
  • Machine bases, metal
  • Magnets, permanent: metallic
  • Marine horns, compressed air or steam: metal
  • Money chests, metal
  • Novelties and specialties, metal: except advertising novelties
  • Powder metal products, custom molding
  • Reels, cable: metal
  • Safe deposit boxes and chests, metal
  • Safes, metal
  • Shims, metal
  • Spray nozzles, aerosol
  • Stabilizing bars (cargo), metal
  • Strapping, metal
  • Tablets, metal
  • Target drones for use by ships, metal
  • Toilet ware, metal: except silver, nickel, silver, pewter and plated
  • Trophies, metal: except silver, nickel, silver, pewter, and plated
  • Vaults, except burial vaults: metal
  • Wheels, stamped metal, disc type: wheelbarrow, stroller, lawnmower

What is Harris Machining LLC's NAICS Code?

Harris Machining LLC's NAICS code is: 332999 - All Other Miscellaneous Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing

332999 - All Other Miscellaneous Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing

This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing fabricated metal products (except forgings and stampings, cutlery and handtools, architectural and structural metals, boilers, tanks, shipping containers, hardware, spring and wire products, machine shop products, turned products, screws, nuts and bolts, metal valves, ball and roller bearings, ammunition, small arms and other ordnances and accessories, and fabricated pipes and pipe fittings).

  • Aluminum freezer foil not made in rolling mills
  • Aluminum ladders manufacturing
  • Andirons manufacturing
  • Angle irons, metal, manufacturing
  • Animal traps, metal (except wire), manufacturing
  • Aquarium accessories, metal, manufacturing
  • Badges, metal, manufacturing
  • Bank chests, metal, manufacturing
  • Barricades, metal, manufacturing
  • Bathroom fixtures, metal, manufacturing
  • Bathtubs, metal, manufacturing
  • Bellows, hand, manufacturing
  • Book ends, metal, manufacturing
  • Car seals, metal, manufacturing
  • Chain fittings manufacturing
  • Chests, fire or burglary resistive, metal, manufacturing
  • Chests, money, metal, manufacturing
  • Chests, safe deposit, metal, manufacturing
  • Combs, metal, manufacturing
  • Containers, foil (except bags), manufacturing
  • Copper foil not made in rolling mills
  • Cores, sand foundry, manufacturing
  • Cuffs, leg, iron, manufacturing
  • Doors, safe and vault, metal, manufacturing
  • Drain plugs, magnetic, metal, manufacturing
  • Drill stands, metal, manufacturing
  • Drinking fountains (except mechanically refrigerated), metal, manufacturing
  • Ecclesiastical ware, precious plated metal, manufacturing
  • Fireplace fixtures and equipment manufacturing
  • Flexible metal hose and tubing manufacturing
  • Flush tanks, metal, manufacturing
  • Foil containers (except bags) manufacturing
  • Foil not made in rolling mills
  • Foundry cores manufacturing
  • Foundry pattern making
  • Fountains (except drinking-ornamental), metal, manufacturing
  • Fountains, drinking (except mechanically refrigerated), metal, manufacturing
  • Frames and handles, handbag and luggage, metal, manufacturing
  • Frames, metal, lamp shade, manufacturing
  • Frames, metal, umbrella and parasol, manufacturing
  • Gold beating (i.e., foil, leaf)
  • Gold foil and leaf not made in rolling mills
  • Hair curlers, metal, manufacturing
  • Handcuffs manufacturing
  • Handles (e.g., parasol, umbrella), metal, manufacturing
  • Harness parts, metal, manufacturing
  • Hollowware, precious plated metal, manufacturing
  • Hoops, metal (except wire), fabricated from purchased metal
  • Horse bits manufacturing
  • Hose, flexible metal, manufacturing
  • Identification plates, metal, manufacturing
  • Industrial pattern manufacturing
  • Ironing boards, metal, manufacturing
  • Ladder jacks, metal, manufacturing
  • Ladders, portable metal, manufacturing
  • Lamp shade frames, metal, manufacturing
  • Laundry tubs, metal, manufacturing
  • Lavatories, metal, manufacturing
  • Lead foil not made in rolling mills
  • Leaf, metal, manufacturing
  • Linings, metal safe and vault, manufacturing
  • Machine bases, metal, manufacturing
  • Magnesium foil not made in rolling mills
  • Magnets, permanent, metallic, manufacturing
  • Marine horns, compressed air or steam, metal, manufacturing
  • Metal foil containers (except bags) manufacturing
  • Military insignia, metal, manufacturing
  • Money chests, metal, manufacturing
  • Name plate blanks, metal, manufacturing
  • Nickel foil not made in rolling mills
  • Novelties and specialties, nonprecious metal and precious plated, manufacturing
  • Pads, soap impregnated scouring, manufacturing
  • Paint sticks, metal, manufacturing
  • Pallet parts, metal, manufacturing
  • Pallets, metal, manufacturing
  • Patterns (except shoe), industrial, manufacturing
  • Pipe hangers and supports, metal, manufacturing
  • Plated ware (e.g., ecclesiastical ware, hollowware, toilet ware) manufacturing
  • Platinum foil and leaf not made in rolling mills
  • Plugs, magnetic metal drain, manufacturing
  • Plumbing fixtures, metal, manufacturing
  • Portable chemical toilets, metal, manufacturing
  • Propellers, ship and boat, made from purchased metal
  • Reels, metal, manufacturing
  • Rope fittings manufacturing
  • Saddlery parts, metal, manufacturing
  • Safe deposit boxes and chests, metal, manufacturing
  • Safe doors and linings, metal, manufacturing
  • Safes, metal, manufacturing
  • Sanitary ware (e.g., bathtubs, lavatories, sinks), metal, manufacturing
  • Scouring pads, soap impregnated, manufacturing
  • Shims, metal, manufacturing
  • Shower receptors, metal, manufacturing
  • Shower rods, metal, manufacturing
  • Shower stalls, metal, manufacturing
  • Silver beating (i.e., foil, leaf)
  • Silver foil and leaf not made in rolling mills
  • Sinks, metal, manufacturing
  • Skids, metal, manufacturing
  • Soap dispensers, metal, manufacturing
  • Sponges, metal scouring, manufacturing
  • Stabilizing bars, cargo, metal, manufacturing
  • Steel wool manufacturing
  • Stepladders, metal, manufacturing
  • Strappings, metal, manufacturing
  • Swatters, fly, metal, manufacturing
  • Tablets, metal, manufacturing
  • Thimbles for wire rope manufacturing
  • Tinfoil not made in rolling mills
  • Toilet fixtures, metal, manufacturing
  • Toilet ware, precious plated metal, manufacturing
  • Trophies, nonprecious and precious plated metal, manufacturing
  • Tubing, flexible metal, manufacturing
  • Tubs, laundry and bath, metal, manufacturing
  • Urinals, metal, manufacturing
  • Vault doors and linings, metal, manufacturing
  • Vaults (except burial), metal, manufacturing
  • Water closets, metal, manufacturing
  • Zinc foil and leaf not made in rolling mills

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