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Do You Need Liability Insurance For Your Business?

In a perfect world, the need for liability insurance would be null. Unfortunately, people are more and more litigious in the modern world, making liability insurance for all businesses a must. Even businesses that have trouble foreseeing the need for liability insurance are left wishing they'd have had the forethought to purchase some coverage when a lawsuit hits them out of the blue.

The cost of annual premiums are nominal, generally ranging from a few hundred dollars a year to a couple of thousand, depending on the coverage needs of the particular business. In return, your business gets the peace of mind that you're covered for the unexpected, should it ever happen, and you could end up saving your business and your assets if the unthinkable occurs.

Your business can opt to purchase a Pennsylvania general liability insurance policy on its own or as part of a business owner's policy, which is an insurance policy that bundles both property and liability under a single umbrella. However, if your business has a business owner's policy, it's still a good idea to review the coverage for liability that your policy affords, and if necessary, add an additional liability policy as a separate insurance product to make sure protection is in place.

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What Does Business Liability Insurance Protect?

Commercial general business liability insurance, often referred to simply as "liability insurance", is a type of insurance coverage that protects your company's assets in the event that you or someone from your company causes injury or damages to someone else. This may be in the form of medical costs covered if someone becomes injured on your business' property, for example. Liability policies for businesses generally also cover the cost of defending yourself in court, including payment for defense attorneys. In addition, it may pay punitive damages, nonmonetary losses suffered by the person or entity that sues your business, and any compensatory damages awarded by the court.

This type of insurance may also protect your Pennsylvania business against liability as a tenant for a leased property. For example, if you lease a building and it is razed by a fire that results from your business' actions, then the liability policy may cover the loss. In addition, general business liability may protect your company in the event you are sued for misleading advertising or false advertisements. This includes instances of copyright infringement, slander, and libel, among other perils.

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How Does Liability Insurance Cover You?

Like a traditional insurance plan, a general liability policy pays for covered claims up to a specified limit. For instance, if your business is sued for injury due to a hazard on the worksite, a policy may cover the medical costs to the injured party along with a set amount for your legal fees. If your business has a liability policy with a $1,000,000 limit, and you're sued for $700,000 with attorney fees amounting to around $100,000, then your policy is sufficient to cover your loss.

However, in the same scenario, if you're sued for $950,000, and you have attorney fees of $100,000, then you may need to come up with an additional $50,000 to cover the loss. This is why it makes sense to purchase more liability insurance than you think you need; better to be safe than sorry when you're putting your personal assets and your business at risk. Excess insurance is always preferable to inadequate insurance.

Do some industry research before buying your policy, and remember that some clients may require that you carry a particular amount of coverage before you can even work for them. Consult with your Pennsylvania agent to find out how much is enough, and if you already have liability insurance, if it's enough.

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